RABM = NSBM = UBM = 100% garbage

There’s an old expression, “to put the cart before the horse,” which I think originated on Brokeback Island.

It’s comparable to two others: “the tail wags the dog” and “throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

Each one describes a type of superstition. Superstition is what happens when you confuse an event — that occurs at the same time as a certain effect — with being the cause of that effect.

For example, we burned some heretic and then the rains came after a long drought. Therefore, we should burn heretics to get rain. QED, muddafugga.

In music, we can confuse having an ideal with repeating the symbols of that ideal.

Really good music is always motivated by an intense conviction. You belief in something, therefore you make music that sings its praises and uses its opposite to illustrate why it is good. I sing a song of food, which is awesome, and doubly awesome after a famine. Makes sense.

At that level, politics and philosophy — and even religion, and personal preference — are part of the same spectrum. That spectrum is the conclusions you’ve reached. These aren’t preferences, like “I like pink.” They’re adaptations. If burning heretics doesn’t make rain come, but everyone around you is still burning heretics to end the drought, you may become an artist motivated by the idea that burning heretics is stupid. Is that politics? Is it philosophy? Common sense? One thing’s for sure: it’s not semi-arbitrary like choosing to get your new laptop in pink and not green. There are consequences to which choice you pick, and because we live in a consistent world, they’re consistent from observation of effect to cause.

But people who preach the symbol blindly have gone about this process backward. Instead of having a viewpoint that drives the music, they’ve gotten superstitious. Having a certain viewpoint is associated with being smart, or making good music, or having an audience, so they adopt it. It’s the same on left and right this way.

For every bad NSBM band out there, and except for a handful (Legion of Doom, Absurd, Burzum, Darkthrone, Veles, Infernum, Graveland) they’re all bad, I can find a bad crustcore, emo or indie band that is just as banal. People don’t see this if they agree with the politics expressed. To them, Infernum is bad and Wolves in the Throne Room is good, and they won’t admit — superstition again — that the only reason is that they agree with one, or feel that being seen to agree makes them look smarter, nicer or sexier. Whatever.

Liking these bands is a social decision, not a political or intellectual one (or even an emotional one). People want to seem smart or extreme for liking this stuff, so they use the band as a symbol of who they are. Nevermind that in the process, the art — which I’ll loosely define as a means of finding appreciation for life through distinguishing what one finds beautiful versus what one doesn’t — loses out to cheerleading for the “correct” side.

But with the rise of this hilarious offshoot of black metal-flavored crustcore, which people are calling “RABM” for “Red and Anarchist Black Metal,” we’re seeing again that the same rules apply on both sides of the spectrum. Wolves in the Throne Room = Drudkh, to pick the best of these political bands. Even more, we’re seeing that “unblack metal” (UBM, or Christian black metal) is just as bad. That makes sense since modern populist Christianity is as liberal as secular humanism, just that it argues that God makes the individual sacred, instead of the individual being sacred for “moral reasons” and progressive dogma.

RABM, NSBM and UBM are many heads of the same hydra, which is a deranged mental state that puts the social and symbolic associations of a band before the music. Instead of finding ideas, and making music about them, they find the appearance of ideas and try to use that to convince you to like their droning mundane music. Like all stupid trends, the sooner this one burns, the closer we get to quality music.

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  1. Thundersong says:

    I’ve never heard of RABM, and I shame my eyes to see the rise of this bullshit. Reds and Anarchists are pussyfooted degenerates that we’ve kept out of Black Metal for quite some time. If people don’t start shifting Black Metal ideology towards extremity again, more of this egalitarian mentality will arise. The reason it didn’t happen before is because the “scene” was pure along with people that fervently rejected such social nonsense. This is what happens when we let fags into our movement.

    Absurd and Veles will never be appreciated by the likes of these clowns, but to a much fuller extent, neither will Graveland or Burzum regardless of how many Fools In The Throne Rooms are born in the next ten years.

    As an Anus reader for 10+ years, I say this shit needs to stop now.

  2. Adrian McCoy who hates cocks and will kill anyone who says I suck cocks says:

    I hate nu-metal, I don’t care how irrelevant it is…

    Why does it suck you might ask?

    1.It’s dumb
    2.It’s wigger bullshit
    3.It takes no talent
    4.It’s annoying
    5.The bands collaborate with rappers to make themselves look good, not because they care about making good music…

    If Korn died tomorrow I would be a very very happy man…

    As for the article, Black metal is in better shape than Anus realizes, its not ever going to be accessible to the vast majority of fools out there who listen to ICP, Necro or Korn or slipknot…

    And these new trends within the scene will be deader than disco within a few months…


  3. Adrian McCoy is all right says:

    I like this guy: he has spirit.

  4. hurhur says:

    Deader than disco will be the new name for my crust punk/emo/cum shoegaze band. It’s so ironic and free spirited!

  5. Adrian McCoy says:

    Disregard all of that, I suck co–HHHNNNNNGGGHHH

  6. canthisbereal? says:

    what lies beyond this shell?

  7. En Vind Av Sorg says:

    A fine article.

    To all of the Adrian McCoys out there:

    I’m sure this has been explained to you many times, however I think it bears a further (and possibly clearer) explanation.

