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  1. bruNHILDE FAN #1 says:


  2. yea says:

    I’d rather listen to BrokenCYDE. They’re basically the antithesis to [spit] prole culture. Bitches and blang blang. Haterz only make me famuss.

  3. Patrician says:

    Everyone already knew ANUS staff loves kitsch, be it in visual or musical attempts-to-art. Examples of the latter: anything by Dissection, Enslaved, Summoning, Gorgoroth, Therion, Dark Funeral, Marduk. Why endorse musics whose beauty admittedly is buried beneath thick layers of cheese (see e.g. the Candlemass review)? Yes, these albums may be historically important. No, they aren’t listenable unless you’re an impotent masochist who wears shirts with fiery dragons on them.

    Bruckner’s all over the ANUS now, but you didn’t know him when you reviewed 95% of metal albums, that’s for fucking sure.

  4. Eques says:

    I’d say Burzum, Emperor and all that other cape-metal is just as if not a lot more kitsch than Dissection (OK, Where Dead Angels Lie is pretty cheesy). Good call on Enslaved though, the start of Vikingligr Veldi is like circus music.

  5. anti stalin says:

    metal “comrades”?? wait a minute, is this soviet Russia? I knew there was something fishy with this site.

  6. yu says:

    Bruckner’s ok, if Mahler makes you piss yourself and you need something less perfect.

  7. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:

    Marxist faggots everywhere. Go back to your hippie liberal commune and to write posts on your shitty Democrat blog about how conservatives are evil while you watch your 300 pound landwhale girlfriend get penetrated by negro dick like the good little multicultural, welfare-supporting cuckold you are.


  8. @ brutal teenager says:

    metal isn’t “conservative” you pampered pinko fuck

    you live in a liberal household and think it’s cool to “rebel”, shut the fuck up

    in a true conservative universe godawful affronts like metal wouldn’t exist

  9. u have an aidsnose lol says:

    u put ur finger into a fags ass and then u picked ur nose and now u have aids in ur nose lol

  10. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:

    Trying to pull your Marxist brainwashing shit on me you commie queer cunt? Metal is the embodiment of all the noble virtues of conservatism. I wouldn’t expect a pissy egalitarian turd to ever be able to grasp such simple notions, but your brain has rotted after years of gradual exposure to leftist trite best left for the gutter. Now why don’t you go back to assisting some pot smoking minorities while they gangbang old grannies.

  11. @brutal sucker of dicks says:

    You really are a 13 year old, aren’t you? The only reason you’re ultra conservative is because your mom likes nigger dicks and cum in her mouth. It’s not our fault your mom’s a street corner whore in Poland and a bad mother. Don’t try to implement your troubles in metal and try to make up your own twisted philosophy around it.

    Fuck off faggot!

  12. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:

    Oh look, it’s Dominated faggot. Why don’t you go back to building houses in Marbella you slavshit oaf? Nice self-authored fantasy you got there btw, does your mother stoop as low as to gobble on nigger dick to pay rent for the tiny apartment in whatever shitty part of Pooland you reside in? Sad reality. Now fuck off.

  13. @ Patrician says:

    I think you are wrong dude, Prozak grew on a steady diet of Greek philosophy, hardcore punk, marijuana and Classical music. I’m not trying to contradict you or anything but it’s been written in dozens of interviews a good decade ago. Cheers.

  14. Dominating Fucker says:

    @brutal sucker of dicks

    That is not me you faggy turd! Brutal slayer of christians has expressed his dislike for me on past posts.

    Not everyone that uses the words faggot or fucking is going to be me. Fucking faggot.

    My mother’s not alive anymore little fag. I bet you wouldn’t dare say something like that face to face. Anyway you sound like an emo trying too hard to be tough.

    I’v to agree that 99% of metal in 4 decades is not worth anybody’s time but, the remaining is amazing music worth living and dying for, just as there must be equally amazing music in other genres. Of course, some emos will not agree with me. I’ll tell you this, coming to this site is always thought provoking whether to agree or disagree, if done with intelligence you always get something positive out of it. Unless you’re a worthless lazy fuckwad cocksucker that like to bitch about things incoherently.

