MANOWAR Release Trailer for “An Evening with Joey DeMaio: Spoken Word Tour”

After “clarifying” that their 2016-2019 “The Final Battle Tour” was not actually a farewell tour, and subsequently declaring their intent to Sue With Power French rock festival Hellfest; True Metal Warlords MANOWAR have announced that long-time band leader/bassist/songwriter Joey DeMaio will engage on a Spoken Word Tour throughout Germany and a few other European locations in November of this year.

The tour is advertised as follows:

For the first time ever MANOWAR will open their vast archives and give their fans the chance to hear the official history of MANOWAR, straight from the source!
The glory and the battles; the secrets, and the triumphs of steel; life on the road and in the studio…
Witness Joey DeMaio in an intimate setting unfold “The Blood Of The Kings” chapter by chapter; live, onstage and in person, in this captivating one-man multimedia show.
“The Blood Of The Kings” Spoken Word Tour is a rare, personal look inside the exceptional career of one of the most iconic, most enduring bands in Heavy Metal.

Earlier today an “uncensored” trailer for the tour has been released:

Any intrigued Manowarriors on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean will find tour dates and ticket links at

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17 thoughts on “MANOWAR Release Trailer for “An Evening with Joey DeMaio: Spoken Word Tour””

  1. Gabriel From The Funderground says:

    Virgin Steele >

  2. Misty Mountains says: Guys, a track from the upcoming Sammath album is out.

    1. hmm says:

      the drummer is doing really cool stuff, as usual, but he’s providing most of the dynamic variance here. the rest gives me an uncomfy taake or sargheist vibe where the vocal patterns lead or at least anticipate the narrative shifts. I’m not bludgeoned, just annoyingly slapped around. what happened to the riffs and vocals and drums all surging and swelling in unison to trap you in a pocket dimension where grandeur and ferocitity fuse into a mighty brainfucking jackhammer of hypernaturally devastating intensity? will sammath ever top dodengang? will this album at least pass godless arrogance? let’s find out…

      1. Misty Mountains says:

        Sargeist? The approach in this particular track suggests more of a Profanatica influence tbh

        1. hmm PSYCHE retard jesus in disguise says:

          yeah in terms if the vocal delivery’s role in the composition. like sargeist and taake. the chanting cadence overrides everything. I said nothing about approach in regards to the aforementioned bands; sounds like you were confused

          profanatica have always played droning black metal. not remotely similar in feel or approach to sammath’s grinding chunkiness. granted the older/better stuff before godless arrogance had more loping stridelike movements whereas this track particularly is herky-jerky yet still manages to come off flat. but there is really no similarity aside from both bands playing black metal, so I guess all I have to say in response is, “OK?”

          1. Misty Mountains says:

            ‘profanatica have always played droning black metal. not remotely similar in feel or approach to sammath’s grinding chunkiness.’ Are you hallucinating? I said the new track sounds pretty Profanatica infused, not that Sammath is a fucking Paul Ledney Worship band (as your comment implies). Go ahead and listen to the track again and pay close attention to the section right around 1:10, where one can hear (most) obviously some Profanatica and Havohej influence before the furious blasting continues.

            ‘I said nothing about approach in regards to the aforementioned bands; sounds like you were confused’. I think you were confused, retard jesus. You clearly said that you get a certain Sargeist/Taake vibe from the vocals, the vocal approach.

            Anyway, this track isn’t overwhelming but it isn’t bad either. I hope they release at least one more track, October is far away …

            1. retard jesus says:

              wait, so you understood that I was talking about the vocal approach when I referenced taake and sargeist, but then you still dropped the profanatica comparison? then you’re even further off because profanatica vocals are far removed from anything any of those other bands are doing

              otherwise you’re telling me that little transitional bit before the song gets all chuggy is what you relate to profanatica? you don’t know what you’re talking about, far less what I’m saying

              1. Misty Mountains says:

                Sorry, I think you misunderstood something. I wasn’t comparing Profanatica and Sammath in terms of vocals at all. I was obviously talking about the instrumental approach. We need to work on our communication …

                A transitional bit, yes. But said transitional bit makes the influence (no matter how little), other than your vague statement about the vocals overriding everything, quite obvious. The overall riff progressions, the particular Profanatica “groove” (for lack of a better term I’ll use this entertainment music description), are definitely present. The main riff/theme has a Profanatica vibe. That isn’t a bad thing, could we agree on this?

