#metalgate: SJWs make clear the agenda is making you OBEY


To succeed in modern society, it is best to style oneself as a victim. We live in a time of victimhood politics where the person who successfully portrays themselves as being harmed finds that society steps aside to let them ahead, handing out freebies in the process.

Rape victims — whether a rape occurred or not — become overnight celebrities. Politicians gain stature for having been opposed, not for having been right. Every celebrity and actor has a story of how life harmed them early on. In a society of equals, the only way to be more equal is to be perceived as having been made less equal, thus a recompense — and rise in moral stature to “hero” — is deserved.

For most of their careers, SJWs have stayed behind the cloak of victimhood. In their view, someone out there is harming them, despite living in the nation with the best quality of life on earth, having government incentives for their hiring and renting, and being generally privileged college students working in easy media careers. They portray their crusade as correcting injustices.

But, as any cynic or observer of human behavior knows, those who perceive themselves as victims are usually simply manipulating others. Grackles — small brownish-black birds known for raiding dumpsters — will fake an injured wing to cajole extra treats from people eating at open-air cafes. This behavior is older than humanity itself. The difference with humans is that once given power, SJWs become insatiable attackers demanding that everyone else be cleared from their way. Their agenda is revenge against anyone having a better life than they are, which — since SJWs are the cause of their own underlying misery — is anyone who is not miserable.

We can see this pathology in a recent article by Laina Dawes (who unfriended me on Facebook for having a different opinion than she did) about “Heavy Metal Feminism”. Here’s the pitch:

Despite the global appeal and presence of heavy metal culture, widespread online distribution, and increasing awareness among a diverse audience, there remains great resistance to discuss ongoing sexism, racism, and other issues that can potentially dissuade fans from actively participating in the subculture. “I don’t know why it is so hard for people to understand that not everyone is just like them,” Phillips told me. And Phillips isn’t alone; other artists and journalists are questioning the pervasiveness of discriminatory practices and beliefs within a musical culture that, ironically, not only boasts of its “inclusive community” (in which membership is predicated on fandom and not gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation), but also, because of its underground status, places an emphasis on fan participation and economic support in order to create and distribute music that will never, and doesn’t want to, receive true mainstream commercial attention.

At this point, the true message emerges: agree with us or you are bad and must be destroyed.

Never mind that what is popular is almost always wrong and corrected by the next generation, or that heavy metal might have its own way of dealing with this issues.

Despite all the citation of academic articles here, Dawes’ approach is fundamentally unscientific: cite lack of tons of female heavy metal bands as “proof,” then claim that only that will rectify the “problem,” and demand that everyone else drop everything they are doing in order to get ahead.

And throughout it all, no one answers the real question: what have these female-fronted bands done to make themselves important to metal?

After all, Lita Ford, Jo Bench, Lori Bravo, Mythic/Derketa and others have had no trouble being metalheads who also happen to be women.

But that shows us the real agenda that Dawes is pushing: she does not want women in metal, she wants propagandists. She wants women who agree with her to be shoved to the front of the line so they can drown out that bad old white male music.

Never mind that metal has never been exclusively white nor male. Never mind the legions of women who have been in bands, worked as journalists (including the underground zines that mainstream media refuses to mention), run labels or otherwise contributed vital things to metal.

They claim they are anti-fascist, these SJWs, but while they are not fascist they are authoritarians. Their goal is to replace metal with propaganda rock with the “right” opinions to cure a “problem” that is not a problem. And if you need any more reason than that to kick them to the curb, you have not been paying attention.

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28 thoughts on “#metalgate: SJWs make clear the agenda is making you OBEY”

  1. OliveFox says:

    That wonky trollop basically made your point for you! “…music that will never, and doesn’t want to, receive true mainstream commercial attention.” Exactly. So homophobes, racists, nationalists, antisemites, misogynists should all be able to create and perform music without being bothered by narcissists that want to feel like they are solving a perceived social problem.

    And since when did underground metal “boast of an ‘inclusive community'”? I don’t think Gelal Necrosodomy ever went on stage to tell people how brave Caitlyn Jenner is.

