Oceans Of Slumber Announce New Self-Titled Album For September Release

Progressive-styled metalcore band Oceans Of Slumber announced recently that its latest album, entitled Oceans of Slumber, will be released on September 4, 2020, via Century Media Records. This follow-up to their 2013 album Aetherial, the 2015 EP Blue, and 2016 album Winter continues their merger of prog-rock stylings, hard rock riffs, and lush instrumentation.

The current lineup for Oceans Of Slumber is Cammie Gilbert (vocals), Jessie Santos (guitar, backing vocals), Alexander Lucian (guitar, backing vocals), Semir Ozerkan (bass, guitar), Dobber (drums, piano/synths), and Mat Aleman (keyboard).


  1. Soundtrack To My Last Day
  2. Pray For Fire
  3. A Return To The Earth Below
  4. Imperfect Divinity
  5. The Adorned Fathomless Creation
  6. To The Sea
  7. The Colors of Grace
  8. I Mourn These Yellow Leaves
  9. September (Those Who Come Before)
  10. Total Failure Apparatus
  11. The Red Flower
  12. Wolf Moon

The first single from the new record, “A Return to the Earth Below,” can be viewed below:

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22 thoughts on “Oceans Of Slumber Announce New Self-Titled Album For September Release”

  1. Robert says:

    Lol. Why even report on this crap, Brett?

    1. Look at the list of band members. Dobber is a well-known contributor to the Houston scene.

      1. rotting christina says:

        ahh yes, the ol motto “focus on the best, ignore or mock the rest (unless it’s from houston)”

        1. Yes, we do so many articles about Houston! What percentage of our articles do you think are about Houston bands?

          1. ignominious says:

            It’s mostly DFW, isn’t it? Damn them.

            1. Texas cities are generally wastelands because they are easy living. I don’t know much about DFW but try to cover any plausibly good bands from here in the hopes of reforming the local scene from “mostly corn-studded feces” to “lone islands of quality emerge from the corn-studded feces like undigested whole Brussels sprouts.”

      2. Robert says:

        So why did he choose to join this band? For pay, maybe?

        1. Probably a dearth of good options in the underground besides tenth-generation imitations of 90s underground bands.

          1. Robert says:

            But is Oceans of Slumber considered a good option in the underground? The vocalist is not great, especially for metal and the music is lackluster and barely even metal or metalcore.

            1. This is what most public metal sounds like now: metalcore riffs, rock aesthetics, mixed jazz/prog/emo influences.

              Earlier albums were more riff-heavy but apparently the labels think this will sell well. Reminds me of what happened to Tiamat, and I think results will be the same, but for now we report on it.

          2. It’s because his girlfriend is the singer.

            1. Fat Stevens says:

              Lmao, Prozak the coalburner. Fantastic

              1. The singer is Dobber’s girlfriend, not Brett’s, to clarify.

              2. It’s true: I dated an Irish girl once.

                I won’t tell you where the blue barrel is however.

        2. Gay4pay says:

          Could be worse…

      3. Bienenhaus says:

        Brett, what was the problem with vahdias? Why did you kick him off dmu?

        1. It is not appropriate to discuss such decisions here, but let us say that there was a peaceful parting in recognition of the divergence of our objectives, and that I am thankful for all that Vahdias did to keep this site going and cover music of quality.

        2. the left is the truth. says:

          Cos Nick took criticism like a bitch

  2. Negrophobic says:

    Let’s hand these guys over to the NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist for being shemales (there is no other logical explanation for them making this shit) and you for promoting them.

  3. convules world without cucks says:

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    1. I support anything which destroys Jesus, equality, consumerism, and the human Dunning-Kruger ego.

      Shit on my dick, makes it slick, shove it in quick, I love to squick.

  4. Spleenslicer says:

    Brett no need to go edge-lord there to mask the fact that you’re a subhuman retard.

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