                1. retard jesus says:

                  no I’m not hearing anything remotely profanatica related in the music at all. sammath and profanatica are nearly 2 opposite poles in black metal. the way either band use rhythms, riffs, fills, repetition, vocals, lyrics, progressions, structure, and atmosphere as well as the overall “theme” or “message” in the music are all totally dissimilar. and this new song is no exception so I still can’t tell what you’re talking about. profanatica sound more like darkthrone and von, but sammath is like a better version of immortal at 1349 intensity. opposite ends of the spectrum

          2. Misty Stripper Mountains says:

            ‘granted the older/better stuff before godless arrogance …’ I enjoy all the albums, but Godless Arrogance really is the best so far. Second would be Triumph in Hatred, especially the leads are absolutely magnificent. The drum sound is also noteworthy. What makes Dodengang the best (i suppose?) in your opinion? Great album, Sammath finishing the process of fully finding their own voice, but surpassed by later works.

            1. retard jesus says:

              dodengang is the only album that retained the melody of strijd that conjures sweeping vistas of wreckage and blood and fertile ground on which new and stronger life will establish itself. triumph is also great but sounds borderline “listener-friendly” compared to dodengang, which takes an adversarial stance against the listener who just wants to like rock out man. dodengang is real because it’s not compromising. triumph compromises but compensates by being cinematic and fantastical, making it worthy if overall lesser

              godless arrogance is the weakest because it tries to be more death metal and grind pairing the chromatic riffs with relentless blasts but the melodic concentration still underpins the compositions, making both the more “friendly” consonant riffs and rhythmic chromaticism clash and detract from one another rather than support one another

              this song suggests further venture into the death metal and grind oriented style which bodes ill since now there aren’t even pleasant consonant riffs to listen to and it dynamically flatlines, leaving us with the worst of both worlds

              make no mistake, I will buy the album as soon as it becomes available and listen to it with lunatic fervor. probably I am also experiencing some disillusionment since I had very high hopes when Jan said this album would fuse the best aspects of prior albums. I imagined something with the mystical weight of strijd and dodengang and the hail-of-lead intensity of the best songs in godless… but now I realize that would just be a better version of triumph

        2. Intensive Ballerism says:

          Uh… I’m hearing more like ‘Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism’ Immortal covering mid-period Ildjarn..

  3. "I went to the big house / you just worked a job" -- I prefer their cock-rock phase says:

    T.Dahlstrom, your hyperlink to ” French rock festival Hellfest” is broken, yet I desperately want to read it.

    And don’t doubt that I caught your reference with “Sue with Power”> HAHAHAHAHA

    1. This was the article that was originally intended to be linked:

      Here’s DeMan DeMaio’s speech itself:

      This is also the actual trailer referred to in the title that was supposed to be embedded in the article:

      Anyways, regarding your username’s thesis, Battle Hymns is indeed a killer classic and those lyrics can’t be beat.

      It is important to realize that Manowar always were a Cock Rock band in some form or another.

      Perhaps one could say 1982-1984 Manowar is mostly 70s-style Cock Rock mixed with Epic Doom Metal, whereas Post-1987 Manowar is mostly 80s-style Cock Rock mixed with Epic Power Metal.

      All of it is just TRUE HEAVY METAL in the end though.

      1. I raped Mortiis with Blackie Lawless' mic stand says:

        ” We played to 650 people at the fucking North Pole in a city that has two thousand people and four thousand polar bears, okay? So don’t tell me MANOWAR are fucking divas. ”


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