  15. tiny midget says:

    Oh, I’m sorry you don’t got a mom anymore. I can lend you Levy_Spearmen’s, she’s a good bitch, likes to hug people a lot. I got her pregnant you know?

  16. Dominating brutal dicks of noble christian assholes says:

    “My mother’s not alive anymore little fag.”

    Obviously you don’t visit her grave. I dug the bitch up and made a killing from selling her body to perverts and sex offenders.

    “I bet you wouldn’t dare say something like that face to face.”

    I would slap you silly and spit your face because you’re a coward faggot who deserves no respect whatsoever.

    We all know dominating fucker (faggot) and brutal slayer of christians (sucker of dicks) are one and the same and if they’re not, they might as well morph into one because they’re both faggot assholes.

  17. @Dominated Faggot says:

    Sucks that your whore mother was raped and murdered by niggers, I bet your drunken polack dad took out all his sexual frustration on you; you repulsive subhuman faggot.

  18. Not Noktorn says:

    Conservatism is mental illness. Makes sense its music is about wizards and dragons and other degenerate escapist bullshit.

  19. MuPpEt Mc G0O says:

    Intelligent interview with death metal old schoolers Killing Addiction.

    “Death Metal fans and metal fans in general are clearly the most supportive of any genre. We’re very fortunate in that respect. I think that’s partly because Metal is just as much a lifestyle as it is a music genre. It’s a subculture of people who have been, in some way, rejected by mainstream society – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing…”


    Killing Addiction – Omega Factor 1993

    Killing Addiction – Dark Tomorrow / Ancient Regime

  20. @@Dominated Faggot says:

    U mad bro? it looks like you give him to much importance, i don’t like the guy either but you sure sound so butt hurt it’s even embarrasing. Clearly he hurt you somehow.

  21. Mastodon is very homosexual and hipsters are idiots says:

    by Scott L. Anderson
    Prison rape. I can guarantee you that those two words are the first thing that popped into your head when you heard you were on the way to the slammer. There is no way to sugarcoat this issue. You may be raped when you go to prison. I am not trying to scare you. It is a serious, real issue. Here are some facts:

    It is estimated that there are over 300,000 instances of prison rape a year.
    196,000 are estimated to happen to men in prison
    123,000 are estimated to happen to men in county jail.
    40,000 are estimated to be committed against boys in either adult prisons or while in juvenile facilities or lock ups.
    5000 women are estimated to be raped in prison.
    Remember that these are all estimates. Most rapes are not reported.
    Sexual attacks in prison are considered rape when penetration occurs. It is estimated that inmates are approached with unwanted sexual advances over 80,000 times per day in the United States alone.

    Keep in mind that many experts consider county and local jails to be more likely places for rapes than prisons. There is a reason for this. You are more likely to be raped while in prison if:

    You are young.
    You come from a middle-class background.
    You are white.
    You are not street smart or have no gang affiliations.
    Physically you are of small stature.
    By the time repeat or career criminals get to prison they have normally made the circuit through foster homes, juvenile lockups and reform schools where rape is very common. So by the time they actually make it to the big time they are well schooled in this fact of prison life and quite often they are the attackers not the attackees.
    This guide is for the person who has never done any kind of time. Do not think that rape will only happen in prison. If you have to go to county jail prior to your trial and while awaiting transfer to prison, a sexual attack is very likely to occur there. This can all depend on the area you live in. If you are in a rural area with a small jail, of course the chances will drop. But if you are in a metro area, Los Angeles County, New York’s Rikers Island, Miami’s Dade, and Chicago’s Cook being among the worst, your chances of being raped are going to skyrocket.

