Metal and weightlifting: worship of strength

hrmmphIf this world fears anything, it is strength. Most music artists portray themselves as thin, frail and sensitive. Our leaders like to cry in public. Some however recognize that health does not come from preservation, but pushing ourselves to the limits, in both mind and body. Jim Wendler is a powerlifter and out-of-the-closet metalhead who promotes that point of view.

A professional weightlifter, Jim gives advice on how to properly build muscle so that your body is suitably formed. He’s had numerous successes and he published an e-book where he outlines techniques to become BIG. You will not find advice on diets to slim down here, only diets to bulk up, on the assumption that you’re also flinging iron (a type of heavy metal) around on an hourly basis.

Wendler is part of a new breed of heavy metal associated athletes like fellow bodybuilder Jamie Lewis, who believes that having a tiny head is compliment. Like Wendler, Lewis also advocates metal in and out of the gym, as well as crushing posers wherever he finds them.

If you’re interested in building muscle, check out Jim’s website for tips. From the t-shirts he wears and endorsements he makes, we know that Jim works out to Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Darkthrone and other metal bands both above and below the underground line. Perhaps the music of strength and the behavior of strength have found a balance with each other. Further, he’s in a metal band that makes death-grind that is alternatingly frenetic and doomy.

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11 thoughts on “Metal and weightlifting: worship of strength”

  1. fallot says:

    Never would I have expected Chaos and Pain to be linked on of all places. Site is super NSFW, and can be quite unexpectedly, though that particular blogpost isn’t.

  2. MF says:

    Interesting. Another good example of this mindset is UFC fighter Josh Barnett. He goes by the name Warmaster and comes out to Bolt Thrower.

  3. Autopsy Helix says:

    You do know that the guy in the forum post you linked is NOT Jim Wendler, right?

  4. Tarbuz says:

    I have to say, Terrorizer’s “World Downfall” makes great deadlifting music. For running, nothing makes it more pleasant than Summoning’s “Oathbound” and “Minas Morgul.”

    1. EDS says:

      I have found that short bursts of grindcore and aggressive death metal is good for weightlifting. Atmospheric black metal and doom is great for running. Tried to listen to World Downfall once while running and I just couldn’t get a good cardio workout and couldn’t even pay attention to the music.

  5. ksava says:

    Bolt Thrower, Beethoven and Bach are my go-to lifting artists.

    1. Tarbuz says:

      You’ve got a strong mind! I’ve tried both Bach and Beethoven in the gym and I get distracted by the music. My mind wanders away from the sets and I lose focus.

  6. Carl Eric von Rosen says:

    Lo and behold a more than decent interview with Mr. Barnett! He surely has some good things to say, whilst sporting that Bolt Thrower-tanktop, and is that a Valknut-tattoo on the inside of his left arm?!

    I believe it is! Ladies and gentlemen, with that stern and Nordic look along with the red-blonde beard I believe with got us a full-fledged modern-day Viking on our hands!


    PS. Speaking of weightlifting and body-building in combination to metal, check out this here fellers channel:
    (supposedly he’s all natural, nonetheless he’s one helluva shredder, that’s for sure!) DS.

  7. SN says:

    Im trying to learn Muay Thai and do weightlifting to gain power. Sometimes they put on some metal in the gym. Sadly not Bolt Thrower.

  8. fuck yeah must get back into the weights

  9. Jim Wendler says:

    I appreciate the post – as someone that has spent his life training and was introduced to Venom/Celtic Frost/Slayer at the age of 10, I have always proudly and loudly waved the Flag of Metal. As for Josh Barnett, he is often at MDF and my good friend Corey (and avid UFC fanatic) got to meet him this year.

    Tune Low, Play Slow – Jim Wendler

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