Metal bands you love to hate

If you love metal, you hate what destroys it. Like a cancer, bad metal destroys from within. However, it’s often quite popular with those who want to be bad boys and like metal, but want to dumb it down to be the same old stuff. Here’s a list of bands to hate if you really love metal.

Metal bands to love to hate

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  1. Vijay Prozak says:

    Great, but you forgot Christian Metal supreme act, Death and the Schwul-diner’s descent into AIDS. Infact, I think this prole site is far too lenient on the matter of Death and Fuck Schwul-diner’s death due to AIDS

  2. Adrian says:

    You fucks are way too closed minded…


    I’d take faux masculine thrash and death metal over whinny ass nu-metal bullshit any fucking day…

    Quit with the unreasonable standards!!!

  3. Adrian says:

    Dear Vijay,

    You have a superiority complex like nobody I have ever heard of in my entire life…Most of the stuff you hate is acutally not that bad…mediocre perhaps, but not nearly as bad as Korn, Necro, ICP or Slipknot…

    You should stick to nationalism, because when it comes to music, you don’t know jack shit about metal…

  4. This is a retread of your “metal fails” column.

  5. Ivan says:

    This is brilliant stuff. MOAR pls! :D

  6. the_spine says:

    ohh noez, he actualy looked at the musics structure and the ideas it trys to communicate instead of being distracted by superfical surface value elements like asthetics. Being critical isint a symptom of a closed mind, its an indicator that one gets great enjoyment out of life, and so filters out unnessary crap to keep the good. If you have high self esteem you dont need to accept everything in order to feel good about yourself. Also stfu and listen too Incantation…cockfag.

  7. the_spine says:

    “Quit with the unreasonable standards!!!” also metal is not “anything goes~ ^_^!” music like rock n’ roll. In the immortal words of Walter Sobchak “this isint nam donnie, this is metal, there are rules.” Promote only the worthy. the idea to lower standards creats stagnation and lets thouse without much of a backbone or any idea of what the music is trying to communicate take over and turn the genre into something esaly exploitable (essentially morph something that has great value and meaning into something stale like a product, commodity or decoration).

  8. nothingnowhere says:

    dear adrian,

    I won’t be the last to point out that some of the ways “Vijay” promotes and handles this site are utterly ridiculous, however, your argument against him is utterly stupid.

    ANUS claims to promote quality music. This suggests that mediocre, as well as bad, music will be defamed, mocked, dragged through shit, etc. Being better than nu metal bands is a sign that you aren’t a complete retard who’s time would be better spent in the special olympics. It isn’t a sign that you’ve created something of value.

    Cannibal Corpse and Pantera are not valuable to humanity, the world, or anything else.

  9. nothingnowhere says:

    Lastly, if you were truly confident that they were, you wouldn’t get so butthurt over the internets telling you otherwise.

    I guess it doesn’t matter as long as they ROCK though, RITE d00der?

  10. the_spine says:

    “Most of the stuff you hate is acutally not that bad

  11. metalsensi says:

    You just named a few very intellegent bands. I wonder what you actaully listen to. Probably pretentious folk rock. I don’t really know what to say about this article except is was a total waste of time because you didn’t mention the real crap- like Adrian says. Cut the core bullshit out! btw we’re not butthurt about it.. it’s just someone telling us our favorite things are stupid so we have the right to protest. And if ‘growing up’ means not listening to the shit we like because someone tells us it’s not the thing now someone save us.. and i guarantee it’s not gonna be an article like this one that does.
    Later fucktards

  12. Cargast says:

    To Metalsensi:

    It’s a pity the intellegent bands never got a spell checker, or perhaps they’d be nearly as good as the intelligent bands.

    Oh, wait… No.

    More and more, nowadays, as I say “well, this band is pretty shit, actually – the structure is basic, the melody is ripped straight out of NWOBHM, and the lyrical/thematic concept is ridiculous (“Hate”? What the fuck is “hate”? Do you mean “Hatred”?). This band contributes nothing to no-one”, the responses I get range between “hurr u ned 2 hav an opn-mind” and “lol u dnt no n e thing abot m3t5l”. I’m not even joking. The people who listen to and most fervently advocate this music are fundamentally incapable of providing even one decent argument in favour of their “music” of “choice” beyond the entirely superficial (“You can’t say that, look at his beard, it’s so cool”; “No, you’re wrong, they’re not bad, look at how fast the drummer is”; “Haha you’re a retard, nothing this technical could be bad” ad infinitum).

