#MetalGate: Morbosidad UK Tour Destroyed By Animal Rights SJWs


Gnarly black/core band Morbosidad have gotten the SJW treatment that has precluded their UK tour, according to the promoter in Glasgow:

Hi guys, I’m going to give my viewpoint of the scenario, usually I would be discreet when detailing such situations but things like this piss me off to a certain level in which I feel if one can cause cancellations like this then why should being discreet about it be a thing.

Basically, Morbosidad (who we all wanted to see) were playing in a venue in Texas and upstairs played another band from England named CONFLICT, and Morbosidad had an Animals Head at the show, meanwhile the band upstairs who turn out to be Animal Rights Activists found out about the situation downstairs and decided to take matters into his own hands by causing a ‘fuss’ or at least their vocalist did.

This resulted in the London band learning that Morbosidad were playing London which ended up with threats being sent to presumably the venue / promoter but mainly the band which then resulted in hesitation which equals cancellation.

Because London cancelled that automatically resulted as the UK leg of the tour not being feasible and / or affordable due to petrol / visa etc. From our knowledge this may result in the EU leg of the tour being cancelled with only a performance at Nuclear War Now but that isn’t our business nor are we in the know of what is actually happening. So far the UK tour is cancelled.

So in the end AntiFA and Animal Rights Activists have ruined a tour for the fans of Morbosidad. We had and expected this with Satanic Warmaster but we did not expect such foolishness for Morbosidad. We’re absolutely raging and disappointed with this and all we can say is Fuck You, Victory Through Intolerance & Intolerant to your shitty politically correct views!

We have no time for Politics in Music or in General. We don’t book bands based on Politics but try to work with Artists who have never played here, rarely play here or rarely play at all. It only turns out that the demanded / rare acts sometimes involves political history but that has nothing to do with the reasoning for our shows nor will any of our shows be politically based or involve such shitty matters. It’s Black Metal, if you want Politics please fuck off to Westminster.

All we can say is THANKS to Audio Glasgow, Etrurian Legion Promotions, Morbosidad, Demonomancy, Peucharist & the FANS for the support shown towards us!

Other shows are still on sale and by no means getting cancelled anytime soon.. or at least we hope:

Angelcorpse / Sheol / Vacivus – 25/10/2016
13th Moon / Shrine of Insanabilis – 10/02/2017
Mortuary Drape / Lvcifyre / Mortuus – 11/02/2017

The SJW treatment involves a type of terrorism where SJWs threaten to clamor about a venue being un-PC, and therefore driving down its revenue, so venues tend to cancel the shows instead to avoid controversy. Equal parts ostracism, censorship, boycott and threat, the SJW treatment has been remarkably effective, and was based on the Antifa “No Platform” method of the 1980s which was originally used only against actual Nazi bands.

In the past, bands such as Deicide have had similar problems, with animal rights activists setting off a bomb at one of their shows. Other metal bands have gotten the SJW treatment for merely failing to agree with the PC agenda and then coming under fire for potentially controversial acts or statements. SJWs want the only voices in metal to be SJWs, which is why #metalgate came about: an attempt to preserve actual thought in metal.

Weighing in on the broader controversy at a higher level of abstraction than the Morbosidad SJW boycott, edgy author Brett Easton Ellis had some words about political correctness:

Oh, little snowflakes, when did you all become grandmothers and society matrons, clutching your pearls in horror at someone who has an opinion about something, a way of expressing themselves that’s not the mirror image of yours, you snivelling little weak-ass narcissists? The high moral tone from social justice warriors is always out of scale with what they are indignant about. When did this hideous and probably nerve-wracking way of living begin transforming you into the authoritarian language police, with your strict set of little rules and manufactured outrage, demanding apologies from every sandwich or salad you didn’t like?

For years, young people fought to distance themselves from the dominant paradigm (currently a pluralist-capitalist-socialist hybrid) so that they could discover the world on their own. Audiences today seem more concerned that someone might fracture an already unstable relationship between different groups in the metal scene, and have used this de facto censorship to force groupthink on everyone.

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17 thoughts on “#MetalGate: Morbosidad UK Tour Destroyed By Animal Rights SJWs”

  1. Steve says:

    Got to respect Morbosidad for singing black metal en Espanol since back in the day and still persisting. Used to see them perform free all ages shows in the Basement of the Cupertino library back in the day. A band like this enhances the culture and helps us learn more Spanish too. People trying to oppress a band like this are harming the freedom of expression, and the chilling effect of this type of censorship could result in less diversity and less choices in music. and we will wind up with a shitty and bland culture in the end. Its truly amazing and somewhat laughable that people can even get offended by things which are basically grunted in another language, and which exist largely within the fantasy context which black metal embraces.

    1. fenrir says:

      I don’t think them singing in Spanish is any reason to give them respect. Plenty of bands sing in Spanish. And even if there weren’t, so what? It doesn’t make the music any better, and it is really not harder to do. In fact, they probably do it because their English is not good enough, haha.

      1. morbideathscream says:

        I do agree with you. I personally like morbosidad, they’re not exactly at the top of the black death world, but solid bestial black death. The Spanish lyrics/vocals don’t really add or subtract from the music. I remember when I first heard brujeria in high school, I fucking cracked up when I heard their Spanish sung vocals, a band I never ended up liking. Much prefer morbosidad.

