Nile – In the Beginning Vinyl Re-press

Hammerheart Records is repressing Nile’s In the Beginning demo collection on vinyl LP for every OCD collector who needs to own every single mediocre death metal band’s demo on vinyl.

This is only for D-list death metal collectors, those who think Kentucky Fried Chicken is great food, and heterosexual men who wear cargo capri pants and may be pre-ordered from Hammerheart’s web shop in three different colors.

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11 thoughts on “Nile – In the Beginning Vinyl Re-press”

  1. Nile sucks says:

    One of their demos sounds like nu-metal.

    1. Cesar says:

      LOL none of their material sounds like nu-metal, you are deaf.

  2. Death metal autists.

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      A while ago, Nile released a video with footage of the “war against heathen monuments” in mesopotamia which came with a text from label & band that this absolutely wasn’t meant to offend anyone’s religious or political sensibilities, IOW, “if you happen to believe that the Invisible Pink Unicorn demands blowing up the town hall and beheading all bystanders, then, we respectfully disagree somhow, in some detached way, but please don’t understand this as criticism of something that’s dear to you”.

      That was quite seriously lame.

      1. technical brutal progressive briandance says:

        They were probably aware that their listeners were dweebs who compulsively over-intellectualize and would proudly misconstrue the band’s intent. So they tried explicitly advertising their *lack of* meaning in the imagery to avoid that sort of thing.

        And you managed to do it anyway. Do you lick spark plugs?

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          Your first paragraph and your second paragraph contradict each other as one talks about “reading unintended meanings into the imagery” and the second makes an (unbacked) assertion about a comment on the disclaimer, IOW, not the imagery.

          And how did we again get from a statement about a band to boilerplate, idle speculations about people?

          1. Rainer Weikusat says:

            JFTR: The text of said disclaimer is

            This music video contains common, everyday newsreel imagery illustrating the insanity and futility of war as tragic result of the clash of ideologies. Neither Nile nor Nuclear Blast endorse any political or religious agenda with this video; Nile as students of Egyptian history are concerned about the preservation of the cultures of all people of our greater, global community.

            IOW, that’s specifically not supposed to be ‘meaning-free’ “Cool explosions!”-footage, the text just bends over backwards to avoid associations with anything so-called “US liberals” could possibly disapprove of, eg, critical statements about Islam or support for US foreign policy in the middle east, and by doing so, accidentally turns the whole thing into style-exercise: The idea that such “wanton destruction” is – well – wanton and thus, shouldn’t take place, is a political agenda.

            If the people behind this are so awfully afraid of “being misunderstood”, they could neatly avoid any possible issues being remaining silent on the topic. This “urge to make a political statement but rather not lest it offends someone” is quite ridicolous/ not very metal.

            1. Rainer Weikusat says:

              Missing bit:

              This video’s sole purpose is to bring attention to the wanton destruction of artifacts in the middle east.

              This should have been the 2nd sentence of the quote.

  3. Alex says:

    If Nile is a D-list band then why are you promoting them in your?

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