Metal is heroism, punk is victimhood

From a reputable source, contrasting that which inspires us with that which makes us pity ourselves:

In the movie [The Matrix], the protagonist discovers not only the awful truth about the world, that it is a living nightmare where computers use humans as batteries to power their mechanized metropolis, but that he has powers beyond that of which he has ever dreamed, eventually destroying the matrix and becoming the savior of all humankind.

Thus the truth, while awful, gives the protagonist something wonderful in return: a cause that turns his dreary existence into a glorious fight for freedom against a merciless robotic enemy. This is the notion into which philosophical references to the red pill/blue pill analogy try to tap, the idea that while the truth makes the world seem to be a frightening and draconian place, that the cause of revealing the truth will take on noble characteristics and transform the reader into a persecuted hero. I’ve referred to this idea as a “persecution paradigm” and went into describing it at length in The Burning Blade 13.5.

The basic idea expressed there is that these persecution paradigms play to feelings of alienation and exclusion in the potential convert, making them believe that their suffering has a mysterious and nefarious external cause, and that by defeating those responsible that all can be made well again. The paradigms give the downtrodden convert a sense of purpose, transforming their suffering and other negative feelings into hope and positive feelings. Furthermore, the paradigms make belief systems self reinforcing by bringing the believer into conflict with the world, encouraging them to fight with righteous anger, and confirming their belief that the world is aligned against them when they encounter resistance.

Such persecution paradigms have been wildly successful on the internet in convincing people of all sorts of conspiracy theories and other wild ideas. People seem to love a good secret and long to share it with others, oftentimes arguing vehemently in support of those ideas in chat rooms, forums, and anywhere else they can.

I would like to compare this aspect of the movie “The Matrix” with another movie about a protagonist who is also being crushed by the machinery of an uncaring world: “Brazil,” which I highly recommend. In “Brazil”, the hapless protagonist daydreams that he is a valiant warrior: complete with wings and a sword and shining armor; and in those dreams he fights numerous villains in his quest to rescue his angelic dream girl, who, by contrast in real life, is a lowly and somewhat butch delivery woman. His daydreams make his life more interesting and serve as an escape from his difficult and mind-numbing job, but the protagonist isn’t content to merely just dream about such things, and he tries to make his dreams come true, chasing after his reluctant dream girl and battling real life “villains” in the process.

I won’t spoil the ending, but the contrast between the two movies is quite stark. In “The Matrix”, reality is the dream and the dream is reality and the protagonist is able to escape the bonds of what he thought was real to become something much more than what he was. In “Brazil” the dream is just a dream which the protagonist tries so very hard to make real so that he can escape from the drudgery of his existence, which seems to me to be a more apt analogy for what “Matrix” style allegories and ideologies in general do for people. The way I see it, “The Matrix” is entertainment in the form of a persecution paradigm while “Brazil” is social commentary on what effects such paradigms can have on people. – The Burning Blade

Do you want to create, or try to dominate what already exists?

Do you seek something better, or merely to exclude current problems?

Do you pity yourself, or use yourself as a means to greater ends?

Mr Cameron will attempt to rise above the row, offering a damning analysis of Britain’s moral decline and promising a raft of reforms in response.

Ministers began to set out some of those changes yesterday, signalling moves to end legal anonymity for under-18s accused of rioting. Tougher enforcement would “make life hell” for gang leaders, the Government promised. – The Telegraph

All politics aside, that seems to me the wrong path. You are following the path of victimhood that way, like punk bands complaining about low salaries at their grocery-store jobs.

Your society lacks a direction. You can’t control/discipline/propagandize people who are essentially rotting in disuse.

Metal is the solution to all problems, including shitty movies like The Matrix and boring riots like these Brokeback Islanders torching their local malls. It’s an antidote to a boring, purposeless world.

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  1. wat says:

    is the lukewarm butterknife really a reputable source? isnt that the Fireaxe guy?



  3. A worried moter says:

    I there, I am the mother of the little boy who comes here several days a week to post on this site. He sufferes of acute depression and psychosis along with multiple personalities disorder. He at times thinks he is a gay Indie rocker that likes Mastodon and other times he thinks he is some kind of Hessian something swinging is wooden little swoord in the bedroom. But He as many others personalities. In fact all the posts in thes site are by THEM. I already took him to the doctor but things just seem to be getting worse. I want to ask for apologies to the gentlemen who conduct this site for all the inconviniences that he as put them through.

    With kind regards

  4. brockeback islander says:

    So, I thought Burzum was on the side of the brazil movie. You know, pretending he is a warrior in a beautifull crusade agaist the evil zionist forces that lurk in the shadow to enslave the aryan race. When in truth he was just a snotty kid with too much imagination.

  5. Are you 14 years old? says:

    Talking about the philosophical points in some shitty Hollywood movie.

  6. LOL says:

    “Metal is the solution to all problems”

    “Metal is the solution to all problems”

    “Metal is the solution to all problems”

    “Metal is the solution to all problems”

    “Metal is the solution to all problems”

    “Metal is the solution to all problems”

    “Metal is the solution to all problems”

    “Metal is the solution to all problems”

    “Metal is the solution to all problems”

    “Metal is the solution to all problems”

    “Metal is the solution to all problems”

    “Metal is the solution to all problems”

    “Metal is the solution to all problems”

    “Metal is the solution to all problems”

    “Metal is the solution to all problems”

    “Metal is the solution to all problems”

    “Metal is the solution to all problems”

  7. Mastodon = pure hessian, technical brutality. says:

    I’ll be blunt.

    “The Matrix” ruled.

    “Brazil” ruled.

    Mastodon rules.

    The negroes rioting in London should be decapitated.

    “A worried mot(h)er” is a tranny.

  8. there is no aspie says:

    >The Matrix
    >a shitty movie

    Oh no you didn’t. What’s the matter, faggot, too deep for you?

  9. Internatio says:

    The hero in the matrix achieves revolution via stunts and guerilla > typical 60’s guevarist film done in the 90s

    The hero in brazil relies on, or dreams of, the same techniques and fails : a good critique of guevarist fantasises that passed for marxism at the time.

    Brazil is superior in that it rightfully makes fun of the elitist, under the form of the small underground group of superheroes, leaving as the only logical (even if unstated) solution the mass revolution (even if damn hard to pull out).

  10. epic fail says:

    >The hero in the matrix achieves revolution via stunts and guerilla

    Wow, way to completely miss the point of the movie.

  11. i've been checking on you guys... says:

    i didn’t even read the article. jumped straight to the comment section and decided i should promptly type what i was doing…

  12. Internatio is gay says:

    Internatio needs more dick in his not so tight butthole!

    Any volunteers?


  13. uh-huh, sure says:

    >From a reputable source
    >some nerd’s geocities site named after a Warcraft II Orc clan

  14. Internatio says:

    @ epic fail

    I must admit I didn’t bother to see the third film, maybe there’s a grand revelation there, but after learning about such profound pseudo-Zen things like “Everything that has a beginning has an end,” or “No one can see beyond a choice they don’t understand” it seemed very unlikeky, and not even fun.

    @ intenatio is gay : feel free to waste your time as much as you want, as long as it only happens on the Internet I can’t care less.

  15. grimmer than thou says:

    @ intenatio
    lol you watched the second matrix film after seeing the (horrible and gay) first matrix.

  16. Internatio @ grimmer than thou says:

    shut the fuk up and fuck me!

  17. grimmer than thou @ Internatio says:

    I thought you would never say it! There’s no reason why two men wrestling shouldn’t end up fucking…

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