Metalhead massacred by methed-out Christian zealot


Heavy metal fan Jacob Andrew Crockett was nearly beheaded by Christian zealot Isaiah Zoar Martin after the latter engaged in a binge of drug use and watching Christian-themed videos on YouTube, resulting in the untimely death of Crockett and police detention for Martin.

According to local sources, Martin felt religious inspiration inspired the killing:

The defendant’s brother also told police “Isaiah had been watching YouTube videos related to his Christian beliefs and the Book of Matthew” earlier.

During Isaiah Marin’s 911 call, “the caller began rambling about sacrificing and magic,” according to the affidavit. “Asked how … he murdered someone, Isaiah stated, ‘I hacked them to death with a machete.’”

In August, on one of his Facebook pages, Isaiah Marin wrote, “Tried to take on a demon and God had to help me through the tough parts. Got to be careful with my words and pay closer attention to my emotions. Need to figure out how to keep on speaking when I’m with the presence of the Lord God.”

Murder victim Crockett spent his time in local bands Dungeön and Toxic Injection before they fragmented late last year, and was a fan of widely varied metal bands including Dying Fetus and Mayhem. He apparently had feuded with Martin in the past over Crockett’s ongoing experimentation in various occult beliefs, a practice presumed related to his heavy metal fandom.

As the brother of the killer related, religion formed the basis of the tension in this case:

He says Isaiah followed him, trying to calm him down and “would explain why he killed Jacob from letters he would write while he was in prison.”

Samuel told police Crockett and Isaiah had disagreements in the past.

He said Jacob Crockett and his brother, Jesse, “were practicing witchcraft and Isaiah had strong Christian beliefs.”

For many years, Hessians have received zero protection from persecution or violence by those of other faiths. According to many metalheads, heavy metal is its own religion. While right now people might view this beheading and other anti-metalhead violence as the case of isolated extremists picking on someone else for a lifestyle choice, it is more accurate to view it as a clash between members of competing faiths. From persecution of metalheads in Muslim lands to Christian demands for censorship in the USA and now this violent assault, the tension rises.

I can only imagine the media response will not be so muted if heavy metal fans decide to start defending themselves by beheading Christians who seem likely to commit crimes out of religious antagonism. According to the articles above, Martin prepared for his crime by watching YouTube videos with Christian themes. Perhaps metalheads should be extra wary when members of other religions are nearby watching videos… and arm themselves for the inevitable clash.

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43 thoughts on “Metalhead massacred by methed-out Christian zealot”

  1. alostcause says:

    Oh the irony…

    Christians should proceed to write a song named “kill a metalhead/hessian”.

    If only more christians followed his example, metal would be way more free of trash (we all know how retarded its fans usually are).

    Silly wussies.

  2. Drugs, murder and Jesus says:

    This is like satanic panic… inverted.

  3. trystero says:

    Obviously a schizophrenic, this is a classic case.

  4. Richard Head says:

    Sure, Christians are the dangerous ones, not the tweakers. If more Christians actually had the nuts to go out and kill infidels and degenerates with machetes then I wouldn’t have such little respect for them.

    What is the ultimate point of this article? To encourage unity in the face of persecution?

    1. Wolfgang says:

      The “ultimate point” of this article is obviously:

      If more Christians actually had the nuts to go out and kill infidels and degenerates with machetes, you would call them terrorists.

  5. veien says:

    It has nothing to do with being religious or mad, this man was following the righteous path and he saw that this ‘metalhead’ wasn’t being true to himself, thus he executed him. Really he didn’t even have to be into the music himself to see that this guy was a bad apple. Needless to say I don’t respect either party and people like this had better watch themselves if I ever happen to run into them out there in the world.

    1. discodjango says:

      “[…] he saw that this ‘metalhead’ wasn’t being true to himself […]”

      “Really he didn’t even have to be into the music himself to see that this guy was a bad apple.”

      Where did you get that from?

