#Metalgate explodes: Maryland Deathfest denies, then confirms SJW censorship


Maryland Deathfest went full SJW by announcing that it was severing ties with death metal band Disma for its California Deathfest event. This comes only a day after the MDF organizers denied any connection between their act and SJW beliefs, blaming it instead on the departure of guitarist Daryl Kahan from the band.

Disma was dropped because of the pressures and safety/security at stake, demand by the Oakland community – which let me remind you – is the most racially integrated city and progressive in the entire country. As one of the organizers behind this, our community has zero tolerance for any kind of bigotry or hatred. Period. Craig Pillard had the opportunity to repudiate his past ties to fascist promotion, but he clearly choose not to. That is entirely his choice. Thanks tot he growing pressures of the Movement in Ferguson and Baltimore, with Oakland battling racist police for three straight weeks, you best think twice before coming here championing any kind of oppression.

Disma fired back a response that was predictably irate, seeing how the band has lost time and money in preparing for its departure to this fest:


ANGELA DANCEV is a liar! DISMA did not get kicked off the fest for any previous reason or accusation. We got kicked because of ANGELA DANCEV terrorizing the fest with her idiotic and selfish agenda. For her to lump this situation in with the past riots of Ferguson and Baltimore is absolutely ridiculous and utterly insane! Please show me ONE live show from us that caused any problems. Please source your accusations! She created this racist band myth based on her ignorance of Craig’s previous shock project that picked a different boogieman other than Satan. His past projects or whatever he does in his spare time has nothing at all to do with DISMA. All of us live within 10mins. of the most culturally diverse city on the planet! NYC So please spare us another ignorant statement. Our friends and fans know who we are! So stop hiding behind Oakland. All we were going to do was play a show for our fans. We do not promote violence or hatred of any kind. so again, please source your references to these false accusations. Sorry again to all the people who were looking forward to seeing DISMA.

Yesterday, Maryland Deathfest organizers reacted with denial and insults when confronted with their actions. Today, they confirm what was said here and then denied by MDF, and even more, double down on the vitriol and defensive posture. It seems that MDF does not like being recognized as SJW-run and pro-censorship, but they can’t find a way out of the corner they have painted themselves into. No sympathy here.

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17 thoughts on “#Metalgate explodes: Maryland Deathfest denies, then confirms SJW censorship”

  1. Viranesir says:

    Censoring is not oppression?

    1. morbideathscream says:

      Their idea of oppression is a anything that doesn’t agree with the black lives matter terrorist agenda and doesn’t scream justice for dead ghetto scum like treyvon Martin and Michael Brown. They want to censor anything that may somewhat hint at being a proud white heterosexual male. None of these sjw fags make a peep when black power shitheads promote white genocide. Obvious hypocrisy and double standards.

  2. jinko says:

    Now if everyone just boycotted whatever shit they didn’t agree with, everything would be just fine…

  3. parasite says:

    Im sure a large portion of the metal crowd will refrain from attending this festival in the future,if the word keeps spreading about there politically correct asses.

    The only thing they can do to save face now is get some others on the roster to speak out against Disma/Craig Pillard and turn the crowd against each other.

    Should be interesting to see where these recent PC outbreaks will take the underground

  4. He who fears the dark shall never see the light says:

    So the organizers of MDF are liars and political lap dogs? Fuck them. Even if they resurrected Jeff Hanneman to play Hell Awaits in its entirety, MDF will never get a dime from me.

    Where’s that SafeMetal Advisory guy? This fest has earned his seal of approval.

  5. Daniel Maarat says:

    So why did they even book Disma in the first place? Surely these idiots would have known about Pillard’s Nationa Socialist House Music in advance…

    1. Gabe Kagan says:

      Never underestimate the ability of a human being to not do any research whatsoever.

      1. Erik The Red says:

        MDF did do its research: it looked for certain bands to fill its festival.
        Angela also did her research: She looked for some way to flex her SJW ‘community organizer’ muscle.

      2. morbideathscream says:

        And never underestimate stupid people in large groups ala sjw’s and black lives matter.

    2. Erik The Red says:

      But this assumes that Angela promotes for the MDF. There’s no evidence of this on her Facebook page, or even in the quoted post. She’s not speaking as a rep. for MDF, but as a representative (e.g., a community organizer) of the city of Oakland.

    3. morbideathscream says:

      Disma played MDF 2012, no problem. But I guess they can’t be seen as racist, they might lose their PC punk crowd at the soundstage this May. Don’t wanna piss off Kim Kelly she might stop editing the mdf booklet. As much as I like certain bands that the fest has booked and have gotten to seen, I am convinced that the organizers are sjw’s themselves.

  6. Flammenwerfer says:

    Fuck this bitch. http://youtu.be/84kd_q7aU4o

    1. sunflowers for crom says:

      dude she seems pretty fucking legit

  7. Anthony says:

    Those darn racist police, shooting people (from the 13% of the population that commits 60% of the murders) who run at them and try to take their guns away!

    Of course this bitch is named Angela, just like good ol’ (and I do mean ol’) Merkel. Your time is coming soon, fuckers.

    1. This society always offers easy answers that make you successful. For food, add sugar/fat/salt for the win. In politics, find a marginalized group and get yourself hired as a consultant to “help” them, even though problems remain the same or worse now than four centuries ago.

  8. there is no god says:

    It’s also goes to show how fucking dumb the band themselves are when they compare a imaginary literary figure who doesn’t actually exist (satan), to an actual person who existed and who led a regime that killed millions of people (Hitler). Leave it to Americans to think that freedom of speech somehow equals freedom for consequences for what they say/do. All around dummies.

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