#MetalGate Band Podcast 3


The MetalGate Band group produces a series of podcasts where informed participants in the movement against censorship in music meet to talk about issues of the day. If your Mom is in the room (for modern metal fans) or your children are (for underground metal stalwarts) you might want to keep the mute button handy because there is frequent, copious and gleeful use of obscenities.

Every episode has its own topic, and some high points which may be related. The peak of this episode seems to be the discussion about the difference between making media solely to make money or be popular, and those who want to be popular as a means of getting their music or movies out there to express an idea.

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11 thoughts on “#MetalGate Band Podcast 3”

  1. Phil says:

    You should write less about shitty metal and more about classical.

    A lot of classical is shit and a lot of composers wrote filler stuff in between major projects (kind of like album tracks). A lot of early classical music was made to entertain mincing nobles with short attention spans. A lot of late classical music was made to pander to introspective hipster-intellectualism, like a shitty modern art gallery. Look for the very best. Free trade and specialisation created the surplus of wealth required for a few handfuls of very smart and very creative individuals to enrich the human experience forever, and to a far greater extent than any government or design could ever achieve.

    Starting a journey through classical is spiritually rewarding, makes you think better and makes you sound smarter. Once you get to know certain pieces really well you may form an opinion on which composer’s interpretation you like best. What are the differences in the playing, pacing, timbre and dynamics? Which composer brings out the best of the piece’s spirit?

    These particular pieces immediately will immediately show you the potential of classical music as an expressive medium. Hear their beautiful language. All pieces pass the Brett Stevens test of pygmy approval. I recommend starting with the oh-so tender and tormenting Elgar piece.

    Elgar’s cello concerto

    Beethoven’s 7th symphony

    Bach’s toccata and fugue in D minor “Dorian”

    Strauss’s Alpine symphony

    Bruckner’s 7th symphony

    1. Dualist says:

      You’re right that most of the classical music was written was under noble patronage. But don’t forget that out of all the composers who have ever lived only a tiny proportion of them are now in the standard repertoire. We only regularly listen to no more than 20 composers from 1650 – 1850. In effect, the lesser material has already been filtered for us by centuries of criticism by people of refined taste.

      On the other hand there is very likely much exquisite material lost through tastes changing, leading to some superb talents of the past no longer being played. If it wasn’t for Mendelssohn finding some of Bach’s works in a library he’d now be forgotten as just one of the better organ players of his day….

      If you like Early Music, here’s one lady who was centuries ahead of her time in terms of composition. I can only describe her as a mediatrix. Of what, I’ll allow you to find out:


      1. Jeremy says:

        man you heard RITE OF SPRING?? cos dat shitz baadasz. and now they saying even coco chanel was choc a block full of his chocblock at the time. well personally I don’t believe that shit, and it aint no way for a lady either.. but you think people gonna remember him for hhis respektz to Bach after that… NO WAY asshole

        still I got no allegianzes


    2. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

      Is it necessary to learn music theory to have a better understanding of classical music?

      1. Richard Head says:

        There is an understanding of music that can only be attained by learning and practicing theory, but it is not necessary to really appreciate the music.

        1. Like most of the fun things in life, music theory is optional.

        2. Jeremy says:

          Dats Bullshit! itz a dog eat dog eat dog world out there. I even wrote a couple hitz back in the 90s only for them to be stolen by one of my cousinz (bastards! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOrc37wNUqU) and when i saw that shit hit no.1 MTV stylez, I knew I’d been spat on by god, I mean wtf?? and while my poor azzz got deeper and deeper into poverty, I discovered DEATH (the band that is) and through talking with Chuck S. later got into other stylez of METAL and even sum baddaaszz NEOCLASSICAL which made me like, totally reaviluate lief or sum shit.

          but anyway wat da fuk yo white assez know bout appreciatin’ anything anyway? cos if yo musik dont got soul then all your white ass theory aint gonna do shit to make it sound any better… !?


      2. Phil says:

        You don’t need to know how to bake a cake to enjoy one.

        I don’t know the first thing about musical theory.

        1. Richard Head says:

          That’s true, but some people can more informed decisions about what cake they eat if they know how the cake is put together.

          1. Richard Head says:

            Sorry; should read “can make more informed decisions”. It’s early in the morning and I haven’t had my vodka yet.

  2. Jeremy says:

    And yeh there r sum strong bitches out there. I remember one freezing cold morning up in Boston, me and the brothas had just skored big and shot thru the whole baggy that very moring in the mensroom at starbucks, well yeah I couldn”t see str8t and wasn’t mysefl yo, so stumbling outta da dore a bumped into this reall stuckup power-woman … you know the type that work in offices oppressin our ppl, spandex jogsuit-clad fuckin bitches lol… but I mean, it was all cool and I was jus happy minden my own business when I catch her looking me up and down as if I was just piece a shit con, well boyz it didn take much but I couldn take it no more, but right as I squared up only with the intenjion of asking: “hey wat da fuk yo bitch ass lookin at bitch”, I kinda tripped over my pants (didn’t realize wer fallin down) and then right into her right hook which connekted hardcore with my nose. I mean… shiit. Wasn’t even gonna touch her yo but of course after that, and the fukkin pain man (I’m tellin ya), well sufice to say I went a bit psyko on her ass. Then the usual shit happens, ppl skreaming out, chairs and coffee flying everywhere, then I remember the patrons holding me down like sum kind of citizens arrest shit till the cops arrive. etc etc etc. 24 hours later: Parole officer’s all like “shit Jeremy when you gonna learn your lesson, quite making my job harder” but I’m all like ” …shiit, I dunnO”.


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