Krieg releases single from new album Transient


Post-metal/black metal hybrid Krieg unleashed the first single from its new album Transient in the form of “Order of the Solitary Road.” This track shows Krieg begin with a standard post-metal introduction, then segue into Taake-era black metal, then ride out most of the track in a Motorhead-inspired road riff. The result is notably better than most of this genre but the introduction of post-metal elements somehow fractures its message and leaves the black metal portions seeming isolated in an oil-on-water mix. Perhaps the direction for this band is to ditch what various music magazines think is a good idea and also discard the black metal, and focus on these Motorhead-style riffs that seem to fit its persona.

The first release from Krieg in over four years, Transient will be released on September 2, 2014 by CandleLight Records. It includes a guest appearance from Thurston Moore of seminal indie band Sonic Youth, and also features a cover of “Winter” by founding crust-punk act Amebix.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Order Of the Solitary Road
2. Circling the Drain
3. Return Fire
4. To Speak With Ghosts
5. Atlas With A Broken Arm
6. Time
7. Winter
8. Walk With Them Unnoticed
9. Ruin Our Lives
10. Home
11. Gospel Hand

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10 thoughts on “Krieg releases single from new album Transient

  1. asd4 says:

    Sounds like Burzum. Like most black metal since 1994…

    “It includes a guest appearance from Thurston Moore of seminal indie band Sonic Youth”

    *pukes all over dick*

    1. pinger says:

      Now that’s a bit uncalled for. I don’t see why indie rock and black metal can’t work well together, I mean, check out stuff like Wolves in the Throne Room. Seriously, METALHEADS, listen and STOP being too judgemental!

      1. BB says:

        What’s wrong with listening and then judge? You really believe anybody here hasn’t listened to albums of the bands often criticized?

        Not that I agree with all of DMU’s criticisms, and nor should you, but shouting in CAPS that people here don’t listen is a wee bit OVERBLOWN.

        1. pinger says:

          Of course BB how can it be otherwise? but I don’t mean to say people don’t listen, it’s moreso how they listen. Some albums even take several times to fully comprehend the true brutality! Don’t discard this because it connected to another genre that in your mind is not ‘good’ that is called knee-JERK reactiON!

          1. BB says:

            For sure. The only thing is the more you listen, the more you know your own tastes. I generally don’t listen to new albums for several times anymore simply because I don’t have time for that. But, I often do get a feeling that I will like something after repeated listens, even if I don’t like something at first. Those albums get a chance.

      2. Richard Head says:

        Where are all these metalheads you are talking to? And what makes you think that the messages of indie rock and black metal are compatible? Are you even aware that music has a message in the first place?

        1. pinger says:

          As I say listen to new stuff by Wolves in the Throneroom and tell me hipsters still can’t make good music. Your predjudice is misplaced. And yes of course music has a message, but I do think not all music has the message you fools want to hear!

          1. EDS says:

            Don’t quit your day job….troll

          2. BB says:

            “Hipster” is a stupid term, just like “Hessian”. It are generalizations and they turn a blind eye to the full reality of a personality.

            On this site, they are often used at one’s convenience, to fit complex realities in black and white binary schemes.


      relax chico, he only talks on it, no music contributions as far as I can tell from this promo I received. the album is a bit all over the place stylistically, but is their best since black house.

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