      1. Jonah Hobbs says:

        Well I can’t answer for veien and I don’t know how or even if he had any personal connection to the case but I happen to have been a facilitator at the youth support group of which they were both affiliated and would conclude that whether it is actually true or not, it would certainly appear that Isaiah was of that belief. Of course he would probably put it in different terms. It’s quite sad actually cause 3 years ago when I worked with them both they honestly seemed to get on alright, I mean, they were both troubled in different ways, but good kids at heart (And I know cause we take them out fishing, camping, roasting marshmallows etc – and so really get to know them). Some have posited that drugs were the deciding factor which tipped the balance in this tragic case, other’s say it was beliefs, but there are probably many other issues that played a part such as issues of loaned money not being returned, developmental problems leading to the inability to reach resolution over disputes, dental pain, closet homosexuality etc. The truth of the matter is no one really knows at the end of the day why this happened except for Isaiah (and even he probably doesn’t know, even if he says he does), but it sure is a shocking tragedy, and my heart truly goes out to all those affected.

        1. I take the cynical viewpoint: people use belief to justify their actions after they decide they want to do them, not as a means of conceiving those actions before deciding to commit them.

          Isaiah was a methed-out zombie who decided he wanted to kill someone, so he watched Christian videos until he could cherry-pick enough mystical ramblings to think he justified the act. His motivation was probably similar to most murder-suicides.

          ISIS are people from a series of starving, beaten lands who have 0% expectation of anything ever improving. They need a reason to feel alive, and to give a giant Fuck You to the people they view as above them, so they joined a fanatical jihad. It is at least more interesting than Wii and Coca-Cola.

          Similarly, WWII was about an ethnic group which felt encroached on by other ethnic groups — Russians, Jews, Frogs and the bloody English — and so it launched a campaign to expand its borders and keep them away.

          WWI was about a small group of people resisting what “everyone else” thought was a great method of governance, and jockeying to find allies so that they could resist the outsiders, and failing. The “war to end all wars” — they must have been fucking morons.

          1. Adrian Mc Coy was here says:

            We need more cocks! I AM THE COCKS!

          2. BB says:

            True. The freedom of the will is an illusion.


          3. SixDays says:

            Hey Brett, what do you think of the Burning Man festival? Do you think you could write an article about it for

      2. veien says:

        I was just going by pics on their facebook… pretty good huh?

  6. Balls McSuck says:

    Shit happens, fuckers die, and emaciated existence is prolonged. What’s new?

    Which one of you fuckers has nose rings by the way? I want to know so I remember to give you all a massive punch in the face.–Same goes for tattoos. What a bunch of metalcore. Arguably, yes, certain peoples of the ancient celtic tribes got tattoos traditionally, but I bet any of you Opeths that do it do it just for lame vanity.

    1. Balls McSuck says:

      Haha, I love the creative censorship/edits. These actually are more precise to my intended meaning–much thanks.

    2. veien says:

      Damn BMcS! I saw your name at the start of the comment and instantly thought “…here we go – not this fuckwit again…” but then went on to read your comment and lo and behold you’ve totally redeemed yourself in my eyes. Good to have you on side, friend!

    3. Richard Head says:

      I have tattoos but they are hidden when I’m wearing clothes. Also had several piercings when I was young and edgy and hey guess what, they got chicks interested enough to fuck me so they served their purpose.

      Now I’m old and have no piercings because it really does hurt to get punched any place where you have a hoop sticking out. That alone is reason enough to avoid them I haven’t had a tattoo done in something like 7 years though. Nothing wrong with tattoos generally. Cultivating a sense of aesthetics is important. Most people totally lack a sense at all, however, which is why we see so many Hello Kitty or Taz graphics.

  7. Phil says:

    “THE PAST IS ALIVE!” – the song expresses itself in one maddening release of tension and then dies away in self-reference.

    Is “Pagan Fears” by Mayhem the best metal song ever recorded? Discuss.

    1. Richard Head says:

      It’s the second-best Mayhem song, following Funeral Fog.

      1. MichelobMike says:

        best Mayhem song is Buried By Time and Dust, stop being gay and wrong and dumb

        1. Others would say that it is mentally unhinged to listen to only one song off that album. Like all of the original black metal, it works best on the album level. Picking songs is for ten-year-olds to put in glitter-strewn notebooks.