    Especially, and this is not a racist statement, if you are white. Consider that of the total number of estimated prison rapes:

    13% involved white inmates raping white inmates
    29% involved black inmates raping black inmates.
    56% involved black inmates raping white inmates.
    This comes to a grand total of 85% of prison rapes being committed by blacks, with 69% of the victims being white. The rapes of white inmates are normally done by gangs of blacks and somewhat in the open so that other inmates, but not staff, can witness the attacks. The blacks involved are generally in the joint for crimes such as armed robbery or severe assault cases.
    One of the reasons for this situation is that whites lack solidarity while in prison and unlike the population on the outside, are the minority on the inside.

    Scenario #1. A white middle-class man, let’s say a car dealer, is picked up for sale of cocaine, and is locked into a communal cell with four black inmates, all whom have done substantial amounts of time in prison. The white man is of small stature and has no street smarts. The chances of him being raped:. Damn near 100%.

    Scenario #2. Same situation only this time the white is a solid member of a biker gang that has ties to inside the prison walls. He himself has been in several times. Chances of rape in this situation: Practically zero. The black inmates are smart enough to know that they may be able to out muscle this man and rape him, but the long-term ramifications are not worth it. Without even talking to this man, the blacks’ years of experience in prison will give them the sense to leave him alone.

    While I was an officer in Moose Lake/Willow River (Minnesota) prison I worked a unit that held two Native Americans, one black, one Asian, a younger white inmate, and an older seasoned inmate. When it finally came to the attention of the staff, it turned out that the young white inmate had been raped repeatedly over several months by the black and Indian inmates, but not by the Asian or the older inmate. It also turned out that no advances had ever been made toward either of those two. Note that the seasoned inmate did not join in on the rapes, but never tried to stop it either. That is just the way things are in prison. There is no brotherhood of man when you walk inside those gates.

    There is a class system of three groups in prison involving prison sex.

    Group #1: The predators. They are known as jockers, studs, wolves, and pitchers. These inmates will sniff out new victims and will almost always attack in groups. Of the three groups these are the inmates who consider themselves “men.” “Men” in prison have not ever been penetrated or raped; if this is done to them, they immediately lose this status. They never consider themselves homosexuals but some probably are and for their safety will never admit it, just as some of these men have been victims of sexual assault and will never admit it. A number of these inmates also don’t have much of a taste for rape, but do it to protect their own status so they themselves could be turned on.

    Group #2: The jailhouse queens. These inmates actively carry on a female-like existence and will dress as femininely as they can within the regulations of the prison. There is a lower percentage of these inmates in prison and thus are cherished by the jockers. They are referred to in female terms and are called “her” or “she” by both prisoners and staff alike. Quite often these inmates will have somewhat of a permanent relationship with one of the stronger, established wolves, even though it is not uncommon for the wolf to lend his gal out to his buddies to pay off a debt or for some other reason. Other names used for queens are bitches, ladies, and whores. They will often refer to their assholes as “pussies.” I once had a queen tell me that she fucked like a woman, but fought like a man.

    Group #3. The punks. Also called fuck boys. These inmates are the younger, weaker, normally white inmates who have been “turned out” by the stronger inmates. They are normally assaulted within days of arrival and these attacks will keep up until they either get protection, are locked up in protective custody, or turn queen themselves. The queens normally look down on punks with disdain. Punks are down on the same prison level as child molesters. Often they are sold to other gangs. They have an extremely high suicide rate.

    Suicide rates in prison are estimated to be 15.4 per 100,000 inmates in all the states averaged out, with the exception of California, which has an astronomical 179 per 100,000. Penologists believe that the number one cause of suicide in prison is rape, with AIDS and depression from being in prison being the two runner up reasons.

    AIDS/HIV is six times the national average in prison. When inmates rape, they don’t wear condoms.

    You can always spot a punk in prison. Often they shuffle around like mental patients and will have extremely poor hygiene in an attempt to stave off future attacks. Rarely will they alert staff to what is going on. I approached several of these inmates while I was an officer to offer them help and they never accepted.

    How do first time inmates defend against rape? They will either pay for protection, join a gang, or they can be “sponsored” by a relative or friends before they even get there. But I have seen fish (rookie) inmates so big and fucking tough that no inmate even wanted to think about taking them on.

