Music is the language of the devil


Calling to mind the 1950s American Christians who referred to rock ‘n’ roll by the same name, an Islamic Imam has been videotaped referring to music as “the devil’s language.” To be fair, the point he is making is that people should listen to religious music, which is sung and contains holy messages, instead of secular instrumental music.

But still, the comments are eerily familiar to metalheads:

When Allah speaks of music in the Koran he reminds us that music is the devil’s language. When did he remind us of this? So those who love music and listen to music, who are they listening to? The devil. They listen to the devil. There are people who disobeyed Allah and will listen to the devil…Empty your mp3 and transform it and replace it with the best words that exist: the Koran. If one says that musical instruments are haram and music is haram and that who listens or loves music risks being transformed by Allah into a pig, or will look like who? The devil.

He may have a point if we broaden “music” to mean “popular and therefore empty messages.” Then again, heavy metal has never been obedient, and has always loved the devil — the forbidden scapegoat beyond social morality where humanity connects with reality — so it is unlikely that his message will resonate with many metalheads.

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11 thoughts on “Music is the language of the devil”

  1. AK-47 says:

    That’s a pretty far-fetched association isn’t it? The only point he makes is that something is bad/good because something else says so, regardless of its properties or effect. Cretin Fundamentalism 101.

    Islam is anti-social in the West, like metal, but for all the wrong reasons.

  2. vOddy says:

    Islam being stupid as usual
    This is not surprising

    1. One of the secrets of the universe is found in the book The Bell Curve.

      All human groups follow the standard distribution in specific traits, like general intelligence (g).

      That means that there are relatively few smart ones, a few real retards, and most people are somewhere in the middle.

      The question then becomes not Islam, or what it is a proxy for (middle eastern Arab descent and related Caucasian-African-Asiatic hybrid groups), but where the smart Muslims are.

      I don’t think this preacher was entirely wrong. His point was that secular music is seductive. Looking at most metal fans, who are on the left half of the Bell Curve, I can see his point.

      1. vOddy says:

        If one wants to control peoples behaviour, and to own their loyalty, then removing outside sources of stimulus is a wise decision. I’m not saying that “Islam is stupid as usual” because of this attempt. It’s logical, given the goals.

        I am just saying what I think of the preachers beliefs and values.

        1. It’s logical, given the goals.

          I agree. As Spengler said, every population deserves the government it gets.

          1. Dualist says:

            Those people in the 50’s who predicted that rock ‘n’ roll, with its rebelliouness just for the sake of it, its facile forms and subject matters, was the sign of a society heading in an increasingly mindless, superficial direction were absolutely right. From the Beatle’s through Grunge and Hip-hop it has even actually helped to speed the rot. Rock stars have always been the most degenerate individuals that the average man is told to look up to. The Totally Liberated Man that the Left has always sought to create now walks the earth – the rapper.

            1. hypocrite says:

              What about Jim Morrison?

              1. Dualist says:

                I don’t dispute he was more learned than your average rocker but he was still a drunkard who OD’d on brown (probably). They’re a band that metal fans can own up to liking because the subject matter is ‘dark’ but the composition doesn’t cut it as far as I’m concerned.

      2. Daniel Maarat says:

        Unfortunately the measurable statistical variance of human intelligence is much less than say penis size.

  3. Viranesir says:

    music is the language of the devil, what a compliment to music!

    1. vOddy says:

      Making one turn away from shit like Islam is a good thing.
      So I agree.

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