Metal Enema on NO CONTROL radio

Austin’s longstanding head-shredding ultra-orthodox metal show Metal Enema returns with a new venue:

METALENEMA – Death, Black, Thrash!
Metalenema began in 1994 on KVRX FM Radio in Austin, Texas. Hosted by The Undertaker and Agapornis Epicac, it was the only radio show broadcast from The University of Texas to local, and later international, acclaim. The show was tied to numerous touring underground concerts and boasted hundreds of listeners at the height of its popularity. It resurfaced as a guest program on BCR in Bridgewater, England, in 1999, and was then revived once more for a series of popular podcasts on from late 2005 to the end of 2007.

The focus of the show is Black and Death Metal spanning the ’80s, ’90s, and the new millennium, as well as some good old timeworn Speed and Thrash Metal for good measure. While the music is always serious, your intrepid hosts are rarely anything but irreverent, ridiculous, and occasionally patently offensive in their quest to promote the long-lost lighter side of an art form they hold so dear. Tune in and give your brain a Viking funeral every Saturday night on No Control Radio on 107.1 HD2! – No control radio on 101x

Check out the older shows (2004-2009) at the Metal Enema website, or tune in on Saturdays from 10 PM – 1 AM CST:

0 thoughts on “Metal Enema on NO CONTROL radio”

  1. ANUS is too gay for San Francisco says:


  2. JuggaloHomie14/88 says:

    Yo do they play any horrorcore or NSBM?

  3. Hipster Detektor says:

    This place is infested with hipster cunts. Fukkin’ hipster cunts like the first commentor. If you fags bend over I can see yer smelly hipster cunt from behind.

  4. Abrolf, the alpha male says:

    Hipsters are kool in my book.

  5. ANUS needs a metalenema. Time for some new reviews! says:

    Again with Jeff Tandy and crew. I’m tired of the ass-kissing this site gives that guy. Where’s the REVIEWS?!?!

  6. @juggalo says:

    No, they don’t play horrorcore.

  7. @juggalo says:

    No one cares about hip-hop with “death metal” lyrics.

  8. @juggalo says:

    Only fags listen to that shit.

  9. you are a faggot, and it seriously pisses me off says:

    Who gives a fuck about this faggot shit? I just went out last night with the people from my summer internship (bio lab, full of hot girls), a few came to my place to hang out and one girl stayed… yeah. What the fuck have you done recently except download some shitty black metal MP3s and scowl at how much they suck in your mind compared to what a bunch of teenie boppers strummed out before you were born?

  10. I mean says:

    girl stayed the night*

  11. black metal is queer says:


    Oh wow I love the Orthodox church! Cool chants and they use Frankincense and stuff

  12. Yeah, sorry, I got better shit to do on a Saturday night says:

    >Tune in and give your brain a Viking funeral every Saturday night

    Hahahaha, yeah, because your social life has long had its viking funeral, hasn’t it, aspies?

  13. Hipser Detektor says:

    – Hahahaha, yeah, because your social life has long had its viking funeral, hasn’t it, aspies?

    What is it with this moron that keeps thinking anus readers don’t have social life? You sound like one of those close minded idiots that react to people upon stereotypes. You’re an ignorant bigot. And even if that was the case, why would you even care? I give a shit what other people do or don’t do. Caring about what other people do is lame, it’s stupid girlie behavior.

    And to the other guy bout ass kissing Jeff Tandy: I’ll say it again, SR Prozak is Jeff Tandy. Same fucking person, so naturally he promotes his band through his site!!!

    Seriously people, dammit control your hipster cunt urges, hipster cunting is not kool.

  14. Hipster Detektor says:

    Dammit can´t even type my name right.

  15. @ Hipster Dicksucker says:

    Wow! So Jeff Tandy is such a narcissist that he rights reviews of his own band? Again WOW! What a fuckin’ douchebag!

  16. that... says:

    Jeff Tandy is Prozak as much as Michael Moore is Hurley from Lost

  17. I need to shave says:

    Wow, Michael Moore is Hurley from Lost! A double whammy! Heysus fuckin’ Christ!

  18. serious questioner says:

    I thought Conservationist was Hurley from Lost?

  19. @@ Hipster Dicksucker says:

    You’re hipster-cunting right there no0b! fukk you!

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