Necropsy’s demos re-released

necropsyCentury Media Records will release all demos of Finnish death metallers Necropsy on June 3rd in a compilation containing three CDs, all songs remastered from the original tapes. CMR promote it thus:

The result is mindblowing: Without ever destroying the analog charm of the old tapes, all songs sound fresh, just like they have been recorded just a few years ago.

Tomb Of The Forgotten – The Complete Demo Recordings will start anno 1989 and end in 1993, a time period in which the band, frankly, only recorded demos, with the exception of an EP and a split with Demigod in 1992. The band’s first full-length, Bloodwork, arrived as late as in 2011, after a 17 year long hiatus.

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3 thoughts on “Necropsy’s demos re-released”

  1. bitterman says:

    Hopefully Century Media reissues the Altar/Cartilage split just for the Cartilage side alone. This band… isn’t that good. Still, though once 1994 happened and everything turned to shit except the first couple of Gorgoroth albums, Transilvanian Hunger, and the 90s Burzum releases, I get a bit teary eyed thinking about how a band like Ara or Cryptopsy, who just don’t get it or lost touch, have replaced the original style (but adopting it’s monicker for fashions sake) while Zombiefication like Bloodbath and others pay the worst “homage” to the old guard by making B-Movie slasher film soundtrack melodies under chugga chugga riffs and putting zombies on the album cover to pander to a niche horror (Cannibal Corpse) fan base. Then I heard what is allegedly Varg’s last metal song released today (here: comprised of his last couple riffs and, maybe I’m nostalgic about Filosofem, but this has everything metal could be: multiple guitar tracks, interlocking melodies,… I think about nowadays and…metal truly has ended. Bolt Thrower, Morbid Angel, Carcass, they all had the full package: concept, music, art, everything. Nowadays, with all the “technical” additions to the music done by clueless morons, it’s just a failed alt-rockers appeal towards jazz community acceptance. Even a “metal rainman” like Fenriz lapsed from metal with Neptune Towers, after that it’s all known forms of ear candy, his band and other message regurgitators (how many goregrind bands have reiterated Carcass?). Beherit’s last release felt hasty and not as “complete” as Electric Doom Synthesis. All genres progressively move towards being like classical music if given time, but death and black metal were the one of the only “contemporary” forms that didn’t have the baggage of most genres. Now, with the end of a guy who previously couldn’t do any wrong, perhaps the masterminds are too old now and too much has corrupted the genre. Even over a couple decades ago, the attention a “final word” album such as Like an Ever-Flowing Stream could have had was overshadowed by trash like Necroticism or Clandestine. So much crap on the shelves, now with the internet… a band like this will get a re-release but, again, it will be to the segment of fans of something like Bloodbath because nobody cared about this band back then. Even the Demigod side was crap, making their debut’s awesome combination of early Amorphis and Bolt Thrower (with Voivod chords) seem like a fluke. Necropsy, another third tier band with nothing original to say given the Century Media push… but Cartilage? Why is Slaughter of the Soul still… too late… the masses, they ruined it all…

  2. Spork says:

    I remember these guys getting a pretty damning review from the DLA based on an old split they had with Demigod. The main criticism was something along the lines of there being a lot of individual flashy parts to their songwriting but little to hold it together into a cohesive narrative.

    1. Steve Garcia-Rosenberg says:

      quote Vijay Prozak:
      Necropsy’s material is less recommendable. Starting with a fecal noise intro, their side then bursts into something of a parody of demo-era Morbid Angel. Blazing fast parts, slow parts, “technical parts”, and atonal solos are thoughtlessly thrown together in surprisingly non-threatening material that bounces along with tons of energy, as if making pop death metal.
      Their instrumentation is better than that of Demigod- but, who cares? It’s still baseball-cap death metal, and utterly vapid.

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