Recent Adventures in Censorship


The leftists, reds, hipsters, social justice warriors, sexual deviants, and the mentally ill are engaged in a war to suppress all speech not conforming to or validating their political ideology. Anything contrary to their visions of mandated social realism is shouted down by angry mobs. This totalitarianism is affecting all areas of western society including the arts, business, science, and popular culture.

  • In Austin, The Blue Cat Cafe, a coffee shop where patrons can pet adopted cats, was vandalized by communist hoodlums who believe that landlords making tenants pay rent is wrecking the liberal vision of equality through mediocrity. What the leftist social justice warriors fail to realize is landlords do not care about the ethno-linguistic background or hipsterness of their tenants; only that they pay the rent on time. These people not working, protesting a coffee shop where autists and hippies can pet cats are probably the same social miscreants on waiting lists for public or subsidized housing. Housing such unproductive persons in areas they would not be able to afford to live in of their own earnings creates a dangerous social pathology that blights the surrounding area with crime and depresses legitimate economic activity, not that the communists view anyone else doing anything for self-benefit as legitimate.
  • Feminists shouted down a showing of The Red Pill at an Australian cinema through signing a position. The pussyfooted owners acquiescing to the whims of a radical mob shows the unfree nature of speech in the boneheaded experiment in multiculturalism that is modern Australia. The left is only against free speech that is not leftists, ie you are only allowed to tow the party line about how everyone is created equal even if they are born with fetal alcohol syndrome, congenital syphilis, and a genetic inclination to public masturbation. The radical feminists believe that anything that that merely could in opposition to, contradict, or disprove their simply, identity politics fueled worldview must be shot in the back of the head before other relatively hairless apes hear it.

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37 thoughts on “Recent Adventures in Censorship”

  1. Comrade Proletarian says:

    In glorious workers paradise everyone gets a fancy white suit.

  2. Morbideathscream says:

    George Soros probably funds these sjw groups just like he funds black lives matter. These liberal faggots are useful idiots for the new world order agenda. The reason they have been so effective in affecting all aspects of western society it’s because those in power let them and even encourage it because the goal of Zionist elite is Marxism, communism, etc.

    I heard someone in France got in a confrontation with an antifa fag and I guess that certain someone spoke negatively about antifa and the cops were informed and that person got arrested. I don’t know the whole story I haven’t read an article on it, I was told about it. So I guess it’s illegal to have a negative opinion on antifa in France. No wonder muslim terrorist attacks are becoming the norm there.

    1. Syphilis says:

      Its not kosher to criticize cultural enrichers and their enablers.

    2. “the goal of Zionist elite is Marxism, communism, etc.”

      The goal of the wealthy is to be rich at the expense of the rest of society and the national economy at large.
      It is not to distribute wealth evenly among all workers.

      1. That which is called cultural Marxism is indeed good for the (semi) criminal wealthy, but economic Marxism is the opposite of what they want.

      2. To this I add:

        Zionist elites?
        The problem is that our society is bottom-heavy, meaning it has too many people of low cognitive ability, and they vote.

        Remove that power and the problem solves itself.

        Leftism is always more popular than realism. It always will be and always has been. It is mentally easier, or more convenient, than thinking things through.

        This is why democracy always ends in tyranny and reduction to a third-world stage.

        The correct response to Zionism is to send its adherents to Israel where they can defend their own interests without conflict inevitably with ours like any other minority group. Diversity does not work. Groups have different self-interest, and so when they are combined in one proposition nation, conflict becomes the norm.

        1. The U.S is barely a functioning democracy.
          It’s more of a plutocracy.

          We can blame the foolishness and ignorance of the masses for the lack of resistance against the corruption and subversion of democracy by the plutocrats, but we can’t blame them for the choices made by their rulers.

          I am not saying that they would make good choices. In Sweden, where, despite the existence of bribes, democracy still has considerable power, people do vote foolishly and then complain about the politicians who they voted for, doing what they said that they would do.
          But in the case of the U.S, we can’t blame the people for their incorrect use of power, but for their refusal to use it.

          1. While all of the above may be true, in the US the voters troop off to the polls and vote for stupid stuff every time. Then they ignore anything sensible said about the subject until the next vote. It seems to me this is democracy as usual.

            1. What kind of system governing system are you in favour of?

              All of them have problems, because all of them come down to the same thing: Any form of government is only as good as its ruler(s).

              I think that humanity needs a new system that hasn’t been in place before. It needs technocratic democracy. Democracy with filters.
              There already is a filter: the 18 year age minimum. But the filter should be better. It should require an understanding of national economy, history, and basic science with regard to the environment.
              Education would have to be free, so that every one has a chance to vote – if they are dedicated and intelligent enough to pass the tests.