    I’m beginning to wish that I could shoot people over the internet.


  13. aljghalkfghal says:

    if you honestly think that the existence of music you’ve deemed “bad” makes the music you’ve deemed “good” worse, then i pity you. i truly do.

    honestly, i don’t see why you even classify sunn o))) as a metal band. they don’t belong in any genre, despite their background in the doom scene. besides, i think the continued involvement of dylan carlson, attila csihar, malefic and wrest makes a much stronger testimony to the power of their music than your paltry little list does.

    i don’t know who you think you are telling people that their tastes aren’t up to your level. if someone likes boris, so be it. that’s hardly your problem. so baroness gets a lot of press; big fucking deal. you’re an adult (i’m giving you the benefit of the doubt here), and you should be able to see that bands can exist whether you like them or not. your opinions are just your opinions; they don’t mean anything beyond what they mean to you. i think you could be doing far more productive things than writing lists like this.

    oh, and by the way: that your website “claims to promote quality music” does not in any way suggest that “mediocre, as well as bad, music will be defamed, mocked, dragged through shit, etc.” that is what insecure children do when their perfect little worldview is shattered. saying that your site promotes quality music is a great thing, but in no way does that give you the right to “mock” anyone’s art. or, if you’d prefer to “mock” and “defame” the work of others, then i hope you’re prepared for your writing to be mocked in turn.

    best of luck.

  14. Bimo says:

    Opeth’s gud
    They’ve got a pattern of music unique to them..
    Pantera’s not so bad, but then its one of the good ones in mainstream
    Cradle of filth did what no other band could do, brought out black metal to the mainstream and get really successful at it..

    If i keep on going, theres a whole lot of things, but there are some emo affected bands and some technical death bands (like sikfuk, I hate them right from the name) that could be done without.
    But the intro paragraph was great.

  15. Ben Wolfe says:

    A lot of hate. I personally enjoy Opeth’s music, they do build on a theme in their songs and write great progressive music. I find it hilarious that this guy insults loads of bands, yet Slayer are still promoted on the right! Their latest effort was awful, in fact everything they’ve done recently has blown…

  16. Internatio says:

    Lots of critics here…

    I don’t buy most of this site’s sociology and philosophy, but I actually like the fact that someone tries to understand what music is about, to go beyond the “beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so nevermind”.

    Think a minute people.

    If there is no reason to value one piece of art more than another, then why bother speaking of it ? Just enjoy your stuff alone.

    Some stuff can objectively be considered superior to some other. Art has a purpose, to communicate something that is not entirely understood (otherwise you can just write a scientific article about it) but can get some shape anyway. How well this purpose in achieved (and how deep or inspiring the communicated thing is) can be… well, maybe not measured, but surely there’s something objective to say about it.

    If that’s not the way you like to tink about art, I suggest you to find a job (even just a short training course) in a record compagny to hear how the suits speak about people like you between themselves.

  17. nothingnowhere says:

    "I don

  18. aljghalkfghal says:

    Disregard everything I said, I suck cocks.

  19. nothing nowhere says:


  20. metalsensi says:

    cuz it is! now you’re going into the question of what makes ‘great’ great. And there’s no thread that could answer that one no matter how pretentious the author is.

  21. metalsensi says:

    I can say one thing tho.. This thread is spot on with that picture of that emo-dude.. now that’s killing metal..

  22. nothingnowhere says:

    “cuz it is!” “just because!” Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to engage in serious conversation with an 8 year old child. My mistake.

  23. aljghalkfghal says:

    saying that someone sucks cocks is a totally useful and meaningful thing to say, right?

    @nothingnowhere: i’m absolutely not advocating dishonesty, i’m just saying that there’s a huge difference between criticism/honesty and mockery. the need to “mock” and “defame” is a mark of insecurity and immaturity. a mature and confident person can acknowledge a difference of opinion/taste and still maintain respect for both sides of the argument while not being dishonest. i completely respect the author’s right to name these bands as the worst of the worst, and i’m confident enough in my own tastes to disagree openly. i’m not disregarding the criticism, i’m just objecting.

    yes, this is the internet, which means that anyone can say whatever the fuck they want, but it’s still an open forum, and what’s the point if we’re all just going to agree or be silent? clearly, we’re all reading this site because some part of it appeals to us, but beyond that we’ve all got our own opinions and those are what make things really interesting. if we all just said “yeah, pantera totally blow”, we wouldn’t have much of a conversation.

