Liberal Music Fans Fooled by Grindcore Charity Deception

A massive amount of gullible liberal retards have fallen for a masterful charity deception running on Bandcamp via a “grindcore band” called Anal Trump. The band’s new album If you Want to Qualify for Health Insurance, Then Maybe You Should Have Gotten Raped? currently is the service’s top selling album despite the entire album being less than 60 seconds and offering virtually no music content. Priced at $5.00 (though users are able to pay more), the band claims 100% of “net proceeds” will be donated to the charity RAINN. This is in fact a cleverly worded deception as Bandcamp’s payout model takes 15% of all sales plus a processing fee (varying based on the amount), meaning that instead of donating $5.00 directly to the charity and getting nothing in return, users are donating $3.95 to the charity and $1.05 to Bandcamp and getting nothing in return.

This is a hilarious moment for conservative music fans on so many levels. First, it completely discredits the journalism and intelligence of Axel Rosenberg of liberal media conglomerate Metalsucks who said in a glowingly praising article that the album is “the best 5 bucks you could spend this weekend” and called the band “prolific” despite being virtually absent of musical content. In addition to that, it brilliantly articulates how easily fooled the liberal millennial masses are by anti-Trump propaganda as they are buying virtually nothing despite being drowned in debt and facing a rising cost of living. Most importantly, it exposes the entire leftist grindcore genre for being a servant of corporate masters that markets protests while the very forces it’s protesting are laughing all the way to the bank.

It’s incredible that the band itself doesn’t even realize that they’re deceiving the movement that they think they’re fighting for into corporate lobbying and directly funneling charity funds to the Bandcamp Inc. corporation. Just when you think this liberal wave of regression could not get any more comical another situation like this arises. Are they even trying anymore?

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13 thoughts on “Liberal Music Fans Fooled by Grindcore Charity Deception”

  1. GGALLIN1776 says:

    I should make some shitty ass recording like this & make a few beer bucks while ripping off commies. To make it more hipster friendly, I’ll record it on my phone and say it was done strictly on heavily used analog tape equipment to prevent profits from going to corporations that make the new stuff all the while recycling perfectly good crumpled reel to reel…..or some stupidity like that.

    Someone help me with the back story. Maybe the album will be called 35 genders of the rainbow.

    1. Skull Powder says:

      Call it “The Pussy that Grabbed Back”. They love that kind of superficially rebellious, merely reactive wordplay, especially when it doesn’t make any sense (if the pussy is grabbing back, that sounds like it enjoyed being grabbed and is responding with implicit consent). Maybe add some gratuitous profanity: “The Shitty Pussy that Fucking Grabbed Back.” Yeah, fuck men! Fuck them hard!

  2. dingusmalingus says:

    pretty sure the vocalist is the dude from cattle decapitation. got this from a personal Facebook statement on travis Ryan’s profile featured in a glowing metal injection review on anal trump…..

    “I’m not a far left liberal, I’m DEFINITELY not a conservative. I’m actually somewhere in the middle although I’m registered as a Democrat. I think this world is too polarized right now and life doesn’t work that way. Life is chaos. Chaos resides in no end of any spectrum. That middle grey area is where discussion and dialogue takes place. Its where reality dwells and that’s the closest I identify with. Anal Trump is meant to be a funny response to this ridiculous man in a grindcore setting, a genre that gets its sound and values from punk, hardcore and the old days of extreme metal where fans didnt give a shit what nationality you are, what your political stance is. IT’S FUNNY. You know… ” HA HA”? Its meant to make people laugh. We’re glad most people get it, whether they’re for Trump or against him, and are getting a kick out of it.”


    1. Angry Anal Autist says:

      Reality is about compromise? Since when?

      1. Reality is about compromise?

        Many confuse pragmatism/fatalism/pacifism (working with others) with realism (results/consequences in reality outside of human intentions).

  3. Rainer Weikusat says:

    The place I was at yesterday[*] sold a pint of ok ale for £5.50 ($7.08). People of hacklzwerg-kind going out I see don’t usually drink much beer, they more likely to go for lots of rounds of shots, possibly in form of booze mixed with some energy drink, and that’s more expensive. Burning $5 via iPhone while “having a good time” aka “getting totally wasted” for 63s of “funny noises” one can actually listen to completely without overextending one’s attention span (feature!) won’t feel like any money for people attending university by virtue of their parents being able to afford that.

    [*] Nambucca which is generally a nice place although the evening yesterday was a bit weird: It started with some entirely forgettable, visually somewhat hip hop styled (vocalist walking up and down with a mike on the floor so-called metallic hardcore band called Bezerk. Apparently, a crowd of people came just for them and left immediately afterwards. The music seemed to be entirely unstructured noise whose sole positive quality was the enormous volume. Next came Phrenelith which was nice music for headbanging although the more subtle parts of the album seemed to be getting a bit lost in the audio barrage. Headliner was Funebrarum, never heard anything from them before. The band had obviously more practice and was generally tighter but failed to impress me with anything beyond being well-played but faceless ‘good time’ death metal. Nothing going on the audience: Motionlessly standing people with sunglasses, shaved heads and band logos one wouldn’t have expected to see on an evening hosted by a “UKHC” label (:-) and a single guy in front of the stage who had the unpleasant habit of suddenly jumping at people and starting to punch them (which forced me to keep my eyes open to see him coming next time). A short “circle quarrel” started because of this but the exchanges weren’t of a nature to encourage further interaction: Some violence and counter-violence and then staying out of each others hair. Not bad but neither “have to see this again”.

  4. Anndra says:

    wow! what a pedant!

  5. Brock Dorsey says:

    The real joke is that this man has spent decades trying to make a career out of being a musician yet a 60 second album of nothing has sold better than all of his Cattle Decapitation albums and he can’t even reap the rewards.

  6. Rippin’ off the lefties. Praise be to the most high.

  7. Marc Defranco says:

    Like you stated if a person really cared they would just donate the money directly instead of buying this shit

  8. Cum inside Melania's ass says:

    Pro or anti Trump, you’re all fools!

    1. ANAL PUMP says:




  9. only steel reserve 211 is real says:

    Project much?

    Most commies have a clear idea of how bandcamp works. Just because you don’t doesn’t mean shit.

    y’all just mad that this music actually made money and furthered Cattle Decap dude’s career while your idols flounder in squalor and obesity.

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