    Obvious idiocy (your nu-metal, for example) can be easily identified and ignored and does not represent a threat to the continued proliferation of metal as an art form. The point that you do not seem to get is that bands like Wolves in the Throne Room cloak themselves in the guise of metal and yet their music has none of the qualities of great art that good metal should have. Thus, they represent a more insidious threat due to the fact that they appear to be metal and yet are, at their core, not. Nobody is going to confuse Korn with Morbid Angel. However, to someone who is new to the genre, Burzum and Drudkh might sound quite similar. Speaking as someone who enjoys metal music (and I think the people at ANUS would agree), I do not want it diluted and weakened by the inclusion of hipsters.

    To use an analogy: to a person attempting to buy gold, a chunk of granite is easily distinguished from the desired mineral due to its obvious differences. Therefore, if you tried to sell a chunk of granite to someone as gold, you would be laughed at and rebuffed. If you took a chunk of lead and plated it with gold, however, you could dupe a person into believing it was real much more easily.

    I don’t think the above analogy was necessary, but I’m taking no chances since you seem quite dense.

  8. fffffff says:


    * liberally uses “fag” to draw attention away from his own cock-starvation; probably moans about political correctness if anyone calls him out on it.
    * vaguely “nordic” handle
    * rants incoherently about how “they” should be kept out of “our” scene
    * views politics purely as an extension of macho male egoism
    * fails to realize the distinction between Communism and anarchism

    Congrats, you’re completely identical to any other NSBM closet homo.

  9. blarghjsl says:

    Uh, did you call Darkthrone NSBM?

  10. LimpToolKornBizkit says:

    fffffff, Could you possibly be any more butthurt at Thundersong all because he used the word “fag”? The irony is that you are the one moaning about political correctness and at the same time insulting him for it. What does ffffffff stand for anyway? FAGFAGFAGFAGFAGFAGFAG?

  11. fffffff says:

    FUCK!! you got me!! I suck cocks!

  12. LimpToolKornBizkit says:

    High five dude!

  13. fffffff says:

    LimpToolKornBizkit: It doesn’t have anything to do with political correctness, it has everything to do with the fact Thundersong is an mental infant who kneels at the moral barriers of his “scene.”

  14. Thundersong says:

    Infinitely better than Wangs In A Massage Room:


  15. Subhuman Negroid Scum says:


  16. Adrian McCoy says:

    You people are the dumbest assholes I have ever met on the fucking internet…

    Please do us all a favor and kill yourselves…

  17. Peppy says:

    Adrian, DO A BARREL ROLL!

  18. OSW says:

    Did I seriously just read the words “muddafugga” on the DLA. Searching for a broad audiance probably, but the quality of said writing is still top notch and cuts through falsity like butter!

  19. wut says:

    muddafugga? are you trying to be ironic.. like the hipsters that say nigga lots? or is that ironic because you’re not hip at all? paradox created?! AM SCARED

  20. Someone says:

    “Darkthrone is certainly not a Nazi-Band nor a political band, those of you who still might think so, you can lick mother Mary’s asshole in eternity.”
    -Booklet “Panzerfaust”-

  21. Someone again says:

    I think racism is against musicianship because there were and are plenty of awesome musicians from every “race”.

  22. Someone says:

    Damn -Textile-

  23. Someone says:


  24. falco says:

    Prozak just went through and deleted all 20+ of the other responses making fun of him. This guy can’t handle criticism, it’s a good thing I can handle sucking cocks. USE BOMBS WISELY!!!

  25. IQ88 says:

    what the world really needs is
    Ridiculously Angry Black Metal

  26. Hurp Durp says:

    Yeah, I think it’s time we just went back to pounding on rocks and screaming.

  27. aooky says:

    Communism is fucking metal. It’s about smashing the lying churches and their bullshit gods—and overthrowing the parasitic weaklings who do nothing but extract labor’s surplus value. It’s about *real-life* struggle and revolution.

    ☭All power to the proletariat; no mercy for the capitalist. Black Metal ist Klassenkampf!☭

  28. WTF? Since when are Bruzum, Drudkh or Darkthrone NSBM bands?

    Varg Vikernes may have said idiotic comments on the NS-Ideology in the past, but that doesn’t make his music related to the Neo-Nazi movement.

    Drudkh, whose members are in Hate Forest (A NSMB band), have said many times that Drudkh has no connection to the NS-Ideology.

    And Darkthrone, their music cannot be considered NSBM, since the band members have not even some sort of relationship to the Neo-Nazi movement. I even heard that Fenriz was arrested once while being in an anti-apartheid demonstration.

    I also think that orthodox black metal is equally idiotic, too, but that doesn’t keep me from listening to it, the same way I also listen to Wolves in the Throne Room and Absurd. I’m not willing and I’m not going to oversee some great BM bands just because I find that their ideology is idiotic or wrong.

  29. M. says:

    I hope you’re not suggesting that politics has no place in black metal because that would be…well…political of you. How ironic. There is nothing more fucking ridiculous than a metalhead crybaby who gets upset because some band has lyrics that dehumanise jews and negros when it seems perfectly acceptable to dehumanise women or homosexuals in the metal community. In fact ever notice how many of these anti-NSBM cretins call NSBM musicians “faggots”? I don’t know what’s more pathetic… that they’re unaware that the NSDAP also persecuted homosexuals or that their infantile homophobia makes them just as bad as any racist.

  30. M. says:


    Your homophobia makes you just as bad as any racist making your entire “argument” or lack of rather ridiculous at best. You, son, are a fucking idiot.

  31. Malphas1488 says:

    Hey at least NSBM is the truest form of black metal out there. RABM and christian black metal are both just garbage

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