Open Directory of Slayer Bootlegs, Live, and Rare

Not many people appreciate the importance of Slayer. Along with other proto-death/black bands — Bathory, Master, Sarcofago, Hellhammer, Sodom, Possessed — Slayer stepped out of the speed metal sound to the tremolo sound and realized the possibilities of through-composed narrative songs based on the riff.

Much of what we know as the death metal genre came from this approach updated with thrash and hardcore influences, driving the genre to be both ultra-minimalistic and prone to imaginative, prog-like song structures with epic mythological-historical-metaphorical themes.

Over at the International Day of Slayer site, you can find an open directory of live, rare, and bootleg Slayer recordings for your listening pleasure.

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92 thoughts on “Open Directory of Slayer Bootlegs, Live, and Rare”

  1. SATAN says:


    1. Rick Marshall says:

      Slayer opened the gate for Satan but could not have done it without Discharge, who could not have done it without Motorhead.

  2. Haha

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    1. Walter says:


      1. QUEER EYES says:


      2. Homophobia Is Gay says:

        It seems to be trying too hard. Everyone else has figured out that “multiculturalism” has failed, as Suella Braverman said. It should not feel too bad because everything else is failing too. Looks like a group of death metal and black metal musicians were right about nearly everything and society was wrong about just about everything.

        1. LA Looks says:

          They’re nothing special not when you zoom out

          1. George Waters says:

            Poseur, there are peaks and valleys in innovation. Black and death metal like prog were rare mountaintops in a wasteland of tedium.

            1. Violence says:

              Do you hear that point flying over your head

        2. curio says:

          Give me the blessed Black Plague any day over modernity.

    2. the left is the truth says:

      This is the funniest thing to me about Slayer fans being racist. THE LEAD SINGER IS BLACK!

      Black by 1488 standards anyway.

      1. Leftism is Even Stupider Than Naziism says:

        He’s Chilean. That can mean anything from mostly Indian to mostly White, but clearly a mix. Then again Naziism is sort of stupid like everything else from this decadent Kali-Yuga. How stupid do people have to be to believe in fascism, naziism, or even democracy? Jesus H Batshit Christ.

    3. Seriously says:

      I love this guy. :D

  3. maelstrrom says:

    Slayer is year zero for metal. An academic categorization would date albums by when they came out in relation to Show No Mercy: “before Slayer” and “after Slayer”

    1. Courtship says:

      This guy gets it

    2. The left is the truth says:

      B.efore C.rionics, A.fter D.iebythesword

    3. Doug says:

      Not 100% sure how it works but I’m pretty sure that qualifies as hate speech.

      1. Robert Hemphill says:

        Anything real is hate speech. Women are nervous and catty. Anyone but the Cro-Magnids are me-first greedy. Third world and poor are poor because they have low iq’s. No one wants a gay or transgender kid, no grandkids. Democracy is mob rule. Capitalism is Darwinism, socialism is mouse utopia. This website is gay and Bert Stebbins should retire to Costa Rica with the other boomers for his obviously Jewish behavior.

        1. Harold says:

          Sure thing man

        2. al-Shaitan Hitlernegerstein says:

          Truly, almost everything done by humanity is trivial, and most people are about as aware as a stalk of celery on a skateboard.

    4. Sodomize, Crucify, Profit! says:

      All Nut Under SLAYER

      I.B.S. In Before SLAYERR
      A.S.S. After Sucking SLAYERRR

  4. TamikaQuonshonawanaTeyonte says:

    Joey DeMaio cucked Slayer in this exchange he would have dropped trow if demanded to on all fours in this sexually charged moment. Speaking of Manowar, swords and steel are dicks in the lyrics “Let me die with a sword in my hand”, “Their blood is upon my steel” , “Raise your hands, swords in the wind” I’m sure there’s many more examples