  2. Is this real life? says:

    “My anger as a Black woman fronting an aggressive, politically charged hardcore/metal band with DIY punk ethics…”

  3. Gorguts next album is going to be one long song. If you don’t like The Black Dahlia Murders new album you’re an “unfeeling statue of a person”. Darker days ahead…

    Also, fuck all these people. Fuck all these people in the ass with extreme aggression.

    Anyway, anyone have any predictions for extinction date?

    1. OliveFox says:

      Hopefully not until I finish my tins of Peterson Irish Flake, the Nationals and Redskins win a World Series and Super Bowl the same year, and I can fill my belly with enough Islay Scotch for it not to matter.

      1. How is the Irish Flake?

        1. OliveFox says:

          A strong, noble tobacco. Fig and fruit aromas on the raw smell are very appealing, to me at least. I don’t rub it out since I do a lot more of my smoking on the road these days, so I do the roll and fold method. Once I get it lit (which can be a bitch with flake), it stays with minimal tamping for at least 45 – 75 minutes in windy conditions. It has the nicotine kick that I love, probably from the burly, and a kind of Earl Grey flavor once you get into it. The Virginia doesn’t dominate so it isn’t overly sweet. A lot more room for the earthy/nutty/leathery Kentucky and Burly tobacco to do its thing.

          Great with a strong, dry wine after a meal of meat and potatoes. In sum: Man shit. Love it to death.

          1. This sounds delicious. Earl Grey burley with figs!

            1. Tom says:

              Brett, what’s your take on Bathory’s – Requiem album? Is it worth keeping?

  4. Anthony says:

    How dare you slander a noble bird like the grackle in such a way! Grackles have beautiful blue/black iridescent feathers and piercing yellow eyes. Sounds like you’ve encountered a poser cousin of the grackle like a Brewer’s blackbird or perhaps even a vile invader such as the starling.

  5. Daw Ass says:

    i didnot know this bitch even existed. i say we send her to the muslims who will receive her with open arms and treat her with equality, respect and fall in line to all her demands.

  6. Ara says:

    I recently made a very similar rant online against the authoritarian viewpoints that women currently abide by and it was predictably ignored. But you know what I realized? If you turn off your electronic bullshit, none of the SJW perspectives exist. No one sticks to their guns on these issues in person without being exposed for being individualistic in the guise of acting for the greater good and victimizing yourself to shift blame for personal responsibility only succeeds within the mob mentality of the Internet.
    I just bought a frisbee from Goodwill. It’s been pretty fun.

    1. I can’t agree there. In media, and in voting, people are following these patterns. Sorry.

      1. Ara says:

        Sure, but the results of voting are only apparent in my life if I see them on a screen. I’m currently on the road and have met quite a few people off the grid and listened a lot to their way of life and it’s been pretty awesome. I can’t imagine that anything political or any dangers to their rights ever cross their minds.

        1. Ara says:

          Maybe I should clarify- I’m a city boy, and I know I wouldn’t be able to unplug from that kind of life entirely. I know a society works because people contribute to it, and you shouldn’t be able to leech off of things without doing or paying your fair share. But I also don’t believe in American democracy, and I don’t believe people have a voice, and I do believe that things are pretty much set in stone and unchangeable without violent revolt. The agendas present in SJW lifestyle only affect me as much as I allow them to in regards to how much I decide to read other people’s opinions online or in very brief discussions in person where I state my opinions and then have people decide if they want to keep talking to me or not. If not, I win. However it is perceived politically to me or where it is going with persecution of metal and such maybe could have an affect on me down the line, but until they do I’m going to just live my life and assume it’s part of a trend that will eventually blow over. If it doesn’t, I’ll definitely say you were right, but until then I’m going to enjoy myself and the company of others that don’t make me want to pull my hair out.

          On a side note, I’m currently about to play a show at a place advertising itself as a “safe space” that has a strict no tolerance policy towards anything you know, offensive. Violators will be removed. You know what Brett? Forget everything I said before. Now dare me to say on stage any phrase of your choosing.

          1. But I also don’t believe in American democracy…

            So promising!

            …and I don’t believe people have a voice, and I do believe that things are pretty much set in stone and unchangeable without violent revolt.

