Metallica Debut “Hardwired” from Upcoming Hardwired… To Self-Destruct


Metallica announce the title of their new double album, Hardwired… To Self-Destruct and released a music video for the track “Hardwired”:


Disc One

Atlas, Rise!
Now That We’re Dead
Moth Into Flame
Am I Savage?
Halo On Fire

Disc Two

Dream No More
Here Comes Revenge
Murder One
Spit Out The Bone

Disc Three (Deluxe Edition Only)

Lords Of Summer
Riff Charge (Riff Origins)
N.W.O.B.H.M. A.T.M. (Riff Origins)
Tin Shot (Riff Origins)
Plow (Riff Origins)
Sawblade (Riff Origins)
RIP (Riff Origins)
Lima (Riff Origins)
91 (Riff Origins)
MTO (Riff Origins)
RL72 (Riff Origins)
Frankenstein (Riff Origins)
CHI (Riff Origins)
X Dust (Riff Origins)

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25 thoughts on “Metallica Debut “Hardwired” from Upcoming Hardwired… To Self-Destruct

  1. Goat-Lord says:

    Mid-life crisis Metallica, yay!

  2. dude could you not says:


    >that fucking cover

    ‘tallica bring the keks

  3. Ggallin1776 says:

    Disc four :

    Unforgiven 9557
    Felate sandman
    Through the butthole
    Ride the shaft
    Kill em anally
    Master of sodocastle
    The four gaymen
    Frantic ejaculation
    Wherever i may blow
    Baby hit me one more time(cover)

  4. Necronomeconomist says:

    That cover is freakishly reminiscent of Def Leppard ‘Hysteria’:

    Put ’em side by side. What the motherfuck.

  5. Butt Porridge says:


  6. Agree_to_disagree says:

    Fight Fire With Load! Hahaha, I quite like it actually. Like a jab at Mustaine’s pretentious prog pop/metal shit. Artwork and tracklist are spot on too. I hope the album sells like cupcakes.

    Only complaint is… shame the double-kicks sound triggered, quantised and copy-pasted – metalcore-ish, which is disgraceful. Maybe the CD will sound better. Still a nice surprise from them though.

    1. It’s proper speed metal, but is it good?
      Will people listen to this 10 years later like they’ll listen to Call of Ktulu, For Whom The Bell Tolls, etc?

      1. Agree_to_disagree says:

        I won’t enjoy that song like Call of Ktulu, but I may enjoy it like I enjoyed their cover of Free Speech for the Dumb. Not everything has to be over the top, over-epic, or over-intellectualised. There’s 77 more minutes on that album.

        I’ll always respect Metallica for not being apologetic for being successful, and for not giving a damn about what people expect of them. People like those losers on Youtube who feel the need to post 10 minute video reviews about a 3-minute punky song. People like the cunts on Blabbermouth who post the same mind-numbing comments day after day, for years. People like these 25 year olds who say they miss the Eighties. People like Phil Anselmo or Robb Flynn. People who complain when it’s too experimental, then complain when it’s too simple. People who talk lots and do nothing and as a whole suck at life.

        1. The whining about Metallica from fanboys is ridiculous. I agree with that.
          If Metallica release another mediocre album, like I think Death Magnetic is, then I won’t whine about it. I just won’t listen to it or buy it.

          All I am saying is: Go easy on the hype. Don’t like this because you want to like it. Don’t like it just because it’s Metallica playing actual speed metal that doesn’t utterly suck donkey dick.

          1. Agree_to_disagree says:

            Haha truth be told, that’s the first time in 16 or so years that I’m actually paying attention to Metallica! I didn’t even want to listen to Death Magnetic until a few months ago, but then I realised I’m long past the stage where I was pissed off about them. I couldn’t care less about how fast they play, this time around I’m interested in their guitar tones, drum sounds and lyrics. DM had a couple moments of brilliance, and is overall okay, it just suffered from too much useless riffage. I feel they got that new one right, so I’m looking forward to it, and I want it to sell by the truckload. Metal underground has no purpose without a metal mainstream, imho.

      2. Rainer Weikusat says:

        This is dead. And vocal style is run-of-the-mill “US commercial hardcore”, matched up with the mild-mannered, cliched “human race will destroy itself” eschatology people have been preaching about for the last four decades.

        Ancient “speed metal” band which released something listenable somewhat recently (I never much liked)

        Some hardcore:

  7. AK-47 says:

    Mmm Jaymz is looking as ripped as ever in that video.

  8. HH says:

    Lars still playing those slow motion bass rolls. Holy shit.

  9. C.M. says:

    “Am I Savage?”, really? Still can’t move beyond blatantly ripping off Diamond Head?

    1. Agree_to_disagree says:

      Maybe it’s a Judas Priest/DH mashup.

  10. Nathan Metric says:

    Fake epicness typical of Metallica? Check
    No atmosphere? Check
    No mythology? Check
    Incoherent lyrics that will attract and alienate no one? Check
    Still playing heavily-controlled speed-pop metal as though no good metal came after the early 80’s? Check

    When are we going to hear Metallica release some nasty grindcore album with 20 second hymns of sonic destruction? Where are the death metal tremolo picked riffs or muted chords? Where are the lawless power chord mayhems of black metal and war metal?
    This stuff is such controlled crap. I’ve heard better retro-speed metal than this.

    I think I’ll just pretend
    Metallica made nothing after Ride the Lightning
    Slayer made nothing after Hell Awaits
    Bolt Thrower made nothing after Realm of Chaos
    Vader made nothing after Ultimate Incantation
    Bathory made nothing after The Return of Darkness and Evil
    Sodom made nothing past Persecution Mania
    Venom made nothing after Black Metal
    Burzum made nothing past Hvss Lyset Tar Oss
    etc, etc, etc.
    No metal band should be thought of as an eternal project.

    1. C.M. says:

      Yeah. Sometimes I try to talk to people about Slayer (because they are the only extreme metal band that anyone around here has ever heard of, evidently…) and they seem baffled when I say nothing beyond the first four albums are worth listening to and the recent stuff is raw shit. Like I’m required to revere the band forever if I like any of their output. Bands are made of humans and humans are made of dynamic systems and influences that can’t be expected to remain consistent. That’s like rocket surgery to your average headbanging drunk though.
      De Profundis is still pretty good though.

      1. Butt Porridge says:

        Rocket surgery!

        Blood Fire Death is pretty fucking good too.

      2. Agree_to_disagree says:

        21st century Slayer is background noise for WWE match intros.

  11. Rainer Weikusat says:

    This comment is intentionally left blank.

  12. 1349 says:

    My friends make music that is more inspired, more virile and more evil; and they’re not even metal. Also, even their production is more natural, although their budget strives for zero.

    1. “My friends make music that is more inspired, more virile and more evil; and they’re not even metal.”

      Well, it’s Metallica. Any one should make music thati s more inspired and virile than modern Metallica.
      Even I do that.
      The true test is to be more inspired and virile than Metallica at their best.

    2. Agree_to_disagree says:

      Nice natural sound, but I wrote riffs like that when I was 15.

  13. Spearhead says:

    Not surprise me that old Lars die of a heart attack while Hardwired touch live HaHaHa…

  14. Whats new? says:


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