          1. Richard Head says:

            A-are you saying my notebook isn’t cool-looking? Where else am I supposed to write about my thoughts and feelings when I’m mad at my dad for telling me AGAIN that I can’t get a pentagram tattooed on my forehead even though I’m 27 years old? Nobody reads my xanga anymore so I’m at a loss.

          2. Phil says:

            In your (incorrect) opinion. Mayhem wrote very discrete pieces of music. Maybe you’re not discerning enough. That would explain why you laughably tried to bunch ISIS, Hitler and WW1 up there ^

            1. I forgot Sunday is when the frickin’ Hate Patrol shows up in the comments! #yolo

              1. tiny midget says:

                we luv u all week brett.
                phil is just having his period.
                please do cut him some slack.

                1. Phil says:

                  I forgot no-one may disagree with the mighty BRETT STEVENS without being incorrect, a Pantera bro, or both.

                  Too many times I have gotten the feeling that Brett’s approach to comment moderation is remarkably similar in outcome to one of those sham martial arts displays where the students are so infatuated with their master or so eager to keep up the charade that they all fall limply to the floor with the slightest of manipulations.

                  1. veien says:

                    Hey, if this were REAL LIFE I would walk straight up to you, point my finger into your chest and say something to the effect of “Now listen here, I won’t have you talking to Brett Stevens that way”. (Actually, I don’t even know if I agree with what he says it’s just that some seem more worth taking sides with than others. Some are just good quarrel material.)

          3. veien says:

            Actually that brings back a memory of the first and last time I loaned out a CD to prospective listener in my school days, I think it was Immortal or something but basically I was happy for him to show interest and therefore happy on this occassion to loan it out (a practice I’m generally not in favour of because I hate having to ask for stuff back and/or to get it back with scratches etc) but to my surprise it came back only a day or two later and when he wasn’t forthcoming with “yeah it’s awesome” (liar) or “it’s not really my thing, but thanks” I enquired as to what he thought, and could the answer have been any worse; “I kind of like track 3”.

  8. Lord Mosher says:

    Anybody into early Tokyo Blade material?
    For those who desire to study power metal, Tokyo Blade seems one of the bands that got their ideas borrowed the most besides Iron Maiden. Particularly the European camp of later power metal. Their debut album and couple following Eps are really good.

  9. Lord Mosher says:

    For those who do not know what “time orientation” is and how it may be useful to metalheads, here:

  10. degtyarow says:

    From your previous article:

    “There is no “we.” Metal is a refutation of the idea that we can all get along. Trying to make us all get along will create more problems than it solves and might also foster a nasty backlash that will turn metal into a permanently alienated battleground.”


    1. Heretic says:

      “We” is whoever “I” include and exclude… skeptics will suggest a different grammatical tack, or instead attempt to establish their “I” supremacy – a noble goal!

  11. Chum Lee says:


  12. Pony Tail Gunner says:

    Riot’s Fire Down Under makes me want to play River City Ransom, which makes me want to watch The Toxic Avenger, which makes me want to smash cantaloupes, which makes me want beer, which makes me drunk and the lowered inhibitions inevitably lead to getting horny. So in essence it’s six degrees of separation away from being an aphrodisiac.

    1. Richard Head says:

      You don’t get horny when just listening to metal? Poseur detected.

  13. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

    Oh well, it was only a metalhead.
    It’s not as if they’re useful to society…

    1. veien says:

      Well hey there stud, I’m a metalhead and I even held down a dayjob once… so what are you trying to say??

    2. Richard Head says:

      Implying that being useful to society is virtuous or worthwhile. Get a load of this guy.

  14. ian says:

    they were both metalhead friends until the killer flipped out after doing meth and tried to become born again, but in his twisted state of mind he misinterpreted the bible.

  15. Johan says:

    Yeah ain’t that the truth! certain sections of the Book of Matthew especially don’t go well with Methamphetamine

  16. Heretic says:

    Fortunately, most mainstream christians only try to psychoanalyse us. Esoteric christians (e.g. GNOSTICS) are worse, as they try to convert us. I can only recommend to beware of their media.

  17. Trookvlt says:

    In 2014 metalheads are pussies and victims. No remorse for this guy or others like him.

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