  5. Thrash is better than Black or Death says:

    There is literally a contingent of young metal heads that continue to shit on Thrash Metal. They act like Black and Death Metal were created in a vacuum and came out of nowhere. People will say that Thrash is too limited of a genre, yet Death and Black get a free pass when it comes to stagnant tropes. The vocals on Death Metal sound corny, like they are trying too hard to be “bruuutal”.Reeks of pretentiousness. Since Thrash is more humanitarian and inclusive (no lo-fi cassette tapes limited to 666 copies), which in a nihilistic society probably seems old fashioned and quaint. I contend when you scratch underneath the surface of the genre you’ll find great variety- Holy Terror doesn’t sound like Vektor, Vektor sounds nothing like Tankard due to the variety of vocals that is not limited to growling and shreaking. I suspect that the demise of Thrash had something to do with the political nature and questioning the status quo in the lyrics. Unintelligible growling about smashing faces with hammers is not going to be a concern of the powers that be.I do enjoy Nile, Immortal (Hail Abbath!), Opeth and Sigh but for the most part I just find Death and Black simply boring. One of my favorite bands is Into Eternity, with their masterful ,seamless fusion of Death ,Black and Power Metal vocals. Desultor’s Masters of Hate which the metal archives considers ”
    Technical Death Metal” yet has all clean vocals, with Death Metal riffs is alos worth checking out.
    Technical Death Metal

    1. Metrosexuality Detector says:

      > Opeth

      > metal archives


    2. Concerned Simon says:

      I tried to read but you put too much breath in your words and particle flecks of food and saliva are hitting me in the face.

        1. Deformed Penis says:

          I think of pre Midwest vistas of dried dead grass, howling wind unchabged for hundreds of years, no real sense of time there’s just inhabited and uninhabited, a seconds notice in the grand scheme

          1. I can see the appeal, but I think there is a reason nature made intelligent beings, and it has pre-material origins.

    3. Roger says:


      1. Darrell E. Brooks Jr. says:

        Objection. Grounds!

    4. Thrash is Better Than Speed Metal says:

      Yeah man I love me some thrash. Old Suicidal Tendencies, DRI, COC, Fearless Iranians From Hell, Void, Cryptic Slaughter, Dead Horse, SOD/MOD, and MDC! It even lived on with burst grindcore like early Napalm Death, Disharmonic Orchestra, and Blood. But that speed metal shit fucking shat the fucking bed, man. Metallica sold out in ’89 but I never trusted them after “The Thing That Should Not Be.” Bedtime scary stories for mutant suburban offspring, broheim. Anyway, then Megadeth got all emo and shitty with “My Last Thoughts” or whatever that kill-yourself-for-yourself song was. Total analfeltching faggotry. I mean, seriously, just fucking kill yourself, Dave… don’t use your personal drama to sell records. And then Anthrax was fake as fuck all the way, you know, with albums about superheros and comic books. Who the fuck does that? Are they just the edgy marketing arm of Hollywood? I thought NYC Jews didn’t talk to LA Jews, but maybe Scott Ian Rosenberg had a hookup. At that point, Nuclear Assault got all political. I don’t think it was Dan Lilker, I think it was that O’Connelly guy. He started complaining about how he was discriminated against because he was not “Anglo-Saxon protestant White” and it went downhill from there. They made speed metal into a new Oprah, you know, telling the people hiding behind their jobs, 401Ks, suburban walls, and speed dial private security that everything was going to be okay if we just paid off the parasites and antagonists. You know that always sells big man. But I guess what I am saying is that by 1985 thrash was dead, and by 1988 speed metal was dead, and now they just live on in black and death. Peace out my niggaz.

      1. Thrash is better than nothing says:

        Metallica sold out in ’89 but I never trusted them after “The Thing That Should Not Be.” Bedtime scary stories for mutant suburban offspring, broheim.

        Of all the embarrassing early Metallica lyrics you pick that one? Nothing wrong with that song except an extremely awkward riff (and the solo is awesome).

        1. Analingus Metrosexual Detector says:


          1. fan of early Offspring says:

            lord dickless winks again

            1. Homophobia is Gay says:

              Yeah you would like early Offspring, wouldn’t you? It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. Sort of like eating a whole raw rutabaga when you actually wanted steak.

