#metalgate helps put Hatred back on Steam


You probably don’t yet know this, but it’s ideological warfare out there. “Politics” no longer exists in the realm of voting and reading the Editorial page only. It is now part of every aspect of life, and the movement is only accelerating. This occurs because the people in our society are divided by what type of future society they want to be moving toward creating.

Some say this is accelerated by the collapse of the USA as a superpower and with it, the notion that the “American formula” of capitalism, the welfare state, democracy, consumerism and media power is no longer seen as a universal good. Instead it may be about to join the other failed ideologies — Communism, Nazism, Anarchism, and undoubtedly others — in the dustbin of history. Being on the cusp of such vast change naturally makes most people nervous, and so the masses are forming into mobs and squaring off against one another.

One of the big stories on your talking screen right now is The Interview. Apparently Hollywood — which never colludes with popular opinion in looking for bad guys who will not offend certain traditionally offended groups, like American Indians, the Chinese, and Arab Muslims — made a movie about a plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Il Jung. A group of hackers claiming to be from the DPRK have hacked into Sony studios, revealing in the process that upper leadership is almost entirely white and male, but are also threatening theaters that show this film. Many theaters have out of fear pulled it from their marquees. This is how you get things done in the age of ideological bullying: shut your opponents down, and call them fascists, all while enforcing some “fascism” of your own on their point of view.

Reaction to #metalgate has been mixed. SJWs first tried to deny it, then blamed the gaming community, and finally have fallen back on their try-hard die-hard standard of calling #metalgate supporters “fascists.” But today, #metalgate scored its first victory. The video game Hatred — developed in Poland by a group of metalheads — instigated controversy early on and, thanks to whining by SJWs who called it a “genocide simulator,” was removed from video game clearinghouse (like a cross between Google’s App Store and Amazon) Steam. But today, Hatred is back on Steam thanks to a grass-roots campaign by #gamergate and #metalgate supporters. You can see how this political warfare operates: the goal is to get the sellers to stop carrying certain games and music, which reminds me of the bad old days of the 1980s when Tipper Gore and her crazy friends tried to get heavy metal albums out of stores and barring that, required they have little stickers put on them saying that they had bad lyrics and Satan.

Over at MetalBlast, an article calls out this ideological warfare for the utter hypocrisy that it is:

In the world of Social Justice Warriors, when a white person “twerks” it’s cultural appropriation (because within their infantilizing view of blacks, Africans have a proud tradition of shaking their asses until they clap), while a female African American playing heavy metal is just a good “you go girl!” moment. This is, incredibly, both hilarious and infuriating at the same time, since while nobody has ever said that Derrick Green should leave Sepultura because he’s black, commentators, and even performers, demand whites leave jazz, rap and hip hop alone. Thankfully, those defenseless minorities can count with the Social Justice Warriors carrying the White Man’s Burden.

It would be ironic if “anti-racism” became another form of racism, one that rewards minorities for behaving in the way that their white overlords — er, social justice friends — want them to. But then again, it might not be out of character. After all, Eric Gardner was restrained by NYPD for the crime of selling single cigarettes. New York also made 24-ounce sodas illegal. Once upon a time, they made alcohol illegal, too. The motivation behind the “social justice warriors” of every age is the same: they have found a cause to which you cannot object without appearing to endorse its converse. There is no response to “Are you an anti-Nazi?” or “Are you a witch?” except an enthusiastic Yes! because otherwise you seem to be saying that you think Nazis and witches are just great, fine, peachy-keen. This condition is almost impossible to parody, as the Tyranny of Tradition folks explored with an article that made its points indirectly:

All I want is to not be told what to do by outsiders because they got their feelings hurt a few times growing up. People want me to speak in a way that is politically correct, but what about how I feel? What about who I am? Why do I have to be the one that pretends?

When our world is seen in a literal binary of “good” versus “evil,” we are the ones caught in the middle. We can become pawns for one side or the other, but insanity will win because politics has invaded normal life. The SJWs trying to take over metal have lost their legitimacy because metalheads have called them out on it, and the more they deny, obfuscate and outright lie, the more it becomes clear that we caught the real “fascists” with their hands in the cookie jar. They have lost legitimacy not just for their attempt to control us, but for their frankly boring and pointless imitation of all those old post-hardcore albums in metalized form. Metal deserves better, and seeing these pretentious gits kicked to the curb does us all a world of good.

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5 thoughts on “#metalgate helps put Hatred back on Steam”

  1. Nomen Nescio says:

    That PCGamer article is embarrassing. It’s basically your run-of-the-mill SJW whining about how Hatred is “too edgy” and uses tons of shaming tactics.

  2. Jim Nelson says:

    The SJWs are right, metal should not be anti-woman. Metal should be much more inclusive of what it is against. Metal should be, and at its best has been, anti-life, anti-human, anti-society, and anti-you.

    To call metal anti-woman is to minimize metal and its diversity of antis-. Stop stereotyping metal. I am a man and I think the SJWs have a point, I am tired of having to justify being alive.

    Metal should be a safe space for death and this includes all of our deaths. Death is true equality, for a man cannot be more dead or less dead than another dead man. We are all equal in death.

    Above all, metal has always been pro-death. To only be anti-woman is to value the deaths of women over the deaths of men. This is not fair. Male deaths matter. Being anti-woman is holding metal back when it could be anti-so-very-many-other-things.

    Metal is much more than anti-woman. Metal is anti-life.

  3. Keith says:

    This is a fantastic article. The question of where politics begins and ends is a genuinely interesting topic. I feel more positively about the SWJ movement than you do, but you really get at the heart of the conversation in this and make some incredibly powerful points. In particular, I found your point about what is lost in a binary world to be magnificent.

  4. Spiderbucket says:

    Bring that shit and get an ambulance ride is all I have to say. I’ve seen these assholes infiltrate everything else. It wont happen in my presence. Come to a show with your sign or your bullshit. I beg you to.

  5. bighatfbw says:

    i shit on any poser back when i was a lad on usenet spewing my venom about cowards afraid to take an extreme on any issue. everyone did. it was like /b for the oldest of oldfags. they didn’t offer up chickenshit buzzwords for PR purposes. it was belligerent and vicious. the idea of the underground still had some salt. i encourage anus.com to take the hardline position if it still can find it within its.

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