#MetalGate: SJW Drama-Band Bestial Evil Implodes, Cancels Shows


#MetalGate pointed out the unsaid obvious: that “social justice” is destroying metal from within. Today we further explore this fertile (and obediently ignored in the media) topic with a small update on Baltimore-area SJW deathpunk band Bestial Evil, who recently fired and then rehired their drummer for his association with naturalistic and possibly right-wing civilization renewal group “Wolves of Vinland.”

The Wolves of Vinland identify themselves as a neo-tribe, sort of like Goths or punks, of people who choose an alternative lifestyle that is also a breakaway in outlook and behavior from the norm in our society, from within our society. Some call them eco-punks while others make the predictable virtue signals. Whatever they do, they make it look refreshingly non-modern.

Drummer Evan Phillips thought so, too, and he joined the Wolves of Vinland. This was not a problem until the most recent Bestial Evil meltdown began: the debut album Infectious Cross was released and promptly ignored for being both generic and mediocre, at which point vocalist Shawn Wright began to spin out of control. His statements became more incendiary and more SJW-friendly as he tried to rally the audience the band anticipated would support them, who as it turns out prefer another $6 of Pabst Blue Ribbon to purchasing an album that sounds like a call to spray the public crucifix with Lysol after a busload of kids on a field trip had been pawing it.

And then, the drama intensified… Bestial Evil cancelled its scheduled shows as the lineup, always fragile, began to fragment:


We do not know why second guitarist Kevin Rucker suddenly left the band after the release of the debut album. With his departure, Bestial Evil loses its token minority member. This inverts the balance: instead of being paragons of SJW, Bestial Evil are now what SJW identifies as the enemy: a bunch of white guys enjoying their privilege (to make humdrum deathpunk while working day jobs in food service). And so, it becomes important that Evan Phillips might be associated with a group that, whether pro-Caucasian or not, is certainly not pro-SJW, which is what Bestial Evil needs it to be.

Shawn Wright and his team gave Phillips an ultimatum: drop out of the Wolves of Vinland, or drop Bestial Evil. Phillips probably thought about that for a few seconds before accepting the latter. After all, Bestial Evil had their swing at the ball and it was a miss. Not a terrible miss, but a whiff nonetheless: there was no interest in cookie-cutter death metal/crust punk with few high points and a lot of predictable ones. And so he left, at which point Bestial Evil hovered near the collapse point.

But somehow, this situation was reversed. We will probably never know the negotiations, but I imagine it went something like this: if you come back, we will let you determine the direction of the next album. Instead of just being a drummer, Phillips gets to be the musical leader of the band. Either that, or it was a full palette of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Five days later, the band announces his return:


The clown show continues. SJW is a brain-parasite that turns people into ideological zombies. Like other forms of mind control, it works through guilt and the implication of being socially abandoned for failure to adopt it. Bands like Bestial Evil like it because it offers them a way to sell their music to a captive audience just like punk has been doing for thirty years, since no one has any ideas there either. And yet, like all infections, the more it succeeds, the less it has to work with.

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17 thoughts on “#MetalGate: SJW Drama-Band Bestial Evil Implodes, Cancels Shows”

  1. Weltmacht says:

    When is their VICE-sponsored tour happening? Hopefully they can get Marissa Nadler and a socially conscious hip hop artist on board too.

  2. Deport All Hipsters says:

    Turns out minorities don’t like being the tokens of SJWs. Congratulations on staying 100% white, like hipsters, Bestial Evil, and producing more Starbucks Metal!

  3. Ggallin1776 says:

    Bestial social sodomy

  4. How about all the right wing crusts and the leftist crusts kill each other off leaving the the world a better place, free of all crusts?

    1. Cocccckkk says:

      exactly !!

      that way you’ll be free to review ungod and dark funeral

      1. Fuck Ungod and Dark Funeral.

      2. LostInTheANUS says:

        Consider suicide

  5. morbideathscream says:

    Wait aren’t we supposed to stop speaking of Shawn Wright negatively or he’s gonna sue dmu? Haha

    They need to make a tv sitcom out of these assclowns. These dudes are good material and no I do not speak of their horrid attempt at deathpunk. They’d sue the company that would put that show out. Oh and let’s not forget their invisible fanbase.

    Evan dropping out of wolves of vinland is for the better. They don’t need assclowns or weaklings infiltrating their ranks.

  6. Gutsfuck says:

    Terrible band, shitty music, total joke in the Baltimore area. The “Wolves” sound a little sketchy to me, but I’d rather hand with them than SJW weaklings who suck the dick of the current PC scene anyways.

  7. SW1 says:

    Haaaa yeah we’re “crust” I love that you people are such retards. We’re social justice warriors? Then we’re Nazis. lmao. I am having a great time reading all this bullshit. It’s great. Btw our album has sold all over the world. Lmfao! Our next release is going to be a label you all know and love. Get ready Brett Stevens the best shit talking writer in the “underground” you haven’t a clue who the fuck I am. Good try there Brett. You are a mere queef In the metal scene. Good luck you postestic limp. You fake ass “metal head”. Keep going before you know it love or hate people’s will know who I am. Fuck face

    1. morbideathscream says:

      Dude you’re on some good dope. You need to hook me up with some of that shit, I’ll probably think I’m the lord of the abyss himself. I mean, bestial homo has like a total of 5 fans but whatever drugs your taking you see this massive fanbase that doesn’t exist. Baltimore is your hometown and you couldn’t get a slot at mdf, nuff said.

  8. Privileged Shitlord says:

    Just stumbled upon this ridiculous shit while searching for Wolves of Vinland:


    It’s funny how SJWs target specific bands and don’t even realize that there is an entire army of NSBM bands out there.

  9. MAGA211 says:

    shawn is really just a jock that thinks he is a crusty but really isn’t a jock because he is not athletic or healthy but he does have girl hair tho and is not really a crusty because he has no knowledge of punk rock outside of the logos that appear on patches so really he is just a guy with girl hair i guess.
    I propose a mud wrestling skirmish between Jack Donovan and Crusty Shawn!!!! (my sheckels on JD)
    Heil the Alt-Right! Heil WV/Operation WW and the good work they do! Heil 211 skinheads! Towards the sun! MAGA! ALL HEIL NEW GLORY!!!!!

  10. matters says:

    The Wolves of Vinland are a legit group, from what I understand, they wouldn’t let any ass-clown in their ranks.

    I too am waiting for a review of the new Dark Funeral, like someone else posted.

  11. Tribute to Hell says:

    Shawn is just grumpy because none of the W.O.V. guys would accept his offer of gay sex or listen to his crappy band.

  12. A. says:

    “Hello to friends and fans…
    Bestial Evil has ended its reign.
    Thanks for the support over the years.”

    1 hour ago on facebook :D

    1. C.M. says:

      “Reign”, lmao.

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