Pray to Satan

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Satan is dead. At this point it’s clear that you either go full Nietzschean with materialism, and try to find inspiration from aesthetics, or try to find a religion outside the humbling dualism of Christianity. People are choosing religion, demographically, and religion is getting more scientific because it must to not get blown away by changes in attitudes. At the same time people are also getting more conservative because the modern disaster has finally started to show. We’re totally out of control of this society because everyone is equal, so you can tell no one that what they’re doing is bad (unless it’s really obvious, like murder or mass orphan rape). All religious people with brains are starting to adopt a Blake/Emerson transcendentalist view which refutes dualism, although the dumb masses are always going to need some kind of absurd promises. This means the point in being Watain is not there anymore, since they’re fighting against a phantom from the 1980s, when we all thought Christian conservatism was going to destroy us all. It turns out the Christian conservatives saved us from the Soviets, and now we’re seeing that the hippie way of life just leads to more pollution, hatred, racism, misery and despair.

Futurist metal is going to take a Marshall McLuhan/Voivod approach. Like the best of sentimental mysticism in metal, it will probably embrace the idea of a world beyond this one, although not a dualistic one, more likely one in whatever n-space “m theory” or quantum entanglement proposes. Instead of being humanistic, it will focus on exploration, conquest and discovery. This will be how it transcends the Christian dualism and Jewish guilt-based morality that is inherent to all Abrahamic religions including Islam (and at this point, Judaism has been too Christianized to survive the onslaught, which is sad as it was the last hardcore literalist religion). Nietzscheans in space, exploring micro-organisms, finding ways to tie occultism and Platonic forms to our new knowledge of sub-atomic particles, string theory and emergent patterns. When you think about it, all prog bands want to be Voivod without the candy parts anyway. – Pray for Satan

Satanism in metal is so 1980s. Back then, a revolution: discover the occult under the slick modern skin that was really only three decades (one generation) old. So when people head for the safe, you remind them of death, mutation, disease, suffering, defecation, sodomy, and occult insistence that Evil is as important as Good, and that’s another way of saying both are human perspectives only. Nature doesn’t care whether it does evil or good, it just does what it must. But now, in the 2000s, everything is permitted. We need a new mythology, not a negation. If you have Satan, you need God; if you have God, you need Satan. Now, we all know that Jesus Christ is a liberal, a Communist and probably a free-market anarchist or at least free-love hippie. But he’s sort of immaterial, he’s a popularization of the Old Testament message. Whatever God we have, it’s the same God, much as we say the word God in many different languages; every religion describes the same world, the same God, and struggles with the anthrocentric concepts of Good and Evil. If you have Evil, however, you must have Good and vice versa. So it’s time to reinvent the mythology from within. If you want to destroy Christianity, take it back to its Pagan (Greek) roots and admit the archetype for Jesus Christ was Socrates. If you want to destroy modern soulless Judaism, embrace the original demi-gnostic hermetic Judaism. We are all together in each of our nations fighting for the same world, and different interpretations of the same truth. Metal needs to embrace the futurist aspects of science joined with a mysticism of logic that doesn’t depend on a dualistic god or inherent meaning.

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  1. mandrake says:

    The call the reinvention is modernist. The new mithology, based on some roots, or not, is still modernist (or postmodernist, same thing). Still perspectivism stands, since both tao and orthodox christianity are so similar. The dynamics of metal as modern/postmodern point of view takes over again, the dynamics of metal as a celebration of human nature (be it a child of an violent and unnatural era).

  2. rat catcher says:

    “Satan is dead.”

    deep words bro

    looks like my little aspielets are finally growing up, welcome to the world the rest of us have known since we were 5 years old.

  3. Anti-Bacterial says:

    I’m not surprised. I’m sure we all knew Death and Black Metal were inverts of Christianity, hence the inverted crucifix. For that reason like Christianity, it wouldn’t make sense to build any value system around that. Yet, there’s that Nihilism stuff. When God died, all his petty angels and fallen angels succumbed too.

