Krieg to re-issue Blue Miasma with original, heavier mix

krieg-blue_miasmaAccording to frontman Imperial, Krieg have unearthed the original recordings of the Blue Miasma album, without samples, and are going to use this heavier mix for the re-issue of the album. Imperial mentioned this in a Facebook post detailing the discovery.

Imperial said, “The original unmastered with no samples mix of Blue Miasma has been unearthed thanks to Jeff Marcheski and will have some minor additions to it for the reissue of the album. This original mix was heavier and dirtier than the one that got released and, to me at least, sounds better.”

While the original Krieg release was improvisational chaotic black metal, the band had drifted into more modern metal influenced styles over the past decade as Imperial and other members collaborated with indie-rock-hybrid black metal bands and took influences from the experience. The latest developments are part of an ongoing arc back toward traditionalist black metal ethos for this band.

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3 thoughts on “Krieg to re-issue Blue Miasma with original, heavier mix”

  1. bitterman says:

    Great, more heroin fiend black metal by people who should really be playing Cocteau Twins music. The problem with this band and Nachtmystium, Leviathan, Xasthur, Wolves in the Throne Room, etc. is that,… I don’t feel like it anymore. If you think listening to Transilvanian Diet 3:Mystic Seattle Moon Reich Walpurgisnacht gets you scene points, you’re only wasting your time. Survival of the fittest is a theme in black metal, elitism, right? Then why bother with third rate ripoff bands comprised of fat people, alt rockers, and junkies doing poor jobs at reiterating your favorite albums?

    1. I don’t agree with that assessment of Krieg, if that’s what is being implied.

      Further, there’s a reason we put a lot of things on this blog: “support the scene.” We do that so people know we’re a legitimate voice and that we have some insights, so that when we do need to promote an under-acknowledged gem, we can do it.

      That’s what I have always done, on the radio show and on the sites. I can’t review everything in metal, but I try to stay roughly current so that people know where we stand on things that they recognize.

      I appreciate your commentary and that of many others here, but probably the best way to do this is to direct it at me, not particular bands. It’s a form of sabotage of what we’re trying to do that doesn’t successfully advance your own agenda. As I’ve said in the past, we welcome you writing a piece (or more) here; please just email me.

  2. Anthony says:

    Yeah, better reissue it without the samples because one of them was from Dragonball Z on this album, if I remember correctly. The song posted at least sounds pretty cool. I’ve never quite “gotten” Krieg, but I do enjoy some of Destruction Ritual, and listening to Sono Lo Scherno and the first I Shalt Become album back to back whilst nearly freezing to death in an Ohio forest back in my teenage years was an experience that will stick with me. I’ll have to give them (or rather, him) a more in-depth listen this week.

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