      2. matters says:

        Con Guerros, si!- con Negros, no!

  2. Ludvig B.B (vOddy) says:

    In this case, the people complaining are animals rights activists (presumably they don’t eat animals), and therefore, unlike most people who complain about pig blood or cow heads, not hypocrites.

    But to impress me, they’ll have to do more, Ildjarn style.
    Throwing a fit at some cow heads from cows that were already dead anyway (cow heads are a waste product from the meat industry, and they got the heads from a butcher) while playing a show for people who eat cows, is silly to me.
    This action isn’t going to accomplish anything. Until they blow up a McDonald’s, or isolate themselves to live purely, they won’t have my respect for this SJW-styled tactic.

  3. Johan P says:

    Even as a long-term vegetarian and animal-friend I can’t say I’m particularly offended by cows/pigs head – probably taken from the food industry – on a stage. I’d rather see them use impaled human heads though.

    1. Executioner says:

      Would you be charitable enough to donate your head to the well being of the animalkind?

      1. Johan P says:

        Nah, there are plenty of recently deceased already who I’m sure wouldn’t mind some post-mortem media exposure.

  4. ??? says:

    How come only muslims and leftists get to play with bombs?

    1. morbideathscream says:

      Because it’s what the ruling class dictates. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone like George Soros funds antifa, just like he funds black lives matter. Imagine if a neo nazi skinhead group made threats like that, they would mysteriously disappear or die under bizarre circumstances, kinda like Ian Stuart. Has there even been any arrests made for the black metal venue being burnt down in Germany by antifa fags? If a mosque was to be burnt down, the person responsible would be hunted down to the end of the earth. Don’t forget that Isis are CIA employees. Bottom line is that leftists and muslims along with blacks have been given free reign by the nwo/zog.

      You’d think morbosidad would get a free pass being that they’re not white, but apparently that’s not the case. None of these leftist fags give a fuck about animals, they’re just using them to further their political agenda.

  5. Phil says:

    “I like it when my offensive music doesn’t offend”

  6. OnlyInDeath says:

    I think there are a wide variety of environmental and ethical problems with the meat industry, but those are symptoms of the modern industrialized, mass-producing agriculture industry as a whole. Presumably these people are vegans, but unless they are self-sufficient, truly organic local farmers, they are still contributing to that industry. Eating “organic” (which usually means “producer could afford to pay the inspection fees” and not much more) vegetables produced through unsustainable, industrial mono-crop agriculture and shipped to your hip grocer in fossil-fuel powered pollution machines doesn’t exactly give you much moral standing over another diet

    1. Johan P says:

      Excactly. All those self-righteous “organic” morons probably tear more on the earth’s resources than they’re willing to admit.

    2. Ludvig B.B (vOddy) says:

      These people are silly, but this is a bad argument.
      They were born in to this system. What are they supposed to do? Commit suicide?

      1. OnlyInDeath says:

        Well, that might be a good start actually, it’s much easier to practice sustainability and conservation when there’s 1 billion people instead of 8. Or maybe they could “blow up a McDonald’s” or “live in isolation to be pure”?

        Kidding aside, I don’t think my sentiment is that much different than yours. Yes, we are all born into this system, oftentimes have few avenues for alternative options, and I will never begrudge anyone for living their life according to their own values and principles (even if those conflict or are incompatible with my own; do what thou wilt). But in this case, you have a group of people who want to be able to fellate each other for their “activism” of shutting down an underground metal show due to a band they disagree with. They’re not actually furthering their cause, they’re just showing off for each other and antagonizing people who don’t agree with them; which you referred to as an “SJW tactic”. It’s like PETA throwing blood on people wearing fur coats—the coat is ruined, but the person wearing it isn’t going to suddenly agree with PETA.

        I guess what I’m getting at is that while I am sympathetic to their concerns regarding animals and the food industry, they are using all smoke, little fire, to address what is ultimately a minor issue at best, when that energy could be more useful by being channeled towards sustainability and environmentally conscious actions in their own lives and the lives of their community. But there’s no social reward in living well and humbly according to your values, so instead they posture for the world and make mountains out of molehills by cancelling a metal show, or buying the “correct” product, or stirring up an internet wasp’s nest so that everyone can see “look what *I* did! Aren’t I making a difference!? How great!”

  7. Rainer Weikusat says:

    The Ellis piece is best skipped. It’s talking about people talking about people talking about a top third shot of a naked woman behind a plastic shower door. “It’s summertime and the living is greasy” …


  8. FarAwayFromTheSun says:

    Fuck that Conflict faggot,the same butthurt group of limey bastards that got nyog booted from temper tantrum in chaos a few years back(the mob)…Texas has an epidemic level of punk cross over and turn coats in extreme metal…rotting something from the inside out has proven to be a more feasible tactic than an outright attack,assimilate then destroy…Crust punk mentality is not compatible with metal,i don’t give a fuck if amebix liked Celtic frost…the bottom line is an ideological war has been declared on metal,and a majority of the fans either idly sit by or are completely OK with these types of individuals (crust punk troglodytes)…so now Mr Conflict wanted to be a hero he should have fuckin stepped up,instead of whining like a little bitch..probably afraid of having his jaw end up on the opposite side of his face

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