    If it happens, it will most likely happen in a dorm or shower area. But anyplace will do if it is out of sight of the officers. My advice to you if you are not protected in some way and you are attacked is to FIGHT back as hard and as loud as you can. AIDS is a death sentence, so that’s the biggest reason. The second reason is once you are raped you are considered in prison circles to have lost your manhood. If you find out you are being singled out and do not have protection, I would also consider striking first against one of the main wolves, although return violence is sure to occur. The problem with this is that you are going to wind up in the hole with maybe some time added to your sentence and things may not have changed when you are released out of segregation.

    If you are cornered and things aren’t going your way, some people think that a way to avoid being raped is to tell your attackers that you are HIV positive and have AIDS. This may work as a quick fix but it more than likely will also result in you being severely beaten if not killed. AIDS in prison is a very sensitive issue with both officers and inmates. Security staff aren’t even told who has AIDS, due to privacy rights issues.

    Do Not Be Passive. Stand Your Ground.

    If you are young, small, and white, your chances of being attacked are higher. If you are getting middle-aged, the chances will drop. Don’t even drop your guard though.

    In a minimum facility there is a much smaller chance of rape as inmates don’t want to screw up chances of their release. In maximum joints, the chance is much higher because inmates have longer sentences and less to lose. In medium facilities always remember that a good share of your fellow inmates are former maximum inmates so the chance of rape is always there with them. County jails have a very high number of rapes reported.

    Many officers that you are going to come in contact with think that most inmates are homosexuals and they deserve what is coming to them and they will often turn their backs when they feel a rape is being committed. Officers have been known to allow a rape to go on if they are working in a high-risk facility and think that doing so will help keep the stronger inmates in line. I can tell you for a fact that the number one worry of all corrections staff is that if there is a riot, they are going to get fucked in the ass, the men that is; the woman really have something to worry about.

    An officer that I know who was working in the Atlanta federal penitentiary in 1987 during the Cuban riot there, told me that every hostage taken in that riot had been raped.

    After you’ve been locked up for a while you are going to get horny. My advice to you is to masturbate. Alone.

    If you decide to get your rocks off and pay some queen to let you screw her, you will not have protection. Remember the AIDS factor. Is it worth it? Even if you decide to just get a blowjob from one of them, you risk the chance of making her “Daddy” jealous and that can open another can of worms.

    Soft-core porn magazines are available in most prisons. Check out the chicks, use your imagination, and jack off in your sock.

  22. Mastodon is very homosexual and hipsters are idiots says:

    I’m such a failure at life. I wrote all that crap about prison sex and ass fucking. That’s what happened to me when I was locked up.

    I lied when I said…….

  23. no homo says:

    Facebook disgusts me

  24. Mastodon is very homosexual and hipsters are idiots says:


  25. metal is literally homosexual, so's your pretend-hesher lifestyle says:

    Ever notice how women and men listen to indie bands in roughly even proportions, and attractive women go to indie and alternative shows?

  26. lol says:

    More metal musicians and fans have experienced prison, and the above scenarios, than any “hipsters”, indie, alternative, or “hipster metal” bands/fans.

  27. poomf says:

    Especially Black Metal, which due to its deviant nature attracts a large host of homosexuals and other sexual outsiders. If Nietzsche were alive to see the glorious latex spectacle that is Black Metal I’m sure he would have written a book about it called “The Gay Metal”.

  28. @ poomf @ ol says:

    Are u eager to suck throbbing cock you just can’t help yourself? I’ve got something big ´n juicy just for u. C’mere honey, ur gonna take anything I put in ur mouth and ur gonna swallow anything I give u to swallow, ok bitch? Then we can listen to all ur fave hipster indie whathavyou music.

  29. poomf says:

    Sorry, I’m not a homosexual, I don’t listen to black metal.

  30. poomf says:

    Just kidding, I love big fat dick. poomf is the sound i make when some tranny fucks me in the ass!!

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