Metal blog CvltNation demands censorship and coverup


Turkish record label Merdumgiriz — people who might actually face law enforcement consequences for their anti-Islamic expressions — found itself in the center of yet another controversy as band Azerine withdrew from the label after pressure by modern metal blog CvltNation.



Although only the least savvy of metal fans would go to some place named “Cult Nation” for their news, the blog has made a name for itself by covering war metal alongside the usual wash of hipster black metal and tryhard imitators. Merdumgiriz, on the other hand, is a small label which spends its time dodging Turkish religious authorities and authoritarian Western SJWs alike.

Merdumgiriz issued the following statement:

Yesterday I released the album of a so-called “extreme” metal band. I worked so hard on the released that I forgone one of my PornHub premium shemale sessions. Not to mention the money and hard work spent making merchandise. They are a band that uses Lovercraftian lyrics (the trigger on their brains must be malfunctioning for using that “racist” writer) and much “occult” symbolism. Today they wanted me to remove their entire name and work from my label like my label had Ebola saying “Pull all support for my band from any Merdumgiriz websites immediately. Members were not fully aware of the political associations with your label, we wish in no way to have any political or religious anti religious associations.”

Mind you, they share the stage and a member with Anti-Cosmic Satanist bands and frequently use upside down pentacles.

I have heard from good sources that the website CVLT NATION have told them not to work with my label. I apparently support National Socialist bands (which band is this?) anyway, this “Nazi” was kind enough to disregard the legally binding record contract those grown up men have signed with him and let them go. Not to protect their fragile feelings or PC image, but because I do not want to insult the name of “extreme art” with supporting pussies like this.

It is no secret that Viranesir uses racist and sexist terminology to open discussion and mock taboo subject matter. I think using overly offensive language will pull the strength out of taboo subjects and render them unusable for those in power.

Here are some lyrics for the VIRANESIR song HITLER RAPE:

I have lost all my sensitivity toward the taboo subjects in my life through art and I think it can be the same for everybody else. Of course, this will be a nightmare for those in power because they won’t be able to use those taboo subjects as a means of control anymore, hence they will do all within their power to not let words like “nigger, hitler, rape” lose their power. All you have to do is use them without fear. All you ever have to do is commit the greatest sin of freedom.

I am as shit as everybody else, but I seem to be the only one knowing, not fighting, even celebrating and all the while changing it…

You make fools out of yourselves doing extreme art and being pussies. You aren’t extreme, and you are not fooling anybody with screaming and playing loud. I am the real Satanist; I am LUCIFER the bringer of true black light. I change the false meaning of things into harsh truths and fight a lonely fight to break the tyranny of cosmic order, unlike pseudo-prophets singing safe songs about mythical phenomenon. Makes me vomit.

Emir Togrul

While many of us are not fond of hearing some of the words in those lyrics, we realize that defending speech means defending unpopular speech, even Christian speech. And while this blog has no anti-Christian, anti-Islamic or anti-Semitic agenda, nor a racialist one, we understand that throughout human history demonized ideas have become the basis of the next era of society, and so we encourage open discussion of all topics. Viranesir, Merdumgiriz and Blighted take it further with pure provocation for the sake of pointing out how censored our society is, and for that reason as well we refuse to censor them.

Others feel differently. They have an agenda, but will not state what it is, preferring to work behind the scenes to sabotage the ability of others to express their point of view.


By threatening to “blacklist” metal bands for not conforming to its agenda, CvltNation creates the exact opposite of a safe space: a paranoid community where people fear accidentally saying or thinking the wrong thing as their careers will then be destroyed. This is the same method of control used in totalitarian systems like Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany.


A second band, Chronovorus, withdrew in fear of the blacklist as well. The fear spreads, and in the name… what? Fear of ideas? How metal is that?

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8 thoughts on “Metal blog CvltNation demands censorship and coverup”

  1. Daniel Maarat says:

    Carnage/Dismember openly hated Muslims since the 80s. Cvlt Nation published Pete Helmkamp’s existential social Darwinist manifesto.

