Manowar Re-Imagined Through Hurdy-Gurdy Cover of “The Crown and the Ring”

Few bands inspired as much imaginative exploration of ideas as Manowar, which like Bathory looked toward the pre-medieval past for inspiration about the future, finding that humanity had not changed and our path is one of battle, honor, might, pride, death, blood, and victory instead of “progress.”

Belarusian musician Borys Shchuka re-imagined “The Crown and the Ring (Lament of The Kings)” on the hurdy-gurdy, a type of drone-based instrument that proves surprisingly adaptive to metal. As he writes:

This folk rendition of a Manowar’s anthemic piece is the last single from Kviet haspadarstva (“The Flower of Lordship”) EP. Initially I tried singing it to the hurdy-gurdy just for fun but the song turned out to sound natural with it.

The original is a trademark Manowar anthem with lyrics that are quite simple but to the point. I like it for the easily memorable melodies and the many real images and ideas that the lyrics convey, like kings, wars, death, weaponry, pagan gods, loyalty, freedom, sovereignty. All those things that boys like, you know.

The original song isn’t too much metal BUT the hurdy-gurdy – at least the Belarusian version that I used – is inherently metal in the sense that you can’t play accompaniment in the form of chord progressions on it. It has a couple of constantly sounding drone notes making up a fifth between them; and the main string on which you play the melody itself. The result is similar to what happens in good metal: you refrain from playing chord progressions under your melodies; instead, you play your melodies (or other meaningful patterns) on your instrument directly.

It might not make CNN, but this is worthy of your listening attention:

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37 thoughts on “Manowar Re-Imagined Through Hurdy-Gurdy Cover of “The Crown and the Ring””

  1. You’re not a nationalist

    And I wanna bang Fairuza balk and 100 puertowaiian brides

    Why do you show the craft chick movie pics on Amerika?

    Show black nationalism with death metal

    What you think blacks can’t perfectly make death metal Brett huh?

    And how do you get rid of mixed people Brett since you can’t stand them so much? Huh?

    1. Because The Craft is a great movie, far greater than its marketing category (YA) would indicate.

      Fairuza Balk was great in it, and I think had some influence on the script.

      Black nationalism needs to be in the hands of Black people. Some Black people have made great death metal… Suffocation is still a favorite around here.

      Mixed people need to go the middle east. It is where the continents meet.

      Am I a nationalist? At this point, I just want to be a realist who does not lose his desire to make everything turn out for the best. Too many people get bitter, defensive, and dark, and that resembles the dementia of the elderly to me so I would rather avoid it.

      I think diversity and socialism are more cruel than people realize, but the real cruelty is equality and self-rule. It is like being condemned to Hell.

    2. Also, Empire Records is trash and Robin Tunney was wasted on that film. Despite being Irish she did a good job in The Craft. Balk was a standout, for sure, but in my view Skeet Ulrich stole the show. A more malevolent yet accessible character is hard to find in recent cinema, not since they made Chandler for film anyway. Neve Campbell did a good job but whoever cast her knew which character to slot her into. Personally I think Rachel True did a great job of keeping the comedic side of the movie alive. There’s your middle eastern influence. Andrew Fleming knew that he was making more of a Bildungsroman than a teen romance comedy and so he kept it dark, capturing exactly what adulthood looks like to children (morally ambiguous witchcraft… we cannot say they are wrong, at least metaphorically). It is hard to find a tighter script in mainstream films, but I realized when we watched Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy on SPC movie night that most people have no idea how to follow plots in movies anymore. They take scenes as visuals only and barely are able to follow the motivating factors in the plot, which is what you would expect for slave zombie autodomestication victims of an egalitarian society: they do what is rewarded and fear everything else, which turns them into timorous wee beasties. For that reason, The Craft may always be out of range for its audience, but it is one of the great films out there, and there are not that many. Have you seen Chinatown yet?

    3. And I am definitely not a civic nationalist nor a racial nationalist. Ethno-nationalism is part of but not the complete “civilization bundle.” I simply want to create a civilization where the good are rewarded, the bad smote, and everyone else left the fuck alone without subsidies so that nature can shape us into ubermenschen.