              1. Shrugs shoulders says:

                Yeah I fuckin love the offspring and you’re a total non gay kind of faggot arncha

                1. Homophobia Is Gay says:

                  Punk rock is for the meek. Contrary to Christian doctrine, they will not inherit the earth except in six-foot graves. Raping them is not gay, it is justice.

                  1. Your cum says:

                    You are so bretting right now and it’s adorable

                    1. Paul says:


                    2. Get a room you guys.

                    3. Barefoot says:

                      It’s always gay sex with you

                  2. Reg of the PFJ says:

                    Well, what Jesus blatantly fails to appreciate is that it’s the meek who are the problem.

                2. I fuckin love the offspring

                  We need an intervention here…

                  1. Smash says:

                    Love you Brett but shut the fuck up

      2. Speed is better than everything except trad says:

        Why The Thing That Should Not Be? Why not For Whom The Bell Tolls?

        1. Thrash is Better Than Speed Metal says:

          Soft verse, hard chorus. Basically half way to numetal. They really went for the formula with One and a couple years later they put out that fruity self-titled album.

        2. As soon as Metallica figured out they could make “soft” songs that the audience liked, you got that kind of bouncy stuff. The first two albums and the instrumentals are great, but most of Master of Puppets is trying too hard to be a heavier Motley Crue.

          1. Speed metal is better than thrash. says:

            Dude, “trying too hard to be heavier than Motley Crue” was Metallica’s entire career, Cliff Burton or no Cliff Burton.

            Tommy Lee fucked Pam Anderson on tape. Crue won. Even now, with Crue’s modern live show being an embarassing circus act, it’s still closer to metal’s fuck you spirit than Metallica’s modern live show.

            1. Basement full of dead leftie journalists says:

              Naw dawg Metallica was OG inspired by the NWOBHM and Discharge, fo real, fo real. All that glam shit was going the other direction, Led Zeppelin and fo schniggle, so the paths did not cross until Metallica decided you know bro we could make some phat soft songs and cash out big on the female buying power.

      3. DRI and Cryptic Slaughter pretty much nailed thrash. I still like old Suicidal but nothing was as intense as those two.

        1. Uncle Brett forgot his brain medication again says:


        2. Ingrown Penis says:

          I wrecked a PT Cruiser while driving drunk and high late one night while listening to Cryptic Slaughters Comvicted. A Mexican in a stolen car ran a red-light and hit me on the drivers side then continued down the road and flipped over, the guy survived and ran, my head hit the steering wheel and the CD kept blasting, a methhead came and started stealing a spilled cup of change that exploded all over the car and stuffing it in his pockets while I was dazed, I told him to stop and he started threatening to beat me up, wasn’t sobriety tested by the cops at all despite being very fucked up and I went home

          1. That is a really excellent album that most do not appreciate because it is so beyond normal art and entertainment. Glad at least the PT Cruiser got wrecked and you got out okay.

            1. Dddeeeeiioopppp says:

              It takes me back as that was awhile ago, just driving listening to good metal and just having this broiling hatred underneath for every facet of the modern world, and here I am 16 years later and still feel the same.

              1. It does not go away unless you sell out or hide behind some philosophy like religion, altruism, hedonism, or paraphilias. However, the brain remains unfogged and life gains intensity, so you got that going for you.

    5. the left is the truth says:

      Fusion of vocal styles is pedophlilic. Either sing or cookie monster. Don’t mix the two. Fuck Into Eternity.

      1. Welcome to Hell says:

        It is just more waffling. Instead of taking a stand and having a unique thought, they churn out standard metal drama and then layer it in all the shit that sold more than fifty records when their dad was a kid.

    6. Thrash is Better Than Judeo-Christianity says:

      One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

    7. Right now, death metal and black metal get a pass on stagnant tropes because that is the best the (dead) genres can offer. Back in the day, we were merciless, and that natural selection had good results.

