Myrkur frontwoman receiving death threats

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It doesn’t take much time to notice that we’re not big fans of Myrkur’s music, to the point that I tend to drop a link to my review of the act’s full length debut when something displeases me in modern black metal and its descendants. Other parts of the internet are rather more vitriolic in recent times; a few days ago, Myrkur’s Facebook page disabled private messages in response to a torrent of death threats. Amalie Bruun promptly followed this up by claiming the problem was American in origin.

myrkur drama

In a more hyperbolic world, the internet would explode. In ours, it still triggered many of Myrkur’s fans and critics alike; even now, metal enthusiasts worldwide are trying to score social points by writing editorials about how sending death threats is bad (m’kay), and near-battles are almost fought over an issue that probably shouldn’t have been publicized in the first place. You don’t want people making threats against you to feel like they’ve accomplished something of value, have you? The more cynical part of me thinks all this is going to do is build up further buzz, attention, and record sales for Myrkur, as if her upcoming tour alongside Behemoth wasn’t enough of an opportunity. Still, responding to Myrkurphobia with xenophobia is not the answer we’re looking for here at DMU.

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44 thoughts on “Myrkur frontwoman receiving death threats”

  1. Roger says:

    Thanks for this piece of important metal journalism.

    I would not have known what to do with myself if there wasn’t a DMU update today. Now I can rest easy.

  2. vOddy says:

    It’s not xenophobic if what she is saying is true – that the threats are coming from certain countries only. There is nothing wrong with pointing out that truth (if it is truth).

  3. vOddy says:

    It’s also not myrkurphobic to point out that her music is terrible. When it’s bad, it’s bad.
    There is no need for an irrational fear to notice that.

  4. trevor says:

    As an american, I apologize sincerely. I am sorry it took us this long, to let you know how terribly awful your music really is.

    an american primate

  5. Blake Jugg says:

    Damn, man. Did you find the most masculine pic of her or what…

    Like I previously said: tit implants would go a long way with this gal. And perhaps a little surgery to remove her excessive jaw

    From certain angles she appears to be feminine though. Imagine how well she’d be doing if she had the tits to show some cleavage

    1. vOddy says:


      Imagine how well she would be doing if her music was good

    2. you are poopoo says:

      Come on, she’s just thin and a little ugly. Not the place to discuss gender.

      1. you are poopoo says:

        *gender orientation

        She seems like a perfectly normal girl. Albeit thin and a little ugly.

        1. Blake Jugg says:


      2. hypocrite says:

        The pic really does make her look like a transvestite though

    3. Muh dik says:

      She clearly needs to be diversified with better jeans.

    4. Pamela Anderson also has kind of a “manly” face since her teenage years / early 20s.
      maybe due to facial plastic surgery?)
      Nobody said anything about looking her masculine because of her big tits.

  6. Anthony says:

    These “””death threats””” are about as real as the “””death threats””” received by the anti-Gamergate people a year ago. Myrkur is a complete fucking joke.


      I was thinking the same thing.

      With Internet death threats, it’s impossible to distinguish between legitimate and 14 year old boys having fun. Either way, if you’re not receiving death threats, you’re not very popular (they’re very common because they’re so cheap to make).

      But when a woman announces she’s receiving death threats, loads of white knights rush in to defend her, and it gets used as a pretext for all kinds of things (vilification of any critics, shutting down social media accounts, banning open discussion, etc.).

  7. Stephane says:

    Elitist // Bullshit this is all what’s this article and comments are about

    1. Poser Patrol says:

      Hi Stephane. Is In Shadows and Dust your band? Because I just gave it a listen and it is truly awful. Just horrible. Really. I mean it. Some of those “riffs” sound like they’re ripped off from some garden variety post-grunge band that’s never moved past the open-mic night stage And don’t think it has anything to do with your being a woman; Antti Boman could have written it and I’d still shit all over it. Ok bye!

      1. hypocrite says:

        God damn that is terrible.

        On a lighter note, it does seem that he is a man and the sole member of the band so he probably won’t get any death threats. Maybe he and Myrkur broad can get together and make a musical abomination the likes of which the world has never seen (or heard)!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAA

      2. Stephane says:

        Thanks canadaspaceman , I appreciate you give it a spin \m/

      3. Stephane says:

        Ho and I owe you a beer canadaspaceman :)

  8. 1349 says:

    Is it really necessary to cover this at DMU? You don’t want people hyping themselves to feel like they’re doing the right thing, do you?