    @Internatio: why should i get a job at a record company? do those even exist anymore? why does it matter what “the suits” think of me? are you honestly saying that they have some insight on this subject? and no, some art cannot be considered objectively superior to other art. technique can be judged objectively, and things can be compared objectively using technical reference points, but the emotional/physical/psychological impact of a work of art is completely subjective. beauty is absolutely in the eye of the beholder, but that doesn’t necessarily come with the “so nevermind” tacked on the end. just because something is subjective doesn’t mean that there’s still not plenty to discuss. even if there’s no objective reason to value one thing over another, the subjective reasons should still be substantial enough. also, maybe look into spell-checking your posts.

    i reiterate: what effect could the existence of music you dislike possibly have on your enjoyment of the music you do like? that’s my main objection to this article, the notion that these bands, regardless of what you think of them, have some larger impact on the rest of the metal genre. it’s just music! if it sucks, it sucks, if it’s awesome it’s awesome, talk about it all you want, agree or disagree, but at the end of the day just find something you really give a fuck about and fucking defend it to the end.

  24. HATE says:

    You REALLY didn’t understand that.? wow

    First of all, read the reviews and notice that all writers on this site clearly take delight in metal and the crap bands don’t ruin their passion for the actual music.

    But, any lame but overhyped band does give metal a bad name.
    And the more you feel metal as a part of your soul the more this annoys you.

    This means that next time your musical taste is revealed people around immediately assume you’re a 13 year old emo girl, or a brainless brute.

    But it also means that it’s harder to talk about and promote the best of metal either within or outside of a metal scene, because there’s always a horde of fans just like you who demand equality between the most meaningful of metal albums and the most “let’s just bash on our guitars and drums loud enough so we’ll be called metal” metal, because you’re afraid of anyone’s favorite band being left behind (awwwwww ;_; )

  25. Intern says:


    basically what HATE says,

    telling others that something sucks is useful, it helps you not wasting your time (provided you know what are the fundamental ideas of the writer), and pushes others to make the whole scene better.

    plus, there is a graduation in art, not only in technique, it’s about what significance a piece can have, and like it or not, there is something objective to it because each person is not a small universe all by itself, we are all part of a thing called mankind, and the significance of each piece of art can be assessed by the way it relates to this mankind, its past and future included.

    To have a less passionate debate, let’s speak of XVIIth century Theatre, Shakespeare is still played a lot, in a lot of various and inspired ways, some others are still remembered at least in name (Kyd, Marlowe…), while most of the people who wrote at the time are only known to scholars.
    Why ?
    Because Shakespeare was able to capture the spirit of his time (with a sense of what was to come) with more accuracy, more understanding, more completeness. Those things can’t be measured like “who’s the fastest/loudest/more technical” but some people are objectively better at that than others, and some others are completely sucking at this.

    The suits indeed know nothing about all that, what they know is how to market any shit as “edgy” “different” “awesome” and make you believe it. My advice was just to try to wake-up some self-esteem.

  26. Morbid_lad says:


    “what effect could the existence of music you dislike possibly have on your enjoyment of the music you do like?”

    Barely any, but their existence affects ‘the scene’. Imagine if your favourite club you spend your Friday evenings at was suddenly filled to the brim with pretentious assholes and retards.
    Sure, you can say “what effect could the existence of obnoxious people you dislike possibly have on your enjoyment of time spent with them?”, but most likely you wouldn’t.
    Same way people who would otherwise make inspired metal would be put off by the posers and hipsters.

    “notion that these bands, have some larger impact on the rest of the metal genre.”

    No man is an island, of course they have impact. (See Morbid Angel – Pantera for an example)


  27. JesusEqualityFreedom says:

    I love Pantera. It gets me all pumped and makes me feel tough. It’s perfect for when my boyfriend pounds my tight, hairless butthole.