              This is not immoral. It is exactly the same as a driver’s license, and for the same reason: that driving poorly affects not only yourself, but other people on the road.

              Furthermore, rulers should be their own class, subjugated by the educated voters. Once a person becomes a member of the parlament, he should be paid a salary from tax payers for the rest of his life, and taking any other job or donation should be illegal for him.
              This selects for idealists who want to govern according to their own values rather than career politicians. It also makes bribery illegal, including the kind of bribery that takes place after a politician stops ruling, in the form pf an easy job like a “consultant” or “inspirational speaker” for ridiculous payment.

              1. But most of all, the humans themselves have to be good. No legal system can save a garbage culture (Somalia will be shit under any system), and a system in which it’s easy to be corrupt will still produce a better country if the spirit of the people is good.

                If a people is good enough, there’s barely a need for any system.

                I know that memes drive genes as much as genes drive memes, but I don’t know how to propagate memes to change the memetic and cultural landscape.

                1. But most of all, the humans themselves have to be good. No legal system can save a garbage culture

                  I agree, which is why I say the idea of “Systems” is dead. They do not work. They create proxies which are then gamed.

                  If a people is good enough, there’s barely a need for any system.

                  Best way to achieve this is wise leaders who intervene as little as possible and let nature weed out the weak.

                  1. Systems naturally arise when humans form clusters.
                    It’s defeatist to surrender to the inevitable decay of the system. The decadence has to be fought.
                    What if we found a new culture? by creating a cult or religion which leads to better humans. In the long term, cultists would even have better genes, since they would be attracted to virtues, and thus select for them sexually.

              2. That is a nice attempt to fix democracy, but I cannot agree.

                Only some have the ability to rule, and most people — even smart people — do not understand the issues before someone who is actually doing what needs to be done to achieve good ends. They like pleasant fictions in which the effect is the cause, so to stop poverty for example we dump money on people. Voting will always lead to appearance being more important than reality, and this is why it is endlessly corrupt.

                “Education” only benefits those with the native ability, and they would learn all this stuff on their own anyway.

                I like the idea of philosopher-kings, but I think we need not thinkers but people inclined to excellence and elitism.

                Every successful society dies because it breeds too many peasants and those overwhelm the rest. Fixing this requires realizing that lower IQ people breed more, and keeping those people semi-impoverished and under control to reverse that process.

                Welfare systems of course reverse Darwin and are toxic.

                1. Necronomeconomist says:

                  Lower IQ people tend towards semi-impoverishment on their own. Beyond that, how do you keep them ‘under control’? Forced sterilization?

                  1. non-interventionist says:

                    Forced sterilization is pretty far into excessively totalitarian territory. Withdrawing aid/welfare/assistance to people just for spawning would be enough to slow down the birth rate.

                    If you have no life (don’t travel, don’t craft, are entertained by TV), why not crank out some kids and continue your regular lifestyle while getting paid for it? The outrageous single-mother epidemic in the US is (in part) due to the fact that those women are being paid (by working people) to raise more parasites and criminals.

                  2. Morbideathscream says:

                    Cut their welfare checks. It’ll stop giving them incentive to pop out kids at will and you’ll see them piling up at abortion clinics. That would take care a big part of the problem right there.

                    1. non-interventionist says:

                      Jinx! You owe me a Pepsi.

                  3. Roger is OK Computer says:

                    Incentive-based. Give them a couple of bucks they can spend on their drug of choice and no more little shitheads.

              3. Necronomeconomist says:

                Cool idea; who gets to write the tests?

                Must we elect them?

                1. If we could make it based on hard evidence (like chemistry experiments rather than psychology models) then we could spread out the power over these tests over as many experts as possible. A nazi and a communist can both perform the same experiment and get the same result. Even a feminist would be able to do this, if s/he had the patience and devotion to learn some math.

                  The tests would therefore probably not be about which conclusion to draw, but about what evidence there is for which historical event, or scientific theory.

                  1. Shean Wright a.k.a. Back up in ur azz with the resurrections! says:

                    Yes, but who would write the tests?!
                    I.e., how do you choose the elite who gets to choose the elite?!

        2. Semi-srs question says:

          Brett, do you think sanity, like other things manifest itself in degrees and that certain individuals completely lack it?

          1. do you think sanity, like other things manifest itself in degrees and that certain individuals completely lack it?