            Here’s my rule about political opinions: almost all of them are designed to portray action as futile and justify the lifestyle of the individual. That is how almost all people that I have met frame their political outlook: a justification for convenience.

            Now dare me to say on stage any phrase of your choosing.

            Actually, would you consider reading the Deep Ecology mission statement?

            1. Ara says:

              Have you heard that Atheretic-Apocalyptic Nature Fury record?

            2. Ara says:

              The way I think politically isn’t designed to make me lazy and have a regime roll over me- I just don’t have the ego to assume that I matter enough in the machine. You’re a staunch realist- do you really think change is capable from input of the individual, let alone with groupthink unless there is threat of force?

      2. Truth hurts. says:

        People think transsexuals are actually becoming the opposite gender instead of feminized men and masculinized women. Or is that emasculated men? People are dumb.

        1. Altar of the Penisgod says:

          Hermaphrodites have the best of both worlds.

    2. OliveFox says:

      You make a good point. I live in a rural area and basically never come across people and opinions like this in real life. Only on the internet. But the reason is good to know about these scumbags and call them out is because of the way it poisons the waterhole of good, young metal bands that could have potential in the future.

      Could I listen to Hvis Lyset Tar Oss, Dawn of Possession and Unquestionable Presence the rest of my life? Probably…but it would be a much better life, for me at least, if new artists were able to push metal into hitherto unknown territories of greatness like the classic bands and albums from the 90s without such a cloud of cunty liberal bullshit surrounding every corner of every subculture dissuading great art from being created.

      I foresee a future of Shrug-Metal…palatable “extreme” music that is never totally BAD, but just sort of sits there and does nothing but make you shrug in ambivalence. Is that what I want to spend money supporting? Not unless I have better choices.

      This element of cultural correctionism and inclusivity has less to do with the greatness that has already been, but with the greatness we may miss out on.

  7. Flying Kites says:

    Yo, Brett! What are grackles doing when they post themselves to the ground and tilt one side of their bodies up toward the sun and puff up? It gets hot out here in Phoenix and I have seen this in Vegas as well. Could they be venting heat? I thought they were getting aneurysms.

  8. Frank says:

    Going to university and dabbling in the local “scenes” has taught me quite a bit about these kinda persons. It’s funny that people see metal as “aggressive”, “hostile” and “anti-social”. These people are pure hostility and aggressiveness.

    I’ve found out that sheltered, leftist/liberal douchebags are mostly repelled by metal music. Instead they prefer to listen to ironic, passive-aggressive, self-pitying and whiny punk rock that is either dressed up as dangerous tough-guy hardcore or dull pop music that might aswell be written by a computer, with absolutely nothing original or creative to it. Talking with them for a while and comparing their misanthropy and self-hatred to the misanthropy of a black metal band reveals subtle differences.

    When you read the notes in Morbid Angel’s Altars of Madness, Trey writes that metal isn’t about destroying your enemies, it’s about bettering yourself. That is an idea which is unacceptable to them because it means precisely, if you don’t like Varg’s music because he’s a “racist”, why don’t you make better black metal music? That is completely out of the realm for a person with no self-confidence, no real success in their own life, and no plan or abstract goals to follow. So they choose to go on the attack. Shield yourself with cold hard truths and expose that their is no consistency and logic to their argument. Don’t waste your time trying to change them though, leave it to natural selection.

    1. I’ve found out that sheltered, leftist/liberal douchebags are mostly repelled by metal music. Instead they prefer to listen to ironic, passive-aggressive, self-pitying and whiny punk rock that is either dressed up as dangerous tough-guy hardcore or dull pop music that might aswell be written by a computer, with absolutely nothing original or creative to it.

      Metal is threatening realism and dangerous introspection.

      Pop is distraction.

      Most people exist to distract themselves, instead of working on what they’re distracting themselves from.

      This is why 98% of humanity lives in various degrees of squalor, disorder, corruption, crime, feces, etc.

  9. Hitler's Bastard Son says:

    “Never mind that metal has never been exclusively white nor male.”

    No, but it is overwhelmingly so. For good reason too, as metal is a distinctly masculine and European style of music both in form and spirit. I think we should be embracing this fact rather than trying to sidestep it.

