It has become apparent that the mentally ill mutant publisher of the failed Terrorizer Magazine pulled a classic Blake Judd-style heist on everyone stupid enough to subscribe to it in 2017.  Back in September, Terrorizer published a post on Facebooktarget=”_blank” rel=”nofollow external” indicating that “they’re having publishing problems” and promised to send everyone’s missing magazines that week.  In reality, subscribers were lucky if they got 1/4 of the year’s magazines delivered as most never received at least 3 of the issues and even got shafted on digital copies (!!!).  Absolutely no one has received the December issue (it was never published), yet everyone has been billed for the full year both last year AND THIS YEAR even though the last magazine was published in November!  I was just as shocked to hear about this as you were: I couldn’t believe people actually paid money to read Terrorizer last year!

So as of yesterday the lefty metal media has finally been reporting on the embarrassing death of Terrorizer Magazine, but so far they are taking a sympathetic tone.  But why is this, after the harshness they displayed on Blakey Judd for ripping off his fans in the exact same fashion?  The answer has been thus far carefully concealed by the liberal metal media outlets reporting on this:  Terrorizer’s publisher is trans.target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow external”
Yes, we live in an age that’s so ass backwards that lefty media outlets will do anything to virtue signal and are absolutely terrified of doing anything that will label them ____-phobic.  In this case, these publications know that if they post negatively about a transgender then they will be crucified by their peers and readers even though people were outright robbed.target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow external”  Therefore, they’re stuck in an uncomfortable situation where they have to report on this but don’t want to really portray the situation as what it is, and this tone shines through their writings as clear as day.  But given that the left always eats itself, they have good reason to fear.

Right now, it’s being reported that Terrorizer just vanished into the blue, but the truth is that its publisher is out doing interviews on sex changes and tweeting about progressive liberal garbage every day.  It’s a stone cold fact that this pathetic waste of existence robbed the shit out of people in an age where paying money to read a metal magazine is robbery enough.  And in all honesty, the most probable scenario is that Miranda’s hatred for cis-men was so strong that she must have realized she was being a shitty social justice warrior by NOT robbing the subscriptions of her mostly straight white male readership.  While it was probably only enough to cover a handful of syringes, Miranda’s thefts are likely to go uncontested in both the media and the legal system of the social ruins we call Europe.

There is nothing to mourn here as there is a reason that it took months for people to realize Terrorizer was dead- it was a shit publication that was in every way inferior to Metal Maniacs and Anvil.  Death Metal Underground absolutely obliterated Terrorizer’s online webzine in viewership the last few years and did so without any reader funding or big money advertiser networks.  Terrorizer Magazine’s pathetic robbery of petty subscription cash will forever stain anything Miranda hopes to accomplish in terms of transgender civil rights and hopefully teach people a lesson on where social justice warrior virtue signaling ultimately leads you.

I, Brock Dorsey, hereby verbally and figuratively piss on the grave of Terrorizer Magazine, who will quickly be forgotten.  DECIBEL- YOU’RE FUCKING NEXT!

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  1. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

    I wouldn’t even rape that cross eyed thing! For the people that have been jewed by this gay magazine, I will them rape to the death! WAR!

    1. Nicholas Vahdias says:

      God bless your soul! What would this website be without your insightful comments!? Please send your various conquests with pictures so that we may bestow upon you the praise and admiration you rightly deserve

  2. canadaspaceman says:

    I have a few Terrorizer mags that were given to me. It’s glossy with a good layout,and lots of photos, but never liked the writing styles in it.
    No point in scanning and uploading them.

    1. Slaughter of this Hole says:

      That’s how I feel about ’90s HUSTLER.

      1. canadaspaceman says:

        in the 1990s I bought Juggs I think

  3. Gardens of Queef says:

    Cock Dorsey, you’re wrong; the media CAN excoriate this nigga, just use female pronouns, not even mention the trans-angle. That angle is irrelevant to his crimes. (Sorry that I just criminally, immorally MISGENDERED somebody!)

    Somebody needs to lawyer up and get class action on that azz. That would be the closest you’re gonna get to this Templar Crusades schtick.

    1. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

      Dopey is the worst editor this site has ever had. At least Maarat flooded the site with garbage that was actually metal-related. Dopey just uses it to shitpost and do his retarded DEUS VULT schtick like he’s on /pol/.

  4. I'm black says:

    What an ugly, fubar of a wall-eyed bitch-made corpse! Fuck off and die!
    DEUS VULT!!!!

  5. ScorpioWasAGarbageMan says:

    Jesus man every time I come here nowdays its some dorky alt right political rehash of the same bullshit in the forums of every dumbfuck website everywhere.

    This Brock dweeb is a dipshit 2018 youtube-commenter-conservative, get this bullshit off the DLA.

    suffer goat sodomization

  6. Galopper says:

    Christian disease: clinical investigation and virus detection.
    fever virus per milimeter of serum at 95 % probability and was 100% concordant with nested PCR on 33 samples from 16 patients with confirmed infection. Spreads fast and there is no time for finding cure and saving the rest of healthy tissues.
    The only cure for the infestation is PURIFICATION BY FIRE.

  7. Svmmoned says:

    Besides of being leftist ideologues, beneath the thin mask provided by modern standard of living those queers are merely a prostitutes, drug addicts and schizophrenics. Only revolted and indoctrinated.

  8. HELL V.666 says:

    Decibel your are the next!!

  9. why? says:

    Goddamn, I regret clicking that first link.

  10. canadaspaceman says:

    Good riddance to all these faggy magazines.
    It is the fault of all 1990s fanzines that thought being clever and progressive and “intellectual”, as if they were SPIN magazine, would elevate heavy metal.
    Fuck that.
    Then the same dweebs, and “journalists” who were fans of those writers got in the big game and weakened what was cool.
    I probably do not own any 1990s glossy metal mags, but would be curious who were the idiots that promoted nu-metal, for example.

  11. Richard says:

    Zines über alles.

    Nobody sane should waste their time with any official Metal “publication” beyond fanzines.

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