Order Of Nine Angles Group Secuntra Nexion Publishes New Collection


Order of Nine Angles associated group Secuntra Nexion has published a collection of manuscripts on its occult and metaphysical activities, available online (PDF, 5.3mb).

The group issued the following statement:

I would like to give you some new info about Secuntra Nexion, the Italian Nexion of the Order.

After a long period of silence from public life and because we have achieved one of our aims over a period of 10 years, we have chosen to release a MSS Compilation with some texts written by us aimed to tell something about 7FW in a ceremonial and training context and tell something about the Italian approach to Sinisterly-Numinous (via written and visive means).

This Compilation could be useful on several levels or just like a text to read. We have also created a new website/blog to further spread The Mythos of The ONA on Italian soil. To the next year we plan to release other ONA/O9A Compilations containing hundreds of translated MSS by us (via above website); works translated and revised over a period of 10 years and used until now mostly only internally (via printed means).

Although most of heavy metal has gone to the beards and basements set, the original core which holds high interest in all things outside of the Herd will find this interesting reading.

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33 thoughts on “Order Of Nine Angles Group Secuntra Nexion Publishes New Collection”

  1. Module Lipstick Terror says:

    Wow… these niggas are fully Occultic Nazism!

    “We believe
    Adolf Hitler was sent by our gods
    To guide us to greatness.
    We believe in the inequality of races
    And in the right of the Aryan to live
    According to the laws of the folk.
    We acknowledge that the story of the holocaust
    Is a lie to keep our race in chains”

    1. Internatio reloaded says:

      Yeah, Hitler was sent to free us from the Jews, but he wasn’t responsible for their extermination… be consistent guys ! Either Hitler was a godssend and he realy ordered the Holocaust, or the holocaust didn’t happen and Hitler didn’t hold his promises.

      1. Either Hitler was a godssend and he realy ordered the Holocaust, or the holocaust didn’t happen and Hitler didn’t hold his promises.

        Or, both the Holocaust and internationalism are insanity with a common root.

        Compare the execution of French nobles to that of the Jews.

        Same scapegoating mentality, do you think?

        Hitler was what Hitler was. I am mad at him for the loss of many Germans, and for the Holocaust also. Neither achieved their aim nor made people proud to be German, and that enrages me.

        At the same time, he was right about diversity/internationalism/multiculturalism being dysfunctional, as Angela Merkel, who is not as smart as Hitler was, just found out.

        He also managed to indirectly get Israel established. He was right about cancer, the environment and the economy. He loved dogs.

        History is endless nuance. Ideology is binary, without regard for time or depth.

        Solution: remove ideology.

        1. Internatio reloaded says:

          Hitler was just Ludendorf’s tool gone wild once Ludendorf wasn’t in the game. Ludendorf himself was the epitome of Aristocracy, and the result showed that aristocracy had reached it’s end as a useful social system.

          He was also the result of a lot of familial inbreeding.

          What he was up to was an attempt to turn back time as if 1918 hadn’t happen, he failed because that was impossible to achieve. He was the darling of all european leaders in the pre-war years because they thought him their best hope against USSR and that explains a lot of his early successes.

          Also, how come you can deduce that “diversity fails” from various things, but when “unity fails” like with the 3rd Reich, then the problem is something else than unity.

          1. Rainer Weikusat says:

            Hitler was just Ludendorf’s tool gone wild once Ludendorf wasn’t in the game.
            [That’s Ludendorff, BTW]

            (Erich v.) Ludendorff was involved in the failed NSDAP coup in 1923 but not anymore at the time of the Machtergreifung (seizure of power), Hugenberg’s pet attack-dog is more appropriate. The general notion that Hitler and the NSDAP were created/ nurtured by the German nationalist revanchists who wanted to get rid of the republic and the treaty of Versaille and get a second chance to win ‘their’ war because they believed him/ it to be a useful tool is correct (as far as I know).

            1. Module Lipstick Terror says:

              I’ve learned 2 new words from this convo: ‘Ludendorff’ and ‘revanchist’.

            2. Internatio reloaded says:

              Thanks for the precision.

          2. “Also, how come you can deduce that “diversity fails” from various things, but when “unity fails” like with the 3rd Reich, then the problem is something else than unity.”

            I think that if a people is not united, then they can not go anywhere, because they pull in different directions.
            If they do go anywhere, it is because a stronger group overpowers a weaker group, walking in one direction despite the weaker ones pulling in the opposite direction. It is simulated unity.

            When a people is united, they can go anywhere; to good places or to bad places.

            That is why.

            1. Vigilance says:

              “When a people is united, they can go anywhere; to good places or to bad places.”

              I have some empty space in my office, would you like to create some motivational posters to fill the space?

            2. Internatio reloaded says:

              You can have a very general unity of purpose with almost zero unity of superficial traits like skin color, sexual inclinations, religious practises and the likes. Nazism and conservatism in general make the superficial into the essential : get rid of those “others”, and everything will be great again !

              The pseudo-left does a kind of symetric of that with their praising of “diversity” as if it was a panacea in itself, witch leads them to the muddy land of identity politics that the vast majority of the population doesn’t give a shit about (as if having a female or black millionnaire in the White House would improve the lives of common blacks and women).

              the real left, the only one I’m willing to defend, begins when placing the purpose (make everything great… at last) at the top and simply not giving a shit about the superficial.

              1. Nazism and conservatism in general make the superficial into the essential : get rid of those “others”, and everything will be great again !

                That is completely and obviously wrong.

        2. Module Lipstick Terror says:

          Brett, what is your opinion as to the actual death toll in the Holocaust?
          Especially of Jews.

          Inquiring minds need to know… (I KNOW you catch that reference, you’ve been around for a while!)

