New Sammath Patches Appear in the Wild

Excoriating black metal band Sammath has unleashed a new crop of patches for your kutte or battle jacket, or maybe the sails on your yacht; these can be found from the Sammath direct merchandising site.

In addition, Hammerheart Records has placed Across the Rhine is only death on sale this week for under five Euros, affording a Hessian the ability to build a collection on the cheap as our currencies die from inflation and market anticipation of the coming worldwide democracy defaults.

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20 thoughts on “New Sammath Patches Appear in the Wild”

  1. Gay R2D2 says:

    I will use it to patch the hole in my soul

  2. Spaniard says:

    Do you get paid for these promotions? Money (crypto or fiat), free patches…anything?

    1. This site proudly promotes anything that doesn’t suck.

      It turns out that this is a tiny minority.

      1. Spaniard says:

        Right. Now that we got the chest thumping out of the way, I was asking because usually sites are compensated in some way for “proudly promoting” bands/record labels products or touring schedules. Whether it’s concert tickets, merch, or physical media, Journalists aren’t immune to a little quid pro quo in their promotion du jour.

        1. Here’s the important word: “usually.”

          What about this site at all to you suggests business as usual?

          1. Spaniard says:

            As a general rule, I assume nothing sir; hence my question.

            1. We’re “hard indie” because no one who will work with us can tolerate mainstream metal, including mainstream funderground, these days. It’s all just so uninspired and pointless. If we started writing about the crap that the labels are shoving out the door, money and fame would come our way. The same rule applies to underground bands: those who are striving get a lot of slack around here, but they are a tiny minority. If you see something here, it is because we believe it is worth believing in.

              1. Gay R2D2 says:

                What happened to you guys covering Ara? Conflict of interest or disinterest?

                Jerry’s articles were always pretty insightful.

                1. Gay R2D2 says:


                  1. I’m not comfortable answering for situations with more than one party, but for my part, I stand behind our writing on Ara and hope those musicians are still active. My encouragement of their music might create a conflict-of-interest situation for them, which could cause them to bow out, or they might simply want to avoid being associated with a radical realist website. Those are questions for them, but I mention possibilities so that you may consider the breadth of the question you have asked in a new light.

                    1. Gay R2D2 says:

                      I see. Thanks for replying.

              2. ODiR says:

                So hard indie that the site is full of advertisements which occasionally break the Reviews page. ;)

                1. If you want to fund it instead, I’ll tell you where to send the checks.

                  1. Yorgos says:

                    Ads are fine.

                    But have you considered getting together with some publishing pros and write the ultimate book on the metal underground? I’d buy it and any updated editions of it.

                    1. Watch this space, but be patient.

                    2. LordKrumb says:

                      Brett – I’d like to contact you regarding a project somewhat related to this (i.e. a DMU book). Where should I send the email?

                    3. I’m always around at Cheers!

                    4. Yorgos says:

                      “Watch this space, but be patient”


                      I know things like that shouldn’t be rushed, but I can’t help being excited as all hell at the mere possibility.

  3. Old WASP money says:

    This will look smashing on my spinakker, thanks Brett!

  4. LordKrumb says:

    Hi Brett – just checking if you received my email, following up on my comment here last week?

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