Maryland Deathfest Leaves the Parking Lot

maryland deathfest 2017

Maryland Deathfest has reorganized their festival back to their original roots. The SJW-ran Baltimore festival has finally ditched the junkie-surrounded, crust-filled parking lot with the awful PAs and returned to being an indoor only event. Moreover, they have packed all the idiot stoner hard rock bands into one venue on Thursday night so the organizers may collect sludge dollars and metal heads may avoid them. Among the notable bands announced today were Vader, Cryptopsy, War Master, Insect Warfare, and Morbid Saint.

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11 thoughts on “Maryland Deathfest Leaves the Parking Lot”

  1. OliveFox says:

    Would love to see WARMASTER! They aren’t a massive draw for a ton of people yet, so it might be easy to try to find the guys and buy them a beer. Is it worth the 45 min drive, where-as most people have to fucking fly in and get a hotel? No…but will I do it? Maybe!

    1. War Master killed at the Deathfest that had Incantation, Asphyx, and Immolation headlining.

      1. OliveFox says:

        The washed up headliners are great for ticket sales and nostalgia…hell, I would love to see VADER or MORBID ANGEL…but they are such shells of former greatness, I wish the promotion company, management or whomever, could really push a band like WARMASTER and get the majority of dullards at Deathfest to pay attention to really good younger bands and hopefully throw them some cash for legitimate support.

        Not familiar with INSECT WARFARE. Am I missing out?

        1. Expect a review sometime in the future but you may judge yourself now:

          1. Anon. says:

            War Master & Insect Warfare share a singer & guitarist.

            1. Cynical says:

              War Master were better in the Daniel Shaw era. The last two times I saw them were disappointing, unfortunately.

    2. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Possibly useless story: I’ve went to what turned out to be the final Obscene Entity gig in Colchester a few months ago because I badly wanted to have see this live. This meant going to London, through it, and about as long away from it again as I originally came from — a 3h+ train trip. Moreover, the last train back ran at (about) 11:30pm. The headliner of this evening was a hardcore band called Chestburster and they were too good (after a generous amount of beer at least) to skip them. So, I ended up walking around Colchester town centre from about midnight until 05:40am when the first bus back to London ran (I didn’t feel like trying to go elsewhere beyond having a small pizza and a McDonalds coffee at sunrise after this).

      I should have taken some blankets with me but beyond that, it was a nice evening.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        This is going to ruin any conceivable “subtle effect” but that’s better than it being completely misunderstood: The point was supposed to be something like “Taking chances with 6.25% of a single day [90 minutes] doesn’t sound that bad”.

  2. Ggallin1776 says:

    Seen everyone worth seeing on that bill years ago,minus any unwashed crusties in the crowd.

  3. We all like Slayer right?

    But has anyone heard the song Slayer’s Sword? A song from 1985 dedicated to the mighty Slayer !!

  4. morbideathscream says:

    Weak lineup so far. Autopsy and Exumer are the only bands on the bill I really want to see at the moment. Necropsy will be worth checking out as well. Morbid Saint would be killer to see again, saw them at mdf 2012. Seen all the other good bands. Thanatos needs to be added and Amebix for soundstage. Vader needs to play ultimate incantation in it’s entirety.

    I sure won’t miss walking a mile from Edison lot to rams head or soundstage. I don’t think anything is gonna top the sonar days though.

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