          1. What a huge topic area. The Holocaust is hairy because it was not a single event. Most deaths of Jews took place in Eastern Europe and the Baltics where Jews were heavily associated with Communism and Russians, both of which were very much hated. This is where you see the executions of whole families going on over open pits. In Germany, there was an entirely different process by which the Jews that Hitler could not scare off with almost a decade of raging public anti-Semitism were enslaved and used to work in German munitions factories, which ultimately backfired on the Germans as their munitions became unreliable (slave labor = bad labor). Most of these died of starvation plus disease, which is why you saw the heaps of emaciated bodies. As to whether they were also gassed, that is someone else’s debate and I do not know enough to weigh in one way or another because generally it is not important to me. If you enslave someone, and four years later they end up dead, the method is less important than the fact that they were used as disposable persons. The real perpetrator of the Holocaust was most likely the British who refused to open up “Palestine” for Jews, in part because of the activities of the Stone gang in the decade before. Had they done that, it is likely that Europe would have deported its Jews there; they had trouble finding any nation willing to take them.

        3. think Again says:

          No, Brett, the Jews were not “the nobles of Germany”.
          They were the extortionists and black mailers of Germany.

    2. We need to start a campaign to mail them Mystifier LPs.

  2. smearing sperm says:

    I was gonna say this is apple as fuck until I saw that they’re nazis. The occult stuff is apple and made-up but the I’m ok with the google/skypes hate.

  3. Roger says:

    Radiohead are better than Ildjarn

    1. Roger is OK Computer says:


  4. C.M. says:

    These guys made up their own “mythos” and published it under the O9A name. The old material was getting outdated since it didn’t include Nazi stuff and therefore held no appeal for post-edgy-teen Alt-Right NEETzchian weebs.

    Pass on this and find the orignal collection of O9A manuscripts (avialable in the first link), because they are actually worth a read.

    1. Cynical says:

      09A had the “Nazi stuff” from the very beginning. Look into David Myatt…

    2. Module Lipstick Terror says:

      Does Nazi stuff really hold appeal “for post-edgy-teen Alt-Right NEETzchian weebs”?

      Nazism of that sort seems OVER. Like, NSBM from ’97. Flash in the pan, done to death, stupid when it started. Don’t the kids feel that? Nazism is just a gauche joke now. The really rebellious niggas go trans or gendertrash. (In the ’90s it was enough to just wear a skirt for a day. Shit is desensitised by everybody watching porn daily.)

      1. From swastikas to frogs.

  5. Many atrocities have become forgotten.
    No one today remembers the brutal slavery of negros by the greedy Belgian king and his rubber industry.
    But every one remembers the second world war. That is because the second world war ravaged Europe, home to the writers of history. And they would not soon forget that calamity.

    Now imagine if the second world war had hever happened. Imagined how we wouldn’t have to silence our criticism of Israel out of fear. Imagine how we wouldn’t be cucks to immigration from inferior cultures.
    Imagine how great Germany would be today.

  6. Morbideathscream says:

    Israel was created in 1948 as reparations for the holocaust that supposedly happened. It’s constantly brought up to reinforce white guilt and when someone expresses a view that has the slightest hint of nationalism that person will be deemed a Nazi, horrible person, etc. It’s used as a weapon to instill endless white guilt. I don’t entirely deny the holocaust but, 6 million is greatly exaggerated. The jews run the media and education as well so, that’s all you’re doing to hear. You also have to remember that history is written by the winners. Stalin is responsible for far more deaths than Hitler was and that’s if you include the 6 million but, how often do you hear about that?

    There’s plenty of white guilt over slavery here in America. Of course most teachers in schools and media leave out the part that it was their own people in Africa that sold them out. Here in America it’s literally a crime to defend yourself against a black man even though he’s a thug with 50 felonies. They tried to ban the confederate flag about a year and a half ago. Trust me, us white Americans do not have it any better than Europeans, I know you didn’t make a comment saying that we did but, just letting you know it’s bad over here too.

    Speaking of atrocities that are ignored, there’s currently a white genocide going on in South Africa and that’s been going since the English and Dutch(I think?) gave South Africa back to the blacks. 70,000 have been killed and the English government have basically stranded them and have left them to be massacred. Now imagine if something like this was happening to a non-white population somewhere? They would make Europe take more refugees and it would illegal to protest it.

    1. Morbideathscream says:

      Fuck me, that comment was intended to be a reply to vOddy’s comment.

    2. Johan P says:

      How about we all just invent some goddamn spaceships and leave this stinking place to the mediocre and inferior?

      1. I’d rather die in the north than live somewhere else.

        That is not to say that I don’t respect other lands. I like other European places and some Asian places, and I have respect for an African who loves his land as much as I love mine.

        But it would be spiritually emaciating for me to live somewhere else.
        I will never leave my home land. If all good people do, then the land will have unworthy stewards, and there will be no good on it left.

        I am, however, sympathetic to your sentiment.

        1. Johan P says:

          It was a poor attempt at a fatalist joke… What I really meant was something like this: Sooner or later we will be in a sinking boat situation.

        2. Johan P says:

          And like you, I wouldn’t want to leave good old Thule either Voddy.

          1. C.M. says:

            How about we send the idiots out on spaceships and start cleaning up Earth?

            1. Johan P says:

              Good idea, and it resonates with the function of the narrenschiffs of the past.

    3. Vigilance says:

      Or it could be the simple fact that doctrines of racial prejudice tend to result in immoral deeds such as internment, property confiscation, violence, or murder when acted upon? Pan-Nationalism is just a ruse to avoid asking the question of how one ethically achieves a nationalist state – after- acquiring a well established and entrenched ethnic diversity.

  7. El Duende says:

    So much idiocy and sheepishness among the autist and the supposedly independent minded in the comments here…

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