  4. rat catcher says:

    ^ Troll, or retard? I rolled my eyes hard while reading that post. I can’t believe that someone would actually waste time to analyze that shit from such and such angle, you might as well be trying to dissect the story of Little Red Riding Hood, its message to humanity and relation to metal like a pompous fuck.

  5. Anti-Bacterial says:

    I guess I’ll choose retard, cause I don’t don’t get what you mean.

  6. rat catcher says:

    I don’t either. I didn’t really read your first comment anyway lol

  7. Anti-Bacterial says:

    Forget the nihilism part. Death and Black Metal romanticize evil. Of course, this is a parallel to Christianity which upholds good. Neither would work in a moral system. Not that a system of morals could be upheld; as if humans can impose themselves upon the universe in such a way at the moment. Understand?

  8. deadite says:

    “I don’t either. I didn’t really read your first comment anyway lol”

    That makes you seem very intelligent.

  9. rat catcher says:

    Or just like someone being impersonated. lulzies

    Still more intelligent than someone spewing crap about christianity and santa-ism like it’s serious biznezz.

  10. Anti-Bacterial says:

    It is serious business if ultimate evil is what Metal devolves into by the masses. My comment and the article are redundant to the people who will take Metal music a step further as they would not need bother themselves to read it. They should understand the duality present in Metal music and act now to enhance the music before the masses of idiots use this duality to potentially wreck great potential. I think this is a much better comment than my first. Would you agree?

  11. deadite says:

    Did you read and fully understand this entry? What is it arguing for or against? What are some main points it makes?

    You can not care about it if you want, but at least take the time to read through it so you can form a solid opinion.

  12. rat catcher says:

    I’ll do that when you read through pages of material on transgender support sites justifying their mental delusions. I’m not sure what the fuck you’re babbling about exactly, but you seem agitated at the thought that I don’t think talking about “inversions of christianity” in the context of retarded children’s music like black metal is fucking laughably stupid without having read the entirety of his retarded post, which I have.

  13. deadite says:

    There’s your problem right there, if you think of black metal as “retarded children’s music”, you won’t really get what he’s saying.

    I don’t think this site is in line with your tastes; therefore, it seems you think it has nothing valid to say because you don’t agree with it. Which is childish in itself.

  14. rat catcher says:

    That’s funny, that’s exactly what the mods at the deluded tranny forum said. Sorry, do I have to headbang myself into a double-digit IQ and thus finally have the right faculties to appreciate black metal so that Pubert’s ramblings here will seem deep and inspiring to me? Please, as if Nietzsche’s writings weren’t nauseating and puerile enough.

  15. deadite says:

    So then, what, pre tell, are you still doing here? You care enough, or are bored enough, or have nothing better to do than stick around and argue.

    I sense a troll.

  16. Miss hairy legs says:

    I personally enjoy the esoteric forms done in metal. You can go Thelema with Behemoth or Asatru with blah and blah or chaos magick with men and pen. The whole damn point is trying to improve yourself. What can really be better than that. I mean, Christianity is just spiritual slavery, but say Hermetisim, pick what you want to study, and you get something you can feel, see, and whatever sort of thing you need to convince yourself .

  17. redux says:

    glad to be a hindu.

  18. toejam cracker spread says:

    >The whole damn point is trying to improve yourself.

    That’s done through actual useful knowledge, not mystical bullshit about summoning the ninth plane of Pazuzu or a bunch of self-evident truisms. You might as well be “improving” yourself through Forgotten Realms Dungeons and Dragons lore. You’re just trading out one bag of shit for a less popular one.

  19. T.G. says:

    Yo bro, everyone that disagrees with me is a nutbag, because I’m fucking God. Ya dig?

  20. Jose Mangin of Serius XM says:

    Hey metal brothers!

    Man, this site is the shit!!! FUKIN METAL! I’ve never seen a site like this before. You guys tell it like it is and that is very METAL! I just did an interview with Kerry King, and that guy is FUKIN METAL!!! Great site and welcome to the metal community!!!
    Keep it METAL!!!!

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