Nachmystium Signs With Earache


Ex-junkie and recidivist thief Blake Judd signed a contract with Earache Records to reissue his nu-metal / black ‘n’ roll band Nachmystium‘s boring back catalog.

From Blake Judd’s Instagram page:

Signing record contracts today for the first time in years….things are happening in Camp Nachtmystium!! More news on the “who, whats and whens” when our new label does an official press release. Expect an arsenal of Nachtmystium reissues and the “Retox: Remixes and Rarities” collection, all available again (or for the first time) by years end on deluxe vinyl LPs, CDs and digitally. New /updated artwork for many of the records as well aloung with extensive liner notes about each album and what was happening in general within the band at the time of each recording. Lot’s of exclusive photos will be included as well in the liner notes. Going to do my best to make these reissues cool as hell. ANYONE who made an order that was not received from me during 2013-2014 while I was in active addiction will be instructed (in great deal in the official press release) on where to send an email with either the paypal payment information or email correspondence from the time detailing an unreceived order, and you will be able to select the $ amount you spent from the entire reissue catalog and new release (“Retox” LP) and the items will be shipped immediately. Every last order that eas unfilled has the opportunity to be filled and will be if the information from the original order can be provided in some detail. The band wants to correct all this bullshit from the past and carve a new path forward, and this is the first and most critical step for us to regain a foothold in the music community. More news to come. Fuckin so stoked!

Earache will surely pimp Nachmystium as yet another cash cow in their current schtick of shilling shitty seventies blues retro rock to millennial bar hoppers. Anyone who was actually willing to pay money for this pseudo-metal should remember Blake Judd has history of appropriating his fan’s and label’s money for drugs:

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10 thoughts on “Nachmystium Signs With Earache”

  1. canadaspaceman says:

    “pseudo-metal ” ? From the records and downloads I got of Nachmystium, it is just typical 1990s blasting black metal, or DSBM (Depressive/Suicidal Black Metal). It is alright stuff.
    I admit, since i do not know the guy personally and if he died, maybe the records would gain value.

    If you want to blame that DSBM genre for helping usher in the shoegaze/blackgaze/emo/hipster fad version of black metal, then that is another matter.

    I hate ripoffs as much as anybody else, but comments I have read for a few years, always attack Judd’s music and his character in the same paragraph. Burnt fans/customers cannot untie the hatred. I know I haven’t from the cocksuckers I sent money to and they denied getting the money.
    It is a ll good though, as I believe everything gets corrected eventually. Idiots never know what hit them, they never expect it.
    ie. “You’re on the list!”

    Before his debut LP, Evil Chuck of DEATH was also a ripoff to fans that sent him money for demo and live tapes, but everybody forgave (or forgot about that). Yes, he bought smokes with your money.

    Just a guess, as I have zero knowledge of Earache (apart from the early catalog), but since smack has been a problem over there too, maybe they felt sympathy for Blake to bail him out [and also take advantage of it at the same time], since his name has been in the press (off+on) for a long time now.

    1. Sounds like late 90s hard rock to me:

    2. Spectral Nutritionist says:

      “Evil Chuck of DEATH was also a ripoff to fans that sent him money for demo and live tapes”

      Where did you read that, I’m curious.

      1. canadaspaceman says:

        Terry Sadler said it to my face in December 1986

  2. Marc Defranco says:

    I think I listened to one Nachtmystium album a long time ago. I can’t remember what I thought about it and it did not entice me to listen to more so I guess I can sum up the band as forgettable.

  3. smearing sperm says:

    Too bad hipster black metal is the stuff that always has a chance to stay in print.

    To the guy talking about Chuck ripping off fans, who gives a fuck, Quorthon is basically empirically proven to be a poser, the way he pretended never to have heard Venom and Manowar, that doesn’t make him any less important.

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      cool … can you send me money too, and I promise to send you something in the mail ?

    2. Spectral Nutritionist says:

      Dawg he didn’t pretend “never to have heard Venom and Manowar”. He just said that he’d never owned their records; “I have of course heard Slayer (an act, which by the way does have all my respect for being original and for sticking to their roots in much of what they do). And I have heard a handful of tracks by Venom.”

      Don’t SLANDER niggas like this!

  4. Morbideathscream says:

    Never liked the band. When I first heard them over a decade ago they struck me as generic sub par black metal and then I saw them open up for somebody, maybe Marduk? When I witnessed Nachmystiym play, it was 100% hipster faggotry.

  5. hot buttered pumpkin says:


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