Robots play their first metal gigs

robotThe robotic cover band Compressorhead recently played their first ever shows in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, and Melbourne. Their mission statement is to overtake the world of meatbag (human) metal. These metal purists cover Motorhead and Led Zeppelin more precise than some of their human cover band counterparts.

Compressorhead consists of the guitarist Fingers with 78 hydraulic actuated appendages, bassist Bones, and four-armed drummer Stickboy.

According to their website there are no more shows on their schedule, but the novelty of this band will most likely continue. I would personally like to see them play some Nocturnus songs.

Perhaps we can envision a day when lackluster cover bands are replaced by robots.



11 thoughts on “Robots play their first metal gigs”

  1. bitterman says:

    OK, that’s it! Now the robots are playing metal? Nothing new happened since 1994 except new versions or iterations of the same old technology, music, movies, etc. Now human beings play stop start rhythms and interface with ipads like stupid, inefficient robots that have to eat and shit. Mankind has done everything it can do, and all the estrogen in the drinking water will soon drive us to extinction. No more waiting around. No more wasted technology on humans. Pool all the resources into making a real life skynet to nuke us into oblivion. The machines will carry on where we left off: no more pollution, stupid tv, eating and shitting, but, most important to me, no more false metal! I heard a track from this band Deafheaven, and, while obviously worse than Wolves in the Throne Room, might actually be worse than even Liturgy! There is no more conscience or care in this society, it allowed this to happen,…. everything’s stupid!!! Grrrr….life sucks….grrrr….

    1. Tralf says:

      Why so bitter, bitterman? I get it, society’s in a slump, but that doesn’t mean life has to suck. I kind of like the eccentricity of modernity.

    2. Nothing you say is wrong but you’re going to just depress yourself. Beat up some fucking poseurs and listen to old Slayer, then keep up the good work slagging off these dumbshit imitator bands.

      If you don’t they’ll have to rename death metal underground the SOILWORK site.

  2. kvlt attakker says:

    Where are the prostibots to lube and fine tune these gents after their shows?

  3. thestrider says:

    Great news, Max! It’s time for Compressorhead and Motorhead to take over the world!

  4. The new Frankenstein:

    Man makes robot, uses secondhand brain.

    Robot makes war metal.

    1. shoko asahara says:

      Yes, great, now some degenerate is going to make rubber masks of Euronymous, Cliff Burton, and Quorthon and sell tickets to Extreme Metal – The Tour! Sponsored by & Vitamin Water & Twitter

      1. Disney’s going to make a black metal ride and put it next to pirates of the caribbean with an animatronic Euronymous in his underwear getting stabbed to death by a rubber Varg while a plastic church lights up in the background.

  5. Steve Brettens says:

    They should make a compressor-robot of Brett Stevens and have him write hundreds of Metal reviews from the period 1988-1994. It should come with a red self-destruct button that we can press we he starts reviewing stuff from Soilwork or Morgengrau!!

    1. Glistening with Masculinity says:

      Evening red and morning grey, two sure signs of one fine day

    2. When the robot gets stuck it writes about SOILWORK

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