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According to my calendar, October 29 is National Cat Day, or a day for celebration of all things feline. As mentioned in earlier posts, metalheads love their kitties and bands have been known to put their felines before careers.

In the spirit of this holiday, here are some songs that while not kitty-themed, at least seem tangentially related:

Motorhead – “The Chase is Better Than The Catch”

Asphyx – “Evocation”

Cathedral – “Picture of Beauty & Innocence”

Imprecation – “Nocturnal Feast of the Luciferians”

Obituary – “Intoxicated”

Suffocation – “Anomalistic Offerings”

Uncanny – “Indication vitalis”

Belial – “The Invocation”

Catalepsy – “Compulsive Bestiality”

Blood – “Hecatomb”

Deicide – “Revocate the Agitator

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29 thoughts on “National Cat Day playlist”

  1. Linux or Death says:

    Of course required reading with this playlist is The Cats of Ulthar.

  2. mrLead says:


  3. Cianide “Gods of Death” aged poorly what do you think?

    1. discodjango says:

      I think it’s still okay. Don’t listen to it very often, though.

    2. trystero says:

      Cianide has always been very basic, I think its held up fine though.

  4. Judgement says:

    This is glorious.

  5. deadite says:

    DMU is all about that pussy.

  6. veien says:

    I’ll never stop respecting animal life cause they are mostly incapable of dishonesty; when they are hungry they look for food, when they are scared then they run, angry they attack and when the conflict is over they let it go, only to fall asleep without holding any grudges. As for music, well I try not to even play it while they’re around so as not to unsettle them, though they aren’t altogether averse to a bit of ambient. I should be more like that cats – and smash those who disrespect me (AFTER the fact) – and without holding any grudges.

    1. Nester says:

      They don’t hold grudges because they’re stupid, not noble.

      1. veien says:

        Exactly! and I am both stupid and noble myself. Complete mightier-than-thou and low IQ dimwit all in one foul tablet of power ;)

        1. Nester says:

          I think being who you are, inspite of what you are, is what’s deserving of respect. Humans are the only ones capable of overcoming their nature. My appreciation of a cat is an appreciation of the ways of reality.

          1. veien says:

            Well I never love animals for their human qualities, in fact the humanization of animals is disgusting to me. Humans are a creature upon this earth just as they are, but ultimately a step between God and and animal which obviously is not the same thing. A human is better at being human than an animal and and animal better at being an animal than a human. Everything should remain and remain to be as what it is, but respectfully at least.

  7. I`m probably going to get lynched for this says:

    I never got the internets fascination/fetishism of cats.

    1. tiny midget says:

      i’m gonna lynch you!

  8. Cortez says:

    I had a cat as a teenager that always hung out in my room with me while I blasted metal. Alas, in his later years (he lived till 19!) he eventually went deaf.

    1. Deaf Today says:

      Funny thing. I was at a friend’s place, we were listening to music and there were 4-5 cats and a dog hanging around the room. He was playing some doom and there was no reaction from the animals. Then I played Crimson Massacre’s The Luster of Pandemonium and immediately the cat closest to the speakers leaped and put its head right up against the speaker as if trying to figure something out! Was pretty cool haha.

  9. SixDays says:

    You know what? I kinda despise
    But you guys like animals, and promote being kind to animals.
    That makes you ok in my books.
    Keep up the good work.

  10. My scientific studies show cats prefer sitars.

    1. ~gam~ says:

      Cats are not plebs.

      1. veien says:

        Playing sitar or studying science is for plebs?

  11. discodjango says:

    Dead Infection – Airplane’s CATastrophe

  12. trystero says:

    Cats are the best O_O

    1. Snoopy says:

      Cats sick duck!

  13. Matters says:

    Cats are better than people.

  14. Anthony says:

    Nice job sneaking that Catalepsy track in there. I wish they’d recorded more material.

  15. should put Opeth b/c they’re pussies

    1. veien says:

      The world reverts back to the dark ages. In such a cruel way, we could all watch while anything fail-worthy is fed to lions and tigers. But soon people tire of excessive bloodshed and just want stability, yet at the same time they’ve certainly become scared of failing, and society is soon forced to re-evaluate the meaning of the word as in the sense that we know it now it becomes archaic.

  16. veien says:

    Emperor – Wrath of the Cat
    Immortal – Cats in the North
    Burzum – Hvis katten tar oss
    Blasphemy – Cats of War
    Samael – Worship Cats
    Darkthrone – A Cat in the Northern Sky
    Beherit – Drawing down the Cat
    Impaled Nazarene – Tol Cormpt Catz Catz Catz
    Emperor – In the Cat-side Eclipse
    Veles – Black Hateful Cats
    Belail – Wisdom of Catness
    Sort Vokter – Folkloric Cat Metal
    Bathory – The Return … (ov the Cat in the Hat)
    Graveland – Carpathian Cats
    Dimmu Borgir – CatblĂ„st
    Antaeus- Cut your Flesh and Worship Cats
    Sacrementum – Far Away from that Cat
    Summoning – Cat Bound
    Avzhia – Cat of Throne
    Venom – Cat Metal

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