  28. nothingnowhere says:


  29. The great B in the sky says:

    I think it was plato who eplained that music could be categorised, and that certain forms\kinds of music could be destructive because they nurture unrealistic perception of reality.
    Mr. Prozak is doing some of the hard work for you and tells you “Hey, you know that bands that are totally shit? let’s not talk about them, but about those who would really tear the thing we love down”.
    Who would remember Slipknot in ten years? nobody, probably, but Pantera, Meshuggah, Opeth (satan help us) will be remembered and spreat memtically as thought-viruses. They are more destructive than the usual sell-out trends, because they pretend to be super-underground or special or whatever, when in fact you poison your spirit and mind.

    Next time when you’re given a good advice, say “thank you” in stead of bitching. Life’s tough.

  30. hell says:

    I’m with Prozak, FUCK DEATH.

  31. 1349 says:

    I’ve always disliked Meshuggah, Opeth, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, In Flames, Children of Bo(re)dom, and the likes of Necrophagist… This site kind of opened my eyes to some negative sides of Cannibal Co(r)ps(e) and Pantera i had missed.

    “Metal bands to love to hate”
    Is hate something a warrior would feel? I guess it is rather what undermen feel. Along with envy, anger, resentment…

  32. internetgivesyouwings says:

    Another great article. I was pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of Rammstein. I think Rammstein has always tried to be the Village People of industrial metal, everything they do has GIMMICK written all over it. Other than that there weren’t many surprises, it’s not like it’s the first time anus points out that Dethklok and Opeth suck.
    Funny that people still get upset about it though. Even funnier is arguing that nu-metal is worse than any of those bands. Yeah sucking two cocks is more gay than sucking one cock but it’s both gay so what exactly is your point? Talk about having double standards…

  33. seb says:

    you are just an angry homophobe. your also a hypocrite.

  34. metalsensi says:

    well, @nothingnowhere it’s obvious u didn’t read the rest of that statement and only stopped after 3 words. Oh well, guess that’s why your stupid and i’m not.. haha.. (sarcasm btw which u didn’t catch on to in the previous post)

    I’ll say this- I LOVE CANNIBAL CORPSE, OPETH, MESHUGGAH, CRADLE OF FILTH, NECROPHAGIST, AND PANTERA. Does that really prove or say anything about me except that metal is my obvious music of choice. No it doesn’t really- I’ll tell u this tho.. I prefer brutal death, and i’m a woman. I say it like that cuz brutal death is very violent towards femmes (to say the least :) but you wouldn’t be able to tell that’s what i’m actually interested in based on my defense of those bands.(don’t know why i feel this is important but i do)

    Now i was looking forward to a serious article about what’s killing metal (to reiterate- the likes of core/emo bands) i was just disappointed to see that some of my roots and what got me into metal is now deemed ‘what’s killing metal’. although if this was an actual article on bands u love to hate i can see why some of those bands on there. But still not really even then cuz only like opeth, dethklok, and cof would qualify. Oh well damn.. i guess i could just rewrite the article in my own words instead of arguing with you peabrains… yeah right!

    I guess what i’m trying to say is that even tho these aren’t my favorite bands they don’t deserve ignorant comments like “People do not understand how melodies should develop over the course of a song, and how technical playing without a goal creates chaos and fragments your consciousness, not builds on it.” What an ignorant comment. Cuz what your saying is that w/o a clear melody (like country, emo, rock,) it’s chaos. Dude, just step outside of your box, and find some real bands to bash instead of just randomly finding reasons why not to like good music. Do you even like any progressive, tech-death, or oldschool metal? Is that where your bias truly lies?

  35. metalsensi says:

    here’s my list
    LOVE TO HATE- HATE TO LOVE BANDS: (or Guilty Pleaures)

    1. Dethklok (i agree)
    2. Children of Bodom
    3. Immortal
    4. Cannabis Corpse (not cannibal corpse)
    5. Winds of Plague (hahahahaha)

  36. metalsensi says:

    “I think it was plato who eplained that music could be categorised, and that certain formskinds of music could be destructive because they nurture unrealistic perception of reality.” – obviously listened to John Denver, Beach Boys, and maybe just maybe some Barbara Streisand(sp?).

  37. metalsensi says:

    HAHAHA please disregard all of that, i now realize i am inferior and only good for sucking cocks.

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