    Metal helped me come to have a strong European Identity, something that is greatly needed in these degenerate and culture-less times. More metal-heads need to understand that our beloved music (of all forms, not just metal) is dying largely because European descended people and culture are dying.

    1. Mussolini's bastard daughter says:

      > More metal-heads need to understand that our beloved music (of all forms, not just metal) is dying largely because European descended people and culture are dying.”

      Pardon me sir but, You sound justlike one of them crazy SJW’s ! Yous just start ramblin ´bout what the rest of us folks NEED to understand like them moral superiors youse critizin ’bout. Much obligued buy no siree thanks.

    2. Poser Patrol says:

      I agree for the most part but the influence of Hispanics on underground metal cannot be denied. Though one could argue most of the important ‘metaleros’ are of predominantly Spanish or Portuguese descent. You usually don’t see the types with chode bodies and Siberian faces in metal bands.

    3. While true, there’s a silver lining in that people (the ones that don’t want to remain ignorant their whole lives and actually want to make their countries as strong as Classic Europe) directly to the south of Europe are getting more into metal and prog. (and therefore, gaining interest in assisting the salvation of the history and cultures to the north)


      Here is Ankh from Egypt, along with a report on them being done by Japan of all places. (Quite a reach there!)

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=076N6Xu8fGc And Botswana’s scene basically looks like 1980s America, right down to the Tipper Gores trying to take them down for indoctrinating children into satanism.

      Social Justice is inherently even MORE racist than any brand of ‘nazism’ you can point to, yet at the same time claims it’s ‘fighting on behalf’ of those harmed the most by it. See in the entire gamergate cuckup, how they’ve been saying endlessly NotYourShield is all manner of bots and white guys pretending to be black chicks. You literally don’t even exist to these people once you state an unpopular opinion. Westernised blacks depend on suckling the teats of the government sow in order to get ahead, but I believe as African metal grows you’re gonna be seeing a lot of reinforcements coming in from there. Be like Tanganyika invading Germany to throw the communists out. The negroes that want to improve themselves will start getting pissed off with these people and join us all rising up against them. (Most other minorities come from traditionalist cultures, so will eventually want to fight them on their own, only voting their way because they are useful idiots. It’s only negroes that’ll need encouragement to free themselves when the time comes.)

      Should handle this Marcus Garvey/Malcolm Little style, hype them up on seeing that (modern globalist sanitised) western culture, and their own manufactured “black culture” is shit for them, radicalise them, and send them back with superiour weaponry. In fact should not be against using western stereotype to fight western stereotype. Get’em on board with the program by showing photos of German integrated units vs US segregated units, and DuBois’ essays about how much greater Germany was than America.

      Namedropping Belgium and Leopold II and educating them about the truly bad colonialists wouldn’t hurt either, instead of this blanket condemnation that modern social justice types have put upon it. Nigeria and Ghana for instance have had similar troubles to the rest, of course, but managed to get themselves together and have been joining the information age at an accelerated pace, even sending up satellites.
      Maybe within 10-15 years have a few spots on the ISS.

      Germany especially cannot be saved from within, as they have an overly critical eye of anyone trying to wreck the modern corporatist suckup government as being “anti-democratic,” however they would likely not expect a large groundswell of minority support nor know how to deal with it. Nothing short of a military coup is going to work if you use only German parties (mass ironies abound, that)

    4. Drakestar says:

      I’d also recently reevaluated the cultural impetus behind metal and found it to be explicitly European. People forget the huge degree to which European folk music (also country) influenced rock’n’roll (and its other influences, to boot). You’re very much right about the spirit of the music being a European one, more so than any other kind of music coming out today in fact. Well, maybe there’s some neofolk or something that’s trying very hard…

      Masculinity, on the other hand, I’m not so sure about. I think that makes a pretty boorish distinction between men and women that need not be made. Differences between men and women are primarily physical, secondarily emotional, thence cultural/societal. There’s not really that big a difference in the end. If you have a warrior culture, your women will appear “masculine” to this weak culture we have today. You have women warriors all over the world at various times – I’m sure they all would have listened to, and even played metal if it was around!

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