Maryland Deathfest organizers confirm Disma removal from California Deathfest for SJW reasons


As reported previously, the California Deathfest (produced by Maryland Deathfest) has booted death metal band Disma for alleged un-PC associations. The organizers of the Maryland Deathfest refused to answer queries by our journalists and others about the reason why Disma was booted.

And then, they publicly denied it:


Unfortunately for them, a metal defender confirmed that the dismissal was politically motivated by reaching out to vocalist Craig Pillard (Incantation, Disciples of Mockery):


His statement read:

they removed Disma!
with no announcement to make us look like the assholes

yes, its true the liberal agenda pc assholes got to the promoter of those shows and we removed Disma which is a not affiliated with any political group at all… but it only helps us for people naturally will get drawn to us more because of this now… thanks for your support for Disma

At this point, the Maryland Deathfest organizers began backpedaling about their reason for refusing to make a statement:


As they tell it, you see, it was not because they did not want to make a statement, but because in some imagined division in our mind, we — and the others who wrote to them — were not “journalists.” Never mind the hundreds of death metal, black metal and heavy metal bands who see us that way, or the work we do. This was a convenient lie for them to escape accountability. As word of Pillard’s statement spread, however, the retreat and backpedaling began in earnest.

Even worse for them is the fact that this issue has come up before with Disma. SJWs complained in Austin, and Disma was yanked there, too, despite there being no evidence or clarification that Craig Pillard is actually involved with any of these political beliefs. Even more, since Disma has a guitarist of Jewish heritage, it is highly unlikely and even laughable that the band would have any political leaning.

No, this was a witch-hunt, pure and simple. It makes SJWs feel powerful to force the world to bend to their ways, and when they can use guilt as a weapon and force others to obey the voices inside their own heads, they almost feel validated. Almost, because they keep doing it again and again. As Metalgate has proven, SJWs are not the most successful, good-looking, intelligent or competent people, which is why they form an angry mob. The people who could not make Onward to Golgotha get an almost sexual thrill from taking down those who could.

This is why Metalgate exists: to defend artistic expression from the small-minded nanny society witch hunters. Here is Pillard’s statement from the last time Disma was witch-hunted by SJWs after their Walter Mitty style cube jobs:


“To the less than one tenth of one percent of the bleeding hypocritical liberalists and to anyone that actually cares, this is my first and final statement; Disma-in no way, shape, or form, has any significance to the ideas of project Sturmfuhrer. On my part alone, the solo projekt known as Sturmfuhrer was a musical and social experiment in the extreme; its purpose was not meant for your pleasure, but for your pain. If I have offended anyone, then it has fulfilled its intended purpose. I do not belong to, or associate with any ideological group in any capacity. To penalize the collective band known as Disma, would be hypocritical and absurd. Thank you for the extra press! – Craig Pillard”

Beef, its whats for dinner!!!

Like many metal musicians, Pillard pushed the boundaries of what is socially acceptable in order to make a point. He was not making propaganda, i.e. music that tells you to think a certain way. This was an artistic statement. But SJWs, bored and lonely in their successless lives, always seek new targets. To give them a sense of purpose. To make them feel important. Even to convince them for a few moments that they are actually good people, instead of mediocrities with the moral caliber of a boiled clam. And Maryland Deathfest gave in, then lied about it, and then lied some more, all to protect this tiny group of people who have never created any metal worth listening to.

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6 thoughts on “Maryland Deathfest organizers confirm Disma removal from California Deathfest for SJW reasons”

  1. After putting a rap group on a “death fest” and turning it into an overpriced 3 day Aus-Rotten tribute band concert, people were bound to get fed up with that shit anyway. The Disma removal will only assist in the creating of something apart from the Maryland Deathfest organizers crypto-indie inclinations. Like someone here said, that Infest logo looks like something a skateboarder would be endorsed by and the best band there is probably Immolation who’s going to play 8 new songs and 2 old anyway. This fest is just an excuse for people in their 20’s and 30’s to do designer drugs and have a network to enable them through the facade of a so-called subculture. A band like Disma who speak of the often morbid, objective truths of this world would be a wrench in any blind Fugazi fan’s limited scope of experience and the merchandise he MUST buy around him.

  2. Viranesir says:

    This is a very important article. It really goes to show the Passive Aggressive behaviour of censorers and bullies. Bandcamp still haven’t replied to me about removing Viranesir for example… I ought to write a huge article about passive aggressive behaviour of subliminal bullies… As an aggressive person, there is nothing I hate more than passive aggressiveness. It is the defence tool of the weak, and the thought-poor.

  3. Brian Mohler says:

    Stay aggressive! Nip b.s. in the bud!!! This is what happens when business kills passion. ~from the guy who went bankrupt from doing the original California Deathfest and who also paid up the ass to go and play & bring my gear to the first M.D.F. I use to have respect for Ryan & Evan, even when they asked me to use my gear for their fest last minute. Even after they took over the California death fest name. No more respect for them now. It’s out the window now. P.C. money hungry whores.

  4. matters says:

    “Do you have a mental health problem?”

    Did he/she answer your question?

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