Necrotic Disgorgement – Documentaries of Dementia

necrotic_disgorgement-documentaries_of_dementiaCreating within the style of old school percussive death metal, Necrotic Disgorgement add in the catchier rhythms of deathgrind and know when to break songs for melodic detours that add hook to these relentlessly rhythmic songs.

Documentaries of Dementia builds in the style of later Suffocation, with frequent tempo changes, and frenetic drum buildups followed by proto-breakdowns, layered in choppy riffs made from intricate textures. They tend toward a higher-energy version with near-constant blasts in many songs, but know when to drop out of linear blast and vary things up a bit.

Unlike Suffocation, Necrotic Disgorgement has another decade of deathgrind to draw from and elicits some of the extremities from that influence. Among those are slightly more friendly lead guitar that sometimes even gets bluesy, absurdist riffs thrown in amongst the blast, and a tendency to be relentless where Suffocation would have brought the song to a peak and mellowed. The problem with any kind of uniformity is that it norms quickly and loses its intensity.

Necrotic Disgorgement keep this release raging with diligent riffcraft and the ability to cut the stream of riffs into songs, and then crest it with elements of other metal genres. This provides a complete package that, if you can stand the incessant blast and percussive riff medleys, provides a deathgrind experience of greater power than the norm for this genre.

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9 thoughts on “Necrotic Disgorgement – Documentaries of Dementia”

  1. Sarcomere says:

    Having only given this a cursory listen on bad speakers, whatever relatively small merit this music has cannot make up for the degeneracy of the lyrics, especially, and the cover art. Autopsy’s Severed Survival cover was tasteful because it was more fantastical. This, on the other hand, is utter filth and this band should really get together and play Russian Roulette with a fully-loaded revolver.

    1. Madhu says:

      I agree. This is shitty on every level. Dismayed to see it getting any attention here at all.

      1. fallot says:

        I think its because they can actually write a couple of good metal riffs. This is pretty good utter filth. I support the lyrics.

      2. fenrir says:

        Yeah. Sometimes I think some crap just attention here because they try to somehow imitate or worship the “old ways”.

  2. EDS says:

    I lost brain cells after 5 minites of that.

  3. stormwinds says:

    Band name and this photoshop atrocity of a cover should be enough to turn you away from this.

    1. fenrir says:

      Indeed, it deed.
      Glad to see I am not alone in this.

  4. fallot says:

    Better than a lot of shit that makes its way to the front page. It is too bad they go for degeneracy. That isnt extreeemmmeee boys, its just distasteful. Well, to some people, thats what I hear. I like it.

  5. grave says:

    lol, i take it no one here listens to brutal death metal if you’re offended by or think the lyrics and cover are distasteful.

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