Lousberg- Wintergemälde

Now here is a recording I am really quite enjoying, by Lousberg. This captures the spirit of the desolate winter-time, but not in a dreary way. Rather, the elegance of nature shines through. Low drones set the landscape, while tip-toing keyboard patches enunciate the mid and higher ranges. This has a nice balance between droning and suggesting a melody, which does a very nice job creating a virtual landscape. I prefer this to the other black metal I saw on this label such as Goat Semen, which was pretty cool too, since it reminded me of Norz Norz Norz. There is a sophistication to this particular composition, which reminds me of Maurice Jarre’s score to Runaway Train, which is a wintertime classic. Also, the Mosquito Coast, about leaving society for nature, is another majestic score by Jarre that this harkens. It seems easy to the passive listener to create such an album. As a keyboardist myself, I can tell you that it actually takes a lot of inspiration to write an album like this.

Too often in metal, we associate music that suggests solitude as a dreary and depressing thing. The truth is that there is dignity and peace in solitude inspired music, where one need not be part of a failing world. Music like this recording rises above the world of social beings, and delves into the realm of nature itself, of its beauty free of mankind’s self constructed problems. It is very ironic that so often it is synthesizers, based on technology, which can take us to this virtual world of inner solitude in a natural setting. So often we are stuck at work or school , where we are cut off from nature. Listening to music such as this while in societal captivity can provide a necessary escape from the grind of daily life. I highly recommend this recording. The other recording I really love from this label is called Bosque by the way, which an old friend (in France) turned me on to a couple years ago. Back then, I was told Bosque is an under-noticed funeral doom band from Portugal, mostly the product of one musician.

All in all a great listen, although most will probably have it on as background music.

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11 thoughts on “Lousberg- Wintergemälde

  1. S.C. says:

    Can we be looking forward to more music reviews outside of metal?

    1. Seth says:

      There are some great works within the dark ambient, sound collage, neoclassical, and industrial genres. I’d be interested in writing a review or two exploring When’s “Gynt” and Eluvium’s early works.

      1. S.C. says:

        It would be cool to see a further expanse into the critique of all kinds of music outside metal. We’re all here because of metal obviously but I would imagine we all have a greater interest in music as a whole.

        1. Brock Dorsey says:

          Send me some articles Sawmaster

          1. S.C. says:

            I’ll have to try here soon.

          2. S.C. says:

            Just so I know, what’s the email for submissions?

              1. S.C. says:

                Thank you

  2. Charles Stuart says:

    I really enjoyed most of this album. The first 8 minutes of the second song are a bit too Thomas Kinkade-y for my taste. The band succeeds quite well in making a gemaelde (painting) of an isolated winter landscape… but perhaps the album has the flaws of its strength; the music might be a bit too static to convey the full range and gamut of emotion and spirit of the landscape that they are portraying.

  3. moe says:

    Good post

  4. Nuclear Whore says:

    I like dark ambient myself, specially in the vein of what I call “heavy ambient”, or “motherfucker ambient”, like Stephen Philips (not to confuse with drone, drone in general is quite boring)


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