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Punk music, in all of its myriad strains, was an integral foundation of black metal. The sense of strong alienation coupled with a conflicted youthful exuberance towards the future was shared between both genres, in addition to technical specificities. As black metal burned through its trajectory and splintered into its various initiatory parts, it became clear that a punk foundation to the genre would be a logical ground for renewal.

It’s here that we find French-Canadian band Oppression. Merging Oi!-style punk with some enhancements from black metal, tracks are short (2-3 minute) affairs. Melodies are catchy, yet wistful lines grounded in simple guitar and bass riffs, with vocal alternating between manic shrieks and an idiosyncratic, youthful attempt at melodic singing. Using the more linear style composition of punk, as opposed to the riff-stacking song construction used by much of black metal, each song contributes a sense of motion that builds the album up over successive tracks. Production values are what one would expect for this style of music; clear enough to make out each instrument, but raw enough to preserve low-budget ethos.

This is a release that is not attempting to invent a new genre, but rather one which seeks to renew genres that had collapsed under their own entropy. This is a solid debut, which bodes well for the band as they refine their craft into the future. The strange aesthetics may be off-putting to some, but if those can be sublimated into the spirit of this album, a refreshingly honest work will open itself for enjoyment.


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22 thoughts on “Oppression – Sociopathie & Glorie

  1. Nito says:

    Good song, but that yodeling part at the end was stupid.

    1. Andrew says:

      Sounds promising, does anyone know how or where to get a copy? I looked around for a bit but I could only find it on cassette.

  2. There are five good punks bands, anything else that’s “punk” is shit. DI, the Exploited, Black Flag, Amebix, Discharge. All you need to know is there. Anyone who likes the Dead Kennedies or Bad Religion is an idiot.

    1. Judgment says:

      I’m assuming you meant DRI.

      1. Judgment says:

        Also, what does this site make of Hanneman openly admitting he was influenced by the Dead Kennedys?

    2. MUSHY FAGBALLS says:

      You need more cock in your mouth !

      1. You keep hogging all the mouth cock before I can get to it!

        1. Wild says:

          Is this a productive line of inquiry?

    3. Roger Water's Unwashed Dildo says:

      What metric do you use for punk?

    4. Count Ringworm says:

      Butthurt right-winger detected.

      Based on the five bands listed it is a safe to conclude you don’t even listen to “punk.”

      1. woe says:

        Shit music apologist detected.

        1. Count Ringworm says:

          Come on now EMBM, be a little less transparent you same-fagging dipshit.

  3. Roger Water's Unwashed Dildo says:

    Punk needs to be judged by entirely different standards than metal music since it is essentially urban youth folk music. Bad Brains is killer and their first two releases build incredible amounts of tension, urgency and energy.

    D.I. is a very melodic punk band, judgement, though I’m not entirely sure EBM is talking about them.

    1. Roger Water's Unwashed Dildo says:

      Sorry, EMBM.

    2. Affirmative action for weak genres.

      1. Roger Water's Unwashed Dildo says:

        Why don’t you explain your conclusions to the audience?

    3. Mike Alexander says:

      I really enjoy Bad Brains’ first two as well. “I Against I” had like 2 good tracks and the rest is much too groovy and rock-ish. Great energy on those first two though.

      I haven’t listened to D.I. in a long time. Maybe I’ll revisit today, see if they still hold up. I assume Mr. Bitterman was talking about D.R.I., who are obviously great.

  4. PPK says:

    Cool track, can anyone upload more of this band? Only 1 other song on YouTube that I could find.

  5. Roger Water's Unwashed Dildo says:

    D.I. doesn’t really hold up. Horse bites…… Has a lot of awkward moments in it. I’m not sure how else to put it.

  6. Nito says:

    How good is this band really? I heard something from their ep/demo/other album/whatever before this and it sounded like total shit, like even Absurd made better songs with more awkward vocals.

  7. DudeMcDude says:

    I saw them live a few times and that’s where they really shine. I agree the voice sounds a little off on the recording, I understand the budget being an issue but it’s really a band to discover!

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