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Hey, I don’t like this post. Please remove it. People on this site are childish… and complete waste – with idiot comments that fuel both racial and ethnic hatred. DO NOT FUCKING POST ANY MORE of my stuff on THIS SITE!!!! – Kam Lee

Hope all those responsible are happy.

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  1. Kum Lee has AIDS says:

    Listen to it then you’ll get AIDS lol

  2. drink Faygo and be merry says:

    I seen a lot of trash talkin ‘n hatin on juggalos around here. I jus gatta say one thing. Us juggalos, we jus tryin to find a place where we fit in, OK? Jus like everyone else. That place happens to be a juggalo gatherin’ where we recreate Jackass stunts, drink Faygo and listen ICP. If you got a problem with any of dis, then you jus straight hatin’. OK? And us juggalos, we peaceful, but when you hate on us, we gon get our ass-woopin shoes on ‘n kick yo hatin ass til it bleeds. Yall been warned, juggalo soulja out!

  3. says:

    Yo give a homie some love!

  4. @juggalo scum says:

    no, its not okay. yes, i am hating you. please die.

  5. serious question says:

    I just made love to an empty can of Faygo. Does that make me a faygosexual?

  6. serious answer says:

    It just makes you open-minded and sensitive.

  7. Fuck fag-o and fuck you juggalo fag says:

    Not everyone is created. This applies to juggalos. They’re even more subhuman than blacks.

  8. misantropic nihilist stoic battlestar galactica collector says:

    Not wanting to abuse of the generosity of anyone, i would like to ask some recomendations for good classical music to start. When i started several years ago on death metal i only had Altars of Madness to listen to, and it pointed me on right direction. With classical ,so far, im lost . Thanks!

  9. just someone friendly trying to help says:

    @misantropic nihilist stoic battlestar galactica collector

    You might want to start with Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. Try this piece for instance:

  10. lol says:

    how about a piece about a forced shit in your bed?

  11. more metal, less drama, come on... says:

    Not a problem, everybody comes here for the comments anyway, not the posts. but when I read the post for the first time, I thought how much time before someone makes a joke switching Kam Lee for Kum Lee, and BAM, the first comment is exactly that kiddie joke.

  12. deadite says:

    What post is he talking about? The one that featured all of his bands a while back?

  13. @deadite says:

    this post was originally about his radio show lol

  14. Levy_Spearmen says:

    I guess I would settle for a SHIT ugly whore, butt she better have a highly tuned ass and developed tits.

  15. Kum Lee HAHA! What a dork! says:

    Seriously, does he troll the interwebz to look for shit written about him?

  16. Kum Lee says:

    My ass is _really_ sore, those big black cocks near split me in half.

  17. shit says:

    Excellent idea: require a login to post, ban assholes

  18. Easy Answers says:

    require a login to post, ban assholes

    Yeah, and who does all this daily work? You?

  19. @Easy Answers says:

    >wants to improve quality of comments on blog posts(I’m assuming)
    >doesnt want to do work required


  20. Spider-Man says:

    I’ve been having trouble lately battling Venom. He’s a cunning foe! You metalheads probably know him. Venom is the super villain responsible for creating Cronos, who later formed a metal-punk band named after its creator: Venom!

    As you guys know Norman Osbourne aka Green Goblin is Ozzy Osbourne’s father creator of metal music. These two super villains on a trip to Norway met Euronymous (founder of the Euro), and together formed the Inner Circle: a super villain group formed with the sole intention of world domination via horrible music.

    But worry not! your frienly neighborly Spider-Man is here to protect you all!

  21. Spider-Man says:

    >mfw in new comix I’m a black-latino mix

  22. Irony much? says:

    Funny how the death metal gurus you praise are usually pretty liberal and against racial hatred and all.

  23. @Irony much? says:

    Yeah that’s true. Yet ANUS promotes “pan-nationalism” and conservatism, death metal musicians seem to be pretty liberal. Ah yes, let us bask in the irony!

  24. @Irony much? says:

    “…and against racial hatred and all.”

    Like this site you mean?

  25. dumbasses says:

    Haha, you know it’s a good day when even the artists you idolize so much and quote fucking hate you aspies. So far we’ve got Kam and Varg. It’s a shame more of them don’t know about you to express their disgust.

  26. @dumbasses says:

    I think he was refering to people commenting on the site, wich means people like you….(and, before you point it out, yes, me too)

  27. @idiot above says:

    >with idiot comments that fuel both racial and ethnic hatred
    >fuel both racial and ethnic hatred

    Hmm… I wonder what the original premise of this site was? “durr antihumanism, everyones not equal, niggers are dumb they shud habe dere own cuntree”

  28. JuggaloHomie14/88 says:

    Yo man let me tell you something: blacks are the biggest racists on the planet. I used to be into black music (ethnic black) and go to black hiphop shows back in the days. I even went to a DMX show once, it must have been the third show I’d ever been to. I was 15-16 years old.

    When I got there the place was packed with blacks. From the start there was a very violent atmosphere, a lot of them were looking and acting like real gangbangers. Then when DMX came on all the black people just started beating up on the white people for no reason! At first I was like “yo this is wicked!” because I used to hate white people too back then. But suddenly some black dude next to me punched me in the side of the head. I went down and about eight of them niggers started kicking the shit out of me. Security didn’t do anything to stop the violence because they were all black too. And DMX was just encouraging it and making jokes about it during the whole show. After that concert I was like “YO FUCK BLACKS” and I started exploring white hiphop and white power philosophies. I started reading Adolf Hitler and listening to ICP. Then I discovered horrorcore and metal. These were huge eyeopeners for me, I went from being a self-hating white man to being a proud aryan who listens to white music only. Seriously yo, fuck blacks! I can’t stand the motherfuckers, there’s too many of them and we need a WHITE JUGGALO REVOLUTION! 14/88!!! Whoop whoop!!!

  29. Kum Lee in your pants says:

    Seems like a brickhead. Is there any need on his part, as a “business” associate, to be so aggressively reactionary?

  30. cunt lee says:

    niggers are gay

  31. @Kum Lee in your pants says:

    Yeah, the guy’s a total mongoloid, which is part of the reason why From Beyond is as good as it is.

    But he’ll never get that lucky again.

  32. Kum Li all over your facial says:

    FOAD racial commentators.

  33. Kam Lee says:

    Who the fuck am I?

  34. Chung lee says:

    DAD dont be an asshole

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