            They do not need to completely lack it so much as have so little of it that its opposite can constantly interrupt it. Few insane people are insane all the time. They just, at random, get some spark from within the brain that commands them go to full trigglypuff.

            But yes, all traits manifest in certain degrees and qualities. Very few people are fully sane, or even inclined toward sanity, at this point.

            1. Son of the Damned says:

              It could be a very useful task for mankind to settle on universally-recognized parameters of sanity,though I doubt if this can be an achievable goal.

              1. Howling mad says:

                More often than not the not-so-sane methods are a lot more effective than the sane ones and those perceived to be insane could possibly be the sanest ones around…

                1. Roger is OK Computer says:

                  Look at that weird mirror…

        3. Morbideathscream says:

          Yes, most people are ignorant and stupid who can’t read between the lines. When most of society is gullible it is easier to pass laws under the table, brainwash them through entertainment and media, etc. The elites need plenty of useful idiots to further their agenda. You are correct.

          Must work, be a taxpayer and have an IQ of at least 120 to be able to vote. I know you said on that voting makes idiots which I’m sure it does. Idiots are prevalent everywhere, however, if we were to put a stop to scum that live off welfare and public assistance from voting, it would drastically cut the number of stupid people at the voting booths.

          Leftism makes everyone feel like a winner or at least equal. They don’t want to hear the truth, they want everything sugar coated. Most people are stupid, so it’s only fitting that they would believe in a stupid ideology.

          Nobody with a triple digit IQ thinks diversity is a good idea. Diversity is code for anti-white and is also a means to divide and conquer a nation.

          Yes it makes sense to send all Zionists back to Israel. The problem is they think all the land on earth rightfully belongs to the jews. They have infiltrated many positions of power in the US and many countries in Europe. They take control of the press and promote diversity, homosexuality, feminism, persecution of white heterosexual alpha males, etc. Anything that’s toxic to society. Note that none of these are promoted in Israel. Funny how that works. Global domination is their goal, not just defending the interests of Israel.

  3. squishy crackers that got rained on says:

    i think you meant:

    anything that that merely could *be* in opposition to, contradict, or disprove their *simple*, identity politics fueled worldview

    you guys could really use some better proofreading

    1. smearing sperm says:

      good job on correcting a typo, now I’m distracted from the fact that you and other leftists fear art and freedom of expression

      1. squishy crackers that got rained on says:

        i’m confused as to how you came to the conclusion that i’m a leftist, given that my post had zero bias one way or the other

        you must get commended for your incisive observations all the time so i’m sure you won’t mind if i forgo doing so

  4. Vance Refridgianno says:

    The Red Pill are a bunch of morally bankrupt losers whose idea of femininity and masculinity is hopelessly detached from normal well adjusted people. They actually believe that the Twitter Tumblr YouTube feminists they decry are representative of normal women. They’d know better of course if they just went to bars for UFC fights or a cubs game. But that’s where Chad is, and it scares them. So such things must be deemed “degenerate”.

    What a shitshow, familia.

    1. C.M. says:

      Spot-on, as usual.

      All of these groups (SJWs, tumblrinas, MRAs, “red-pilled”) have one thing in common: Their mental world model is built from online interaction. This leads them to believe that most people are like the idiots that they have Internet arguments with, which in turn discourages them from engaging with strangers face-to-face, which is unfortunate because that engagement with strangers is the best way to correct their warped perspective. The “red pill” metaphor is comically ironic in this case.

      Meanwhile I’m a healthy, well-adjusted individual cuz all of my online interaction takes place through DMU and it’s various channels of communication. Therefore I know much better than the average Joe of what I speak.

      1. Vance Refridgianno says:

        The other thing to consider as well is that the internet is a platform for otherwise normal people to go nuts. I’m sure someone could make the argument that “This is What They Actually Believe”(tm) but good luck quantifying that.

        Anyway no disagreement with your comments, spot on.

        1. C.M. says:

          Yes normal people tend to develop poor habits and begin acting like total asshats if most (or, at least, enough) of their communication happens online. It’s important to keep some variety in your social interaction, faggot – I mean, friend.

          1. Vance Refridgianno says:

            I keep variety by cramming pears into my ass as opposed to broken copies of Neon Genesis DvDs

            1. Vance Refridgianno says:

              Wrapped with torn pages of the book of Mormon and Savitri Devi’s Lightning and the Sun.

      2. Abominable Goatpenis says:

        “Meanwhile I’m a healthy, well-adjusted individual cuz all of my online interaction takes place through DMU and it’s various channels of communication. Therefore I know much better than the average Joe of what I speak.”

        Likewise, more people should be like us.

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