  2. Life is pain says:

    Love is a place to hide

    1. Anything can be a symbol. And a symbol can be a proxy/surrogate for life. People hide behind them.

      1. Exhale says:

        This is the reality of pain and love in this life, that you can feel for yourself if you’re not a wimp

        1. It seems to me a certain moral fortitude is required. As the journey of life lengthens, mostly what I see are people hiding from ideas, not just political but personal and even metaphysical. They want to remain in control so much that they will amputate huge portions of reality from their minds, not realizing that it makes them go insane very slowly but on a geometric scale such that they are low-level nuts for a long time but suddenly full-blown insane.

          1. Voodoo stranger says:

            I don’t disagree with any of that

            1. I have to come up with something contentious. I think the roots of metal is bizarrely in Romantic poetry and literature. That inspired most of the early horror genre which the Italians, Jews, and Armenians ripped off in the 1960s.

              1. Mother says:

                It’s hardcore, heavy metal, horror movies and lots of drugs

                And then yeah all the stuff that lead to those things

                1. Some prog in there too and Cold War apocalypticism.

                  1. I got blisters on my fingers says:


        2. Rob Darken says:

          Sure, but did you die in fight?

          1. Let the weak say I'm a warrior says:

            Bring down the warriors

          2. Is there Blood of Christians on your sword?

  3. Manstained crown says:

    Thank you for confirming finally that this site is 100% gay… I knew it the moment I saw Man-o-war.

    1. Did it need confirmation? The comments section has been nothing but butts, sodomy, rape, fisting, coprophagia, analingus, pederasty, pegging, feltching, defecation, necrophilia, cannibalism, and eugenics since the git-go.

      1. Karl Logan says:

        That’s why we read this shit! Me and bubba

        1. Black Metal Lives Matter says:

          It’s like porn for people too demented to wank to video like the rest of us.

    2. I mean, did anyone ever doubt that this site was 100% homosexual? We are so gay that we are ruining the utility of “fag” and “gay” as pejoratives.

    3. curio says:

      Hail to England eases in and out of my ass like a pro.

      1. The first time you wake up in a puddle because you were dreaming of Joey DeMaio in his muscular excellence, covered in oil, wrestling you to Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me” with “Turkish rules” (loser gets raped), you will truly know what it is to be a metalhead.

    4. Straightcrackers from inner earth says:

      Homos are gay

  4. High Speed Reality Denial says:

    The hurdy gurdy is indeed a mournful yet powerful instrument and could definitely be utilized in metal, probably not death metal though. I used one on a record I just finished and unfortunately the drone strings determine the key, so a chromatic style like that of death metal would be impossible to coincide with. Black metal, drone, etc could all benefit though. The recording I just finished showcases it sparingly because the keys of the music constantly shift as well, and it does provide a complementary coloring rooted in actual utility, unlike the random modern metal band that has horrific saxophone interludes just because. The Road to Perdition soundtrack has very moving hurdy gurdy usage, which prompted me to seek one out.
    Also, The Craft is great, I know Brett enjoyed the hierarchical elements to it- Brett, have you seen Glass yet? What it says about equality will definitely stand out to you.

    1. I have not seen Glass. I keep meaning to get around to watching television, but of late there has been no time for much of anything. I sometimes catch the first twenty minutes and last ten minutes of family movie time around here, but usually I am glad I missed the middle since most movies are predictable and dramatic af.

    2. Lord Parkinglot says:

      Have you seen Ménilmontant? How about La Jetée?

  5. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

    Manowar is basically the elephant in the room of heavy metal. No one talks about their influence. Kind of like Kevin MacDonald or Steve Sailer, every wannabe “ritwing” pundit reads them in secret.

    Now review Burzumination, the ultimate tribute to the ultimate tributable band :)

    1. Funny how Manowar and Bathory paralleled each other. This presaged black metal in part, and extended death metal in the direction that Amorphis and Unleashed took it, which was to reject modernity entirely for Dead Can Dance medievalism and Joy Division royalism.

    2. by moonlight we ride says:

      Every metal genre after Manowar stole the Battle Hymns tempo/rhythm. The death march rhythm. It’s in Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Slayer, countless black metal bands.

  6. Nuclear Whore says:

    I recommend the cover of Manowar’s “Hail and kill” made by the neo folk band Day of the Antler. You won’t find it in YT, sorry

    1. YT is heavily censored and gamed by people who delete videos for fun. Google has not been competent for a long time.

  7. maelstrrom says:

    As evidenced by the above painting, Attila the Hun was Aryan

  8. Victory march says:

    Karl Logan is a ghoul.

    1. Karl Logan Roxx! says: scene related, “you’re just too old”

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