    1. morbideathscream says:

      You’d think they demonize Pete helmkemp too, on the slayer x issue he bluntly sieg heils. What a bunch of fucking retards. In a might is right/survival of the fittest scenario those sjw types would be the first to perish.

  2. hypocrite says:

    Both faggots like CultNation and the bands/venues/promoters/etc that cave in to their bullshit social bullying tactics should get far fucking away from extreme metal as it’s clearly not for them.

  3. vOddy says:

    Censorship for the sake of the easily offended has to be the most antithetic phenomenon to metal occurring in our time.
    There are forces striving for the monolithication of culture, similar to how monotheism spread across the land, destroying cultures and turning their corpses in to more copies of itself. And just like back then, opposing ideas are not showered in light so that people can see how wrong they are, and defeat them with reason and evidence. Instead, they are suppressed and silenced.

    There is no surprise in the mind of any metal fanatic who sees the value in this movement’s greatest works, that there is so much uninteresting metal being created.
    Of course the music won’t be any good when a weakling with no conviction or mental fortitude attempts to play a style which, by its fundamental nature, expresses some or all of the following:

    – Independence
    – Not letting the herd dominate one self
    – Not valuing rules or social constructs for their own sakes
    – (brutal) Honesty
    – Mental fortitude
    – Valour
    – Courage
    – Violence
    – Hatred
    – Fear

    and much more. People like those weaklings who gave in to social pressure are clearly not cut out to be expressing those things musically.
    The last three items in the list are particularly relevant here. Many people, social justice warriors and their sympathizers included, see only black and white. They are binary thinkers.
    Violence, for example, is bad.
    Tolerance, on the other hand, is good.

    Metal expresses a different way to see.
    Needless violence can be seen as undesirable, but the need for violence in some cases is also recognized. A classic example is defending ones home land from subjugating invaders.
    The ability and willingness to violence is often in cases like this even celebrated.

    Tolerance is not automatically a good thing. Any rational person understands that it is wise to tolerate the annoying voice of a speaker who is telling him valuable things. But why should the harmful be tolerated? Why should the non sensical be respected?

    Love and hatred are two other examples. Love is seen as good by the binary thinkers, and hatred is seen as bad.
    But I, and many others like me, submit that love for its own sake is worthless. Only that which is worthy of love should be given love. If every thing is loved, then the mundane and the extraordinary are made equal. The ugly and the elegant, the valuable and the worthless. Even the binary thinkers should be able to understand that love for Joseph Stalin or Osama Bin Laden may not be a good idea.

    As for hatred: It can be a reasonable reaction to certain things. Any one should be able to see that if we do not hate anything, then we can not condemn what is ‘evil’. But they don’t seem to want to admit this.

  4. Caleb says:

    CVLT NATION IS A WEBSITE FOR WANNA BE EDGY KIDS!! Posts more about pop music and hipster trash than anything “cvlt”

  5. viranesir says:

    What can one expect from a website that makes “sarcasm” its core. the word “cvlt” with a v, their ironic usage of “satanic” symbols… they clearly like listening to this music, but they are so ashamed of the fact that they do because of its “uncool” sort of subjects that they are fighting with themselves with all that ironic black metal shaming. I think everybody need to forgive themselves for liking what they like and stop looking at the world through their parents’ eyes to be constantly trying to rationalize what they do-like to themselves and their peers. makes me vomit…

  6. Rich says:

    Bands need to stop assuming CvltNation is the only way they can get any publicity. Terrible blog.

  7. Cherish Sue Gafford says:

    I’m as anti life as they come. I abandoned my daughter (you’ll never see a picture of me with her) and I had my last baby in a toilet, but I agree with cult nation we don’t need nazis. My favorite bands are icp and pantera, im autistic and have asburgers, I live in a trailer and I cry to aaron w davis who works at patterson thuente when people make fun of me and even i know we dont need nazis.

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