Panic in SJW-land over being made accountable for their behavior


Kim Kelly, the SJW journalist caught faking stories for metal magazines, expressed outrage that would do basic research about her and publish an article forcing her to be accountable for her past statements and activity. You can see the full Twitter drama here including white knighting by internet tough guys. Notice how research becomes “stalking” when someone else does it, but it’s “research” when Kelly does it.

Kelly, who has no criticism for her fellow Vice NSBM-wannabe-turned-SJW-journalist Neil Jameson, has made a career of using lack of compliance with SJW issues to tear down careers of musicians. That is, of course, after she broke herself into the business as PR flack for notorious provacateurs Anal Cunt. MetalGate — inspired by GamerGate — was the first coherent resistance to the SJW invasion of heavy metal.

It is typical for SJWs to be hypocritical. For them, ideology is social and also how they hope to attract an audience which will feel guilty for not listening to them, therefore will feel a compulsion to buy SJW propaganda, like Chinese under Communism buying the Red Book or even a Czech grocer putting a sign in his window. This is about audience, and replacing the metal audience with a new group, which is why SJWs get upset when called out on that. They are not here to bring accountability. They are here, like any other lobbyist or corporate group, to sell products. And they really, really do not want you to look behind that curtain.

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8 thoughts on “Panic in SJW-land over being made accountable for their behavior”

  1. Daniel Maarat says:

    Stalking? Who would stalk her? The only thing she is good for is shark bait.

  2. Lord Mosher says:

    Kim Kelly playing the victim card.
    Apparently she feels stalked when someone of superior intelligence and integrity like our home hero Brett Stevens does a little research on her politicized, hypocritical and egotistical agenda.

    She of course unfriended Brett so now it’s like you know, weird, that that didn’t have any effect in the “real world”. Which speaks volumes of Kim´s lack of intelligence.

    Where do these hipsters come from? They are intellectually and spiritually alien to metal subculture.

    Where were you Kelly back in the mid 90s when Brett was speaking agains Christian metal was trying to assimilate metal? What have you done of worth for metal?

    Your “journalist” attempts are mediocre and political, socially conscious self-righteous propaganda. You are a fake! You represent the herd mentality metal as a subculture has tried to escape from since the early 70s.

    You have to understand one thing: there are intelligent fans that have been around longer than you’ve been alive and, we don’t buy it. We see through your pathetic attempts at control, bullying and invasión.

  3. METALLION says:

    What more could you expect from someone who’s first “metal” band was Nirvana?

  4. OliveFox says:

    Her handle is GrimKim!? That whole conversation showed that she is basically a child and that grown (albeit very stupid) men will do anything to get attention from a woman.

    I understand why you are doing these articles, and am all for exposing phonies. But isn’t this just a Black Belt smashing a Yellow Belt? She doth protest to much, “I can not BELIEVE he is STALKING ME!” Yet, she is clearly thrilled to pieces that she is “provoking” people and in some ways thinks this is legitimizing her “career” as a journalist because of the strong reactions it gets.

    SJWs and social engineers certainly deserve to be eviscerated for their shoddy approach to pretty much everything. But doesn’t so much attention actually work in their favor, give them power, feed their egos and make them worse?

    1. Ara says:

      It’s much like the martyr mentality of hardcore Christians and such. Exposing them plays into their victimhood and in a perverse way proves them right in their minds. Regardless of how much it could potentially aid in their agenda, given Kelly’s prominence in various outlets that unfortunately cover a lot of ground in what is portrayed as the underground, it’s important to argue an opposing mindset so that newer audiences aren’t fooled into thinking that metal has a fascist ideology.

      1. OliveFox says:

        I suppose than the question is, how much REAL prominence does this woman have? I had vaguely heard about her a few years back as a contributor to The Atlantic, but other than that it seems to be no more than shoddily reviewed albums and twitter feuds.

        I always go back and forth on this issue, so I claim no special insight as to the right methods. To engage or ignore.

        1. Ara says:

          From what I understand, she writes for Noisey and Decibel which are pretty ubiquitous and could be good gateways to actual underground stuff to a new fan, so protesting her stance is important.

  5. canadaspaceman says:

    The Chrysalids by John Wyndham is prophetic!
    One day in the future, abominations unto the Lord , such as Lobster Girl, will be sterilized and banished from normal society.

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