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From Apple II Bits:

The late Silas Warner, best known as the creator of the classic Apple II game Castle Wolfenstein, was also “a published author and talented musician and composer in the classical European style”, says Wikipedia. No links to his published writings are provided, but a pair of his musical works are available for download: the original composition “Variations on Sonata in A by Mozart (K.331)”; and Warner’s arrangement of “The Heavens are Telling, from The Creation”.

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  1. stupid is as stupid does, and anus... says:

    >the original composition “Variations on Sonata in A by Mozart (K.331)”
    >original composition
    >by Mozart


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  3. Shaun's got the shotgun says:

    They probably mean variations on THEMES from Mozart’s Sonata in A (K.331). Many composers created original compositions by writing sets of variations on someone else’s theme. Sounds like the Wolfenstein guy was more talented than the guy who did the Doom soundtrack, since the latter just ripped off South of Heaven and a bunch of other metal songs.

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  5. Neoclassical Metal says:

    Here’s some great metal in sonata form.

  6. wtf no do not want says:

    shits boring yo.

  7. Mastodon guy says:

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  8. Austist Guy says:

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  10. Prozak Adventures!! says:


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  11. Prozak Adventures!! says:

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  12. Prozak Adventures!! says:

    Theme song

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  14. Dominating Fucker says:

    From the Zeuhl school a bit like Magma:

    Dün – Eros

    Fucking Zeuhl prog rock that makes Cynic and Gordian Knot look like faggit shit:

    Eskaton – 4 Visions

    Cool intense Heavy Progressive in the vein of Odin or Cargo, possibly influenced metal:

    Twenty Sixty Six and Then – Reflections on the Future pass: piromano


  15. Neville Christenburger says:

    wow! dominating fucker sure is dominant.

  16. NegruVoda says:

    >Dün – Eros

    lol, I used to plug this album all the time. Either that’s a troll who’s hijacked the name or DF is trying to turn into me. Either way, welcome to the club.

  17. NV says:

    It is a pretty great and interesting album though

  18. @ wtf no do not want says:

    What’s the matter, too complex and intricate for you? It’s OK, not all of you have the IQ to pass muster for Neoclassical Metal.

  19. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:

    Awesome new bestial black/death in the vein of Beherit and Demoncy:

  20. @ brutal cum eater says:

    Now that was just awful, and why did they steal the symbol from King Diamond. Fucking run of the mill shit with bouncy riffs and teenagers trying to sound like they’re possessed on a prank call. Bang yo dreadz yo! Urrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaagh!

  21. @ brutal cum eater says:

    P.S. I could have played that garbage within literally one week of when I picked up a guitar. This is NOT what metal should be known for.

  22. Dominating Fucker says:

    I bet at first listen you would think Eloy is mainstream prog rock for faggot cocksuckers but, in fact this is a pretty fucking
    tight like a virgin’s asshole. Reminds me of Yes + Klaus Schulze and the guys from Emperor took note:

    Eloy – Ocean 1977

    Hybrid psych rock meets Zeppelin type of hard rock but a fucking million types cooler and head bangable like a sweet teen’s pink pussy:

    Granicus – Granicus 1973

    Proto-metal styled hard rock in the vein of fuck your mother if you don’t like this shit!! Tiny Midget got Levy_Spearmen’s mom pregnant while listening to these ass kickin tunes.

    Jerusalem – Jerusalem 1972|jrs72.rar


  23. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:

    Why do you listen to it if you know your pussy poser ears can’t handle this shit? This music is for those keeping the cult alive, faggot. Go back to Fag Guardian.

  24. lol says:

    Pray tell, is the initiation ritual for this “cult” of yours a positive diagnosis for Autism?

    >this shit

    A fair assessment of your link, I would have referred to it the same way.

  25. yup says:

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  26. Blaumph says:

    Hey brutal slayer, based on your last post I think you might like this, let me know what you think:

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