Rock and Roll Hall of Fame snubs metal again


Despite having inducted Metallica, AC/DC and Guns and Roses, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame shows that it’s geared more toward rock, blues and RNB than metal, which continues to have its legions of influential acts excluded despite being more popular and influential than many already on the list.

Entertainment Weekly noticed the conspicuous omission of Judas Priest (and several other notables) from the ranks of the elite among rock’s historical and present acts. EW then went on to note that other classic metal bands have not been recognized.

It might be too much to expect what is basically a moneymaker for Northeast Ohio’s tourist industry to induct, say, Deicide or Morbid Angel; it’s arguable that heavy metal is outside rock ‘n’ roll, and doubly so that death metal is. Even more, asking them to include something like Demilich would counteract their mission of making material available that the vast majority of people would be inclined to enjoy on an aesthetic level, since there’s no evidence that mainstream culture adores labyrinthine riffs and low-end vocals.

Qualifications required are few, but the process is ultimately a popularity contest among a small elite. The only objective requirement is that 25 years have passed since a band’s first release. At that point, an internal committee of experts vets the suggestion and then passes it to a vote of 1,000 rock historians and other experts worldwide. Since most of these are rock fans, and rock fans traditionally disparage metal, it’s unlikely they’ll vote for a metal band.

However, it might be nice to see recognition of metal. It’s possible that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is the wrong place to do it, and that metal needs a hall of fame on its own. Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Slayer at a bare minimum need to be in there. Of course, if it were metal-based, it could even have more diverse listings, such as a “Best of Death Metal” so we can finally expose mainstream America to Demilich.

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5 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame snubs metal again”

  1. SLAYER must be inducted. SLAYER did everything the right way, the METAL way during the 80S. Guns and Roses has one original member and had the glam path to success paved for them. Stop inducting POSERS! Also, Entombed, been around for a long time, huge influence, sold a lot of albums, major labels and tours, Lars Ulrich likes them, = popular enough to get inducted! Would starting a petition work? I just don’t want any more POSERS to be inducted! Rob Halford = METAL. Axl Rose = POSER GLAM FAG.

  2. jeff says:

    From what i understand, the rock and roll hall of fame inducts musicians that are american. i remember a few years back there was some controversy on why Rush wasn’t accepted, and i’m pretty sure it was because they were canadian. It’s a real stupid reason for the people to not let them into the R&R HoF; especially since they had a lot of record sales in the United States (not to mention abroad).

  3. fallot says:

    Lets hope it snubs metal forever.

  4. metrosexual says:

    The metal version could be called the Cock and Chode Hall of Dick.

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