  9. Johann says:

    I hope the next time you post an update about her was her funeral

    1. anti meanie activist says:

      cmon dude, really? wishing death on someone cause they make gay music? Shame on you. you make everyone in the comments look like sniveling lil brats who say mean things on the internet to feel big.

  10. The Nameless Arcana says:

    C’mon guys, if you keep up with how SJW’s and all these people act nowadays, you know that she is LYING…She is just trying to build buzz and it’s working because everyone is talking about it now. You CANNOT trust people who are in these scenes and fields on the internet.

    1. morbideathscream says:

      Her music sucks so she’s got to get her music exposure somehow. Why not pretend you’re getting death threats?

  11. LostInTheANUS says:

    Didn’t Deicide receive death threats (in form of bomb threats) from Dissection at some point?

    1. morbideathscream says:

      Deicide received death threats from animal rights groups and there was an attempted bombing by them in Sweden in the early 90’s. John nodtveit made death threats to varg but, nothing to deicide that I’m aware of.

    2. Wolfgang says:

      It was the Animal Milita or something, not the Norwegian/Scandinavian scene as someone states.

      In Stockholm, one of such bombs actually detonated on stage, but it went off at the wrong time (while Gorefest were playing).

      1. Anthony says:

        Which is fucking hilarious in its own right, given that Gorefest are one of the most obnoxiously PC bands out there. False is still a classic though.

      2. Meek Metalhead says:

        Animal rightists should sacrifice their bodies to feed the poor defenceless animals they supposedly defend. Its the only right thing to do.

        On another note, am I the only one who gets the vibe that bomb threats back then were taken more as harmless pranks than anything?

  12. Cynical says:

    You’ll notice that, when asked by another journalist, she didn’t post any examples. This means it probably isn’t actually happening, and she’s just looking for some free publicity.


      “death threats and hate emails”

      Well, probably one of those is true, and the other serves as a public excuse to block private messages that hurt feelings.

  13. morbideathscream says:

    I never bothered listening to this band, I just seen a couple reviews on here saying that they are shit which surely they are. What is the reasoning behind these death threats she receiving? It has to be more than just bad music.

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      there’s a couple decent songs, but the album overall is disappointing.

      yes, death threats are stupid. If you really hate somebody, then —-
      “write a letter, you’ll feel better!” – ACCEPT

  14. David says:

    Myrkur is putting out some of the best modern black metal music today. It’s a shame people resort to such immature bullshit. Feel sorry for her. Ignore it and do what you do best – your music.

    1. David Rosales says:

      “modern black metal” is barely even black metal and it is an insult to music.

    2. morbideathscream says:

      The term ‘modern black metal’ makes me cringe.

  15. canadaspaceman says:

    All 4 fuck her right in the pussy’s

    well, not the myrkur chick
    she might write a song about it, pretending she is another Taylor Swift

  16. Ignyaz says:

    Is there actually any evidence she received death threats? Have they been published anywhere?

    Because too many idiots label statements such as “I hope you die” as death threats while they aren’t.

    In any case, death threats are gay and Myrkur sucks. Let’s move on.

  17. Anndra says:

    ad hominem bullshit. all of this.

  18. Brewhammer says:

    no trends, no talent, no Ass, no Tits

  19. Emperor Tomato Ketchup says:

    Wow, it’s like I’m back in middle school.

  20. Ugh says:

    “Trolls should just kill themselves; we have a population problem already!” –

  21. JM says:

    About a week and a half out when coming across this, but who fucking cares. First things first, Myrkur play pretty mediocre blackgaze, a subgenre that for the most part has been parasitic on black metal. It’s been almost a decade now – has post-black metal/blackgaze yielded even some minor works of note? I vaguely remember Alcest producing some passable, if inessential, stuff back in 2007 or whenever. Myrkur makes largely forgettable music which only confirms to me that either that this subgenre is an artistic blind alley or that, a decade out, it has been unable to produce any major works of lasting value.

    Which leads us to this development. Not sure why growing intolerance to obnoxious, puerile bullying behavior is a bad thing. Pretty sure the burden of proof would be on the people that bitch and moan about “SJWs” to make the case for justifying anti-social behavior that reeks of wounded masculinity (note the disproportionate number of gendered weak burns in the comments section). So yeah, human decency is a thing and what functional adults do is generally abide by it. Rag on Myrkur, sure, but let’s be clear – there’s a whole toxic worldview bound up with the justification of this kind of behavior, which browsing through posts tagged “metalgate” seems to confirm.

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