MetalSucks Threatens Hells Headbangers

Crybaby social justice warrior metalcore blog MetalSucks posted a statement from a group of metalcore musicians calling for American distro and label Hells Headbangers to stop releasing “Nazi propaganda”or else.

MetalSucks and these metalcore musicians, people who do not even play heavy metal or like heavy metal enough to actually play it, accused the entire back catalogues of certain labels like Darker Than Black and Elegy of being Nazis when the majority of bands released by them are Central and Eastern European flowing black metal or RAC bands, who naturally tend to support the interests of their own nation over others like all people. They say that such black metal is against Hells Headbangers “high aesthetic standards. Yes, MetalSucks and metalcore snowflakes think that Hells Headbangers, a label that releases shockrock records like Shitfucker’s Suck Cocks In Hell, actually gives a damn about what they think and that they, metalcore fans with eargauges who don’t buy metal, can affect an underground metal distro’s bottom line.

MetalSucks’ owners, Ben Umanov and Matt Goldberg, also own the Blast Beat advertising network which has a few slightly less political correct websites like Lambgoat and Decibel. From this, Umanov and Goldberg can create an inbred clickbait controversy loop to profit off their own virtue signaling calling for to the desgruction of legitimate metal businesses and bands.

MetalSucks and their business partners are therefore hypocritical profiteers despite their false claims to be Marxists. Umanov and Goldberg want to destroy actual metal labels and bands using political correctness and profit off the wreckage. Since the Blast Beat Network only works with major corporate advertisers and actual living metal is anything but corporate (until smaller labels collapse and sell off the music rights to subsidiaries of the three majors labels) due to the small amount of people who actually like metal music (only a couple million people worldwide for heavy and speed metal; maybe a hundred thousand or so for death and black metal), they are no different than stereotypical 1980s corporate raiders trying to destroy economic activity and replace it with mediocre corporate conformity for their own self-benefit.

MetalSucks would surely like metaphoric bullets shot into the head of all metal fans who disagree with them: metal musicians, everyone who actually likes black metal, the mainstream music industry merchants making money selling Burzum merchandise, the owners of independent labels and distro selling actual metal, writers of actual metal publications like the staff of Death Metal Underground, and the record industry businessmen constantly reissuing and releasing whatever sells without caring about the artists’ political or religious beliefs. MetalSucks nuke their own comments sections regularly. Surely they will to this one as the first one spoke the truth that Hells Headbangers would go tell Umanov and Goldberg to “Fuck off”. MetalSucks and their kin will decry everyone who gets in their way hoping that some pink-haired manlet will cave their skulls in with a baseball bat so the Blast Beat Network can profit off their demise.

MetalSucks are fascists. Destroying and looting functional economic enterprises to hand over the means of production to political allies running private businesses towing your ideological line for your personal gain is not communism. Communists don’t believe in private profit. Communists loots the existing states and their economies in order to try (and always fail to) build a utopian society themselves which is why it was such an appealing ideology to pissed off peasants until it collectivized their land, robbing them of their livelihoods and lives by the millions. MetalSucks’ proscriptions are economically fascist: MetalSucks wants to loot and extort private businesses to hand over their markets to their ideaological bed buddies so they can profiteer and loot like third world strongmen. Silencing anyone who gets in the way by threat of mob violence is what such authoritarian kleptocratic strongmen (and antifa) actually do.

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18 thoughts on “MetalSucks Threatens Hells Headbangers”

  1. intpaki says:

    if metalsucks are fascists does that mean metalsucks are the real hessians

    1. autist says:

      real hessians are pan-nationalist racialists (lol), not fascist racists

      1. phrasal phrasey phrase phrasey phrase phrase says:

        lol there’s no difference between the two besides the intellectual pretense & social grace. just about every generic natsoc skinhead is a pan-nationalist if you have a 5 minute conversation with them and untangle their beliefs

        1. autist says:

          that’s the joke

  2. Marc Defranco says:

    Their demands seem very authoritarian and they threaten to “pressure” the label if demands aren’t met. These are freedom hating commies who listen to pop rock.

    1. nn says:

      Pretty much this.

  3. you're gay says:

    Hell’s Headbangers is a good distro which (just by being that) does about a million times more for metal and metal listeners than those hypocritical clickbaiting dipshits at MetalSucks and the entire BlastBeat Network will ever do. I would be blown away if anything is forthcoming from HH but a statement about artistic expression and a suggestion to the idiots who made it to shove their ‘ultimatum’ straight up their gauged assholes.

  4. Mike "Ride the Lightning" Pence says:

    Ben (((Goldberg)))

  5. matters says:

    Boycott any tour that begins with “Metalsucks Presents..” Even if it’s a band you like.

  6. Anthony says:


  7. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

    waa waa metalsucks are the REAL fascists :(

    just tell the straightforward truth and call them posers, this is gayer than bolzer

    1. phrasal phrasey phrase phrasey phrase phrase says:

      it’s called branding. part of why the left and the right fail is they spend so long in their own echo chambers, never attempt to speak the other side’s language.

      metalsucks aren’t fascists though, they’re neo-bolsheviks. (which is worse.)

      1. nn says:

        Fascism is essentially a socialism.

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          Facism actually refers to the Mussoline-regime (because he resurrected the Roman custom of lictores carrying fasces as symbol of their authority). The NSDAP (national-socialist German labour party, started out as DAP, German labour party) initially had a socialist program but this started to be downplayed once Hitler took over the parter, pushing founder Georg Strasser aside, and was officially dropped (amid the elimination of the SA as political force of its own) soon after the Machtergreifung. However, »Destroying and looting functional economic enterprises to hand over the means of production to political allies running private businesses« is something the Nazis actually did.

          They also prohibited “politically suspect” artists from publishing and (famously) publically burnt the books of authors whose actual or presumed political stance and/or style of writing they didn’t like. I have little doubt that MetalSucks would love to organize a public burning of the writings of Varg Vikernes to demonstrate that this is not the kind of literature upright “liberals” should be allowed to form their own opinions on.

  8. Awful torture says:

    Fucking with HHR, okay…. see how far that gets ya. Beloved low cost distro vs bitchy webzine no one gives a fuck about, i wonder who’s gonna win this one?

  9. whatever is dead says:

    looking dreamily into eachothers eyes drinking a bottle of wine from trader joes talking about the Revolution what a couple of fags

  10. Chad says:

    it’s always about Jews

    they want you to bow down and mince words

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