No God Only Pain – Roads to Serfdom (2015)


DMU proudly offers a stream of No God Only Pain – Roads to Serfdom. This band fuses Motorhead-styled roadhouse heavy metal with punk and underground metal to present its justifiably paranoid view of government and corporate control of our lives. Fueled by a long underground pedigree including black-doom metal band Dawning, No God Only Pain shows metal a way out from its current morass of thinkalike “underground” and hamster-safe mainstream metal.

No God Only Pain – Roads to Serfdom (2015) – “Cannon Fodder” (5:25)

No God Only Pain – Roads to Serfdom (2015) – “Lick the Claw” (1:50)

No God Only Pain – Roads to Serfdom (2015) – “Roads to Serfdom” (7:50)

No God Only Pain – Roads to Serfdom (2015) – “Servitudo Completum” (4:10)

No God Only Pain – Roads to Serfdom (2015) – “Who Forgives God?” (3:10)

Roads to Serfdom features the heavy metal distrust of society and its machinations taken to another level: seeing how moneyed interests are pushing the ordinary citizens into dependency on corporate jobs and government, while simultaneously manipulating public opinion to avoid awareness of the impending crash. Put into the form of raucous rock ‘n roll influenced heavy metal with a strong beat and instrumental chops, No God Only Pain serves as the perfect introduction to metal for new fans or those who want metal to get back to its roots.


With stylized artwork by German artist Ketza, Roads to Serfdom shows the new wave of self-produced DIY metal music that is abandoning an increasingly conformist and boring scene. For those who appreciate Motorhead, Danzig and the punk-infused rhythms of the NWOBHM, No God Only Pain deliver a new option and a path away from the inevitable staleness in both civilization and heavy metal.

Here’s what Metro Silicon Valley had to say about No God Only Pain:


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22 thoughts on “No God Only Pain – Roads to Serfdom (2015)”

  1. Viking Cosplay1 says:

    It’s a heavy album but you can still make out to it. So it’s for romance that I declare this rock n’ roll friendly like heavy metal

  2. Victoria says:

    Cool! Love watching you guys perform live! Keep it up!

  3. Robert says:

    This band is just too amateur for my liking. I’ve seen the DMU continually hype this band and I don’t get why. There are some promising songs on their first EP but overall, this band doesn’t deserve the attention it’s getting.

  4. pat redux says:

    this is peurile shit

    maybe they’re playing into the whole trickster black metal “everything is shit so nothing matters” schtick which basically equals the hipster abuse of irony: one is aggressive, the other is passive, both are a waste of my time


    vodka and mango juice – hello!

  5. I’m still waiting for an epiphany on this band. Brett has a way with these, but I don’t see much value past ideology with this release.

    1. C. M. says:

      My sentiments as well, sounds like drunk party music to me.

  6. Demonseed says:

    Part of the reason METAL IS DEAD is because people like you guys would rather hear a shitty song recorded by a famous producer than a great song recorded on a $500 budget. Great job driving the nail into the coffin of underground metal . Fuck your genres. ROADHOUSE DARK METAL RULES!

    1. Roger says:

      You’ve got the wrong website, honey.

    2. C. M. says:

      Actually, if you look at a lot of the new bands we cover here, you’ll find that most of them release music that they mix and master themselves or record in relatively small and inexpensive studios. And I think you’ll notice that nobody casts judgment on any music based primarily (or even secondarily) on the production job.

  7. Demonseed says:

    The bands you guys like sit around all day quantizing their drums on a computer by the way……………….

  8. Demonseed says:

    We own no recording equipment . We went to a studio and recorded this on a $500 budget . I issue a direct challenge to both of you to go to a studio on our budget and record something more professional sounding . I will be waiting………….

  9. Euronmyass says:

    Beer Metal Rules!! You all don’t know Jack Daniels!

  10. Demonseed says:

    You all hate keyboards I learned from Dawning BUT YOU LOVE TO QUANTIZE YOUR DRUMS DON’T YOU ?? Puts you in league with techno.

    1. OliveFox says:

      “In League With Techno” is a damn fine VENOM tune.

    2. Robert says:

      Are you drunk?

  11. Demonseed says:

    For those waiting to hear something more professional from me WELL HERE YOU GO:
    I had to record this completely on my own due to an utter lack of any support from the “underground metal community”.

  12. Demonseed says:

    With great sadistic pleasure I hereby announce the formation of HATE YOUR GUTS RECORDS.
    Over this election year I will release hardcopies of the Pilgrimage to Mount Um by Dawning, Nothing Left by Nothing Left, and likely some reissues of the old Pale Existence tapes. FUCK THE ESTABLISHMENT.

  13. hypocrite says:

    Calm the fuck down Demonseed

  14. Dr Khan says:

    lol what is up with this Demonseed guy.

  15. Life Afirming Existentialist says:

    The context of this music is timeless because people in the future (assuming humanity survives up to said point) will look back and view this time as either a period of great stagnation right before American civilization turned around, or as American civilization fell apart.

  16. SadoCritter says:

    Personally I love old dark evil metal, this album reminds me of early days. People always get obsessed with production quality or hyper technical playing. What about individual expression and feeling doom ass music? People should concentrate on listening to and feeling music and conjuring visualizations instead of judging, support each other!!! it’s not a competition, music is art, not a spreadsheet or a graph. I Love the album, keep it coming!

    Also… Mango juice? Fucking kill yourself justin timberlake

  17. SadoCritter says:

    Just kidding, mango juice is good.

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