  6. True misanthrope says:

    You people are so humanistic it would even scare Gene Roddenberry. Personally I don’t love anyone, and I find people, wether they’re geniuses or moronic degenerates, equally irritating. My hope is that either everybody dies, or I will, so I don’t have to interact with the tiresome human race again. Seriously what’s so likeable about humans that you want (on a DEATH metal site) to preserve the best of them, because they all suck anyway? Not that I give a fuck about animals either. Have a nice death, cuz it will happen anyway.

    1. Metrosexuality Detector says:

      > equally


    2. My hope is that either everybody dies, or I will, so I don’t have to interact with the tiresome human race again.

      This is boring. Life is an opportunity.

    3. True sodomite says:

      I think the name and the fact that Brett loves My Bloody Valentine may be attracting the emos again

      1. Everybody loves the ANUS.

  7. Like I said

    Tell Tom he just needs to go to Chile to his face he’d curb stomp you Brett

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    1. George says:


      1. Magister 325 says:

        To a realist, the idea of combining rap and metal makes no sense whatsover. Different structures, rhythms, and aesthetics. No way it will work.

        1. Women says:

          Rules I need rules so I don’t act gay help me

          1. Magister 325 says:

            You need hierarchy. Rules are for the weak. Hierarchy breeds the strong. So does struggle and of course culling.

            1. Stronger than thou says:

              I don’t need hierarchy. I don’t need anything. Needing things is for the weak.

              1. Magister 325 says:

                Not needing things is the ultimate weakness. You have given up on everything but ego-worship. No one who is strong needs ego-worship. By becoming a solipsist, you have made yourself an unconscious power bottom for all of the hungry penises of the universe.

                1. Wait hold on says:

                  Where does the cluelessness end and the Brett Stevens parody start with you? You must clarify.

                  1. Larry says:

                    Okay dude

                  2. Average User says:

                    Yeah, sure. I saw a program about that on the History Channel once.

                  3. As far as I can tell, half of the comments here are satirizing either me or the other posters here.

                2. Individualism destroys all good things.

              2. Liking things is for the weak. Better to wash dishes professionally and spend all your money on rare black metal recordings.

              3. Fenriz says:

                I only know that we need two things über alles:

                1. Total death
                2. Coldvoid

            2. You need my d8ck says:

              Struggling like with carpal tunnel syndrome and celibacy right

              1. Magister 325 says:

                Does anyone struggle with those? Celibacy is easy to end. Anything is consent if you are brave enough.

                1. Doctor says:

                  Stop calling me shirley

          2. The classic means-over-ends argument.

    2. And do you know of any good black vocals in death metal done by black chicks?

      No, but I tend to ignore band photos and biographies.

      So if a black woman sat on your lap with no panties you would run right Brett?

      I have no idea. Probably depends on the Black woman; I have known some good ones. However generally, it would be like a sexy gay man sitting on my lap with no panties: a nice offer but not my thing.

      Of course, if an Irish woman sat on my lap… I really would run like hell.

  8. T Malm says:


  9. namaste says:

    of Slayer and the rest of the proto-death/black pioneers!

    1. The kind of diversity I can support.

  10. Metalheads are eejitts says:

    They had that free-form tremolo sound only for the first couple albums. When they got professional they cleaned it up. And from there it got boring quickly. And then it got stupid.

    1. “Professional” means maximizing selling power according to what labels, pundits, experts, journalists, and investors think, which is usually based on what happened thirty years prior.

  11. My favorite bands are

    Morbid angel
    Vital remains
    Cannibal corpse
    Cannibis corpse

    And Amy Schumer peeing bottomless in all those shirts

    Korn needs to die in a train wreck too by the way

    Hey Brett how will the world get rid of Korn exactly?
    I tried by failed anybody interested in tearingg their raprock heads off?

    1. Meat Appraiser says:

      > Amy Schumer


    2. Slayer
      Morbid angel


      Korn needs to die in a train wreck too by the way

      True. Very true. Hopefully a train wreck into a waste lagoon. However, in the democracy of popularity, they have won out. I think this gives some insight into why many of us are not fans of mob rule in any form.

    3. Maize of Torment says:

      Who the hell considers a cereal a suitable name for their band anyway?

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