Officially jumped the shark

Black metal, again:

Upside-down-cross pendants and spiked bracelets were common accessories. The tabloid-worthy events centered on a musician named Varg Vikernes, of the one-man band Burzum, who encouraged and participated in the burning of churches. In 1993, while playing bass in a band called Mayhem, he murdered the guitarist, a man known as Euronymous.

Until recently, it was a legacy that the genre couldn’t shake. But now American bands such as Liturgy, Krallice, Absu, Leviathan, Wolves in the Throne Room, and Inquisition have left a fair amount of the pageantry behind—not to mention the violence—and helped to create a community, as well as a musical moment that is rife with activity. Because of what the music does formally, there is little chance that we will see a Top Ten black-metal act. The elements of the genre that are common to its bands—even those which don’t subscribe to the term, since black metal’s borders are fiercely policed—are extremely fast strumming of guitars, equally fast drumming, and singing that is either extremely low and almost gastric or very high and vaguely spectral. The vocals in the lower register have been called both “the Cookie Monster thing” and “reptilian.” The most accelerated version of the black-metal beat—in which cymbals and multiple drums are hit with the rapid and even force of a sewing machine, which almost erases the idea of drumming as time-keeping—is called the “blast beat,” which Liturgy has modified into a variable-speed approach called the “burst beat.”

This is all extreme stuff, and, when it’s played by grown men who look like couture pandas, there is plenty of reason to be skeptical. Get past the novelty, though, and you find a level of passion and an attention to detail that make a number of mere rock bands look lazy. People are starting to pay attention. Liturgy, whose members live in Brooklyn, records for the respected indie-rock label Thrill Jockey, which made its name in the mid-nineties releasing avant-garde but civilized rock. Because so many varieties of electronic and non-Western music have been tapped by traditionally organized rock bands, there is great allure in the lesser-known strategies of black metal, which was for years a self-sufficient, distinct subgenre that wasn’t looking to expand. – The New Yorker

They took out the leadership, the unique viewpoint, and the outsiderness.

They replaced it with safe, tame, comforting and unchallenging indie rock.

Now black metal — the true movement of the 1990s — is the disco of the 2010s.

Run for the hills. Or just listen to the new Demoncy, Beherit, Cianide, Divine Eve and others who haven’t quaked.

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  1. brutal eater of beans noble noble tortilla of death says:

    Immortal will be playing in Mexico tomorrow and I’m going to throw an empty bottle of beer at them. You may watch the incident on youtube soon. Im gonna be famous.

  2. truth says:

    Krallice, Liturgy, Wolves in the Throne Room and Weakling are bands for successful, cool, and attractive people. Demoncy, Beherit, and Cianide are for ignorant turnip pickers.

  3. poop in my butt says:

    I was with you until you urged me to listen to Engram. DJ Holocaust or whatever flat-out forgot how to write metal.

  4. delicious cock says:

    DJ Holocaust learned everything he knew about black metal while porking thai ladyboys during his stay in bangcock

  5. Mastodon Guy says:

    Did someone say “delicious cock”, I am into that for sure! As gay as Mastodon’s first two records.

  6. troth says:

    Leviathan? Do they mean Leviathan-the-dude-who-ra_ped-his-girlfriend-with-a-tattoo-machine? Yeah obviously that’s far from being violent. As usual the hipsters are clueless or just flat out hypocritical. I’m pretty sure the fag from Liturgy is a pedophile btw.

  7. shut the fuck up says:

    “They took out the leadership, the unique viewpoint, and the outsiderness.”

    What does that have to do with the music? You don’t care about art, you care about the people who make it and how “edgy” it makes you look. Fucking hipsters

  8. lol romanticism lol says:

    Everything he says sounds basically like the stuff posted here. Even the “tremolo is like a string orchestra” bullshit.

  9. stupid shit for little kids says:

    black metal was never good

  10. Hunter Hunt Hendrix says:

    I’m not a pedophile, I just appreciate the transcendental innocent purity of children… especially little boys. Their innocent little sphincters are so transcendental when they await the purifying burst beats from my pulsating 3 inches of auspicious manhood

  11. stupid shit for little kids says:

    black metal was never good. It makes me sad when black metal fans call me a gay baby for listening to Green Day. Therefore virgin nerd asshole elitist something something

  12. Mastodon guy says:

    Mastodon’s first two records are not gay. It seems we have an imposter. Let’s the kill this faggot who thinks Mastodon is gay and likes “delicious cock”. What a piece of shit faggot.

  13. Mastodon guy says:

    Disregard that I like Mastodon!!!

  14. @ Mastodon guy says:

    Mastodon’s first two albums are malcore faggit shit for homoerotic iphone cocksuckers… like you!

  15. Kid Rock! says:

    Ba wit da ba diggi diggi ba wit da ba digg diggy: MY NAME IS KID…MY NAME IS KID… MY NAME IS KID ROCK !!!

  16. you're doing it wrong says:


  17. Kid Rock @ you're doing it wrong says:

    Oops! you are right pal sorry… now let´s fuck!!! I will play alfa wolf and ramm your ass, then we switch positions and I’ll be submissive hiena slut!

  18. Levy_Spearmen says:

    Absu and Liturgy… What a bunch of fags those guys became.

  19. he really is... says:

    Hey Levy: your dad tiny midget is looking for you.

  20. I sure as hell don't but Levy_Spearman seems to says:

    Yeah remember when Liturgy was actually good?

  21. Dumb Motherfucker says:

    Liturgy is a sht band, you fucking retard.

  22. Levy_LiturgyUsedToBeCool_Spearmen says:

    He got his name cuz he likes to get speared by men

  23. Levy_Spearmen says:

    Fucking aspies, at what point did I ever say I listened to anything of theirs and even like it? Behold, the only video you ever need to see of these fags.

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