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Flooding publishing news, the waves of garbage promos present an ecological problem that can only be dealt with extreme measures. A swift bombardment of napalm would suit all these studios producing garbage albums every day. Even those with high quality production are only hiding behind it. Having a crispy sound, good double bass rendering and perfect sound engineering does not make the music better when it is the equivalent of rat feces, it only makes the odor stronger and more difficult to bear.


Blunt Knife Idol – (2015)
Grindcore is the most misunderstood underground genre after black metal. The simpler something appears on the surface. Blunt Knife Idol things that if they play a groovy or a brutal riff with blast beats or racing double bass drums a grindcore song is automatically produced. Music for empty-headed “headbangers” who want to show their friends how “brutal” and “extreme” they are. Fucking rad, man.


Impurity – Into the Ritual Chamber (2015)
Hard rock with croaking vocals. Not particularly good hard rock at that. Just flat-sounding and never actually doing anything besides existing. Not as distinctive as Sarcófago, but just as bad and far blander. Sometimes, Impurity tries to give songs a twist by inserting a completely random and unrelated blasting section only to finish it with a stadium rock move… or a flute. Other songs start off with the minimalist “black metal” style and then transition into hard rock riffs. Structure-wise it is pretty unpredictable, but it’s only because there is no particular plan behind this. It does not feel like it even makes any sense, parts are just pasted to continue. Stay away from this old turd.


Khors – Night Falls Onto the Fronts of Ours (2015)
Starting out as a light, slavic-styled black rock band, Khors now play depressive alternative rock with double bass drums and black metal vocals in a manner similar to that of Swedish band Katatonia. The difference is that in Cold Khors lacked the content that Katatonia present time-efficiently in their pop-structured songs. Khors pretends to deliver little content inside long-drawn structures in the black metal manner. This makes for ambient rock that is only “atmospheric” but little else. Now they went all the way and became one more alternative-rock-with-harsh-vocals band like the previously mentioned Swedish band or like the Finnish Amorphis. Despite this, Night Falls onto the Fronts of Ours seems to reach its goal within its mainstream constraints. It does not fail, it is just rubbish mainstream music.


My Silent Wake – Damnatio Memoriae (2015)
Funny, confused, tough-guy music for fans of Sludge and the Pink Frothy AIDS approach to songwriting in “diverse” styles stitched together in self-indulgent manner. Each song here is meaningless but has a strong “attitude”. This satisfies most of the Homer Simpsons among metalheads, which is why this will have enough impact. This stretches from the idiotic to the simple music that pretends to be more refined or sensitive. My Silent Wake are a sure commercial bet for labels and a sure formula for artistic failure.


Possession – 1585-1646 (2015)
When you try to make black metal with a punk mentality, you will end up with a very long and repetitive punk song. This is NOT what primitive black metal is, folks. Like most music of its kind, and like most extreme music, this is 80% posturing, 15% music and 5% of something to say. The only reason this sort of band is given any chance is that with the commercial long tail effect the internet provides, niche tastes can be offered a product. Statistically, some clueless idiot is bound to like this heap of messy punk riffs put together by a talentless band.

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5 thoughts on “Sadistic Metal Reviews 05-26-2015”

  1. Cortez says:

    This is just an observation, but I feel like this site has become 95% Sadistic metal news and reviews, with a 5% focus on in-depth metal editorial, news and reviews. I know I’m being an armchair critic here, and the point is to lure those who like these bands to the site hoping they pick up on some of the more “A list” metal content. And really amongst any music style including metal, there is only about 5% (or less) worth listening to in the first place. So I guess my question is, is the new focus on bashing mediocre content because there is a lack of quality metal being produced out there? Or is the site short staffed, and need more writers to focus on quality metal editorial news and reviews?

    1. The current, constantly active “staff” is just one person.
      A few contributions have made this better.
      And a few weeks ago when I had more time, I wrote more editorials, but I do not have the same availability all the time.
      How many editorials do you think I can put out a week while still going on with my studies and daytime work?
      Contributions are welcome.
      SMRs are useful as a sort of punishment. What is deemed decent is always been reviewed apart from this.

      I repeat, your contributions, or any thoughts, observations, opinion article would be more than welcome. Email at

      1. Cortez says:

        I guess if this is a one man show, for someone who has a full time job IRL & school, I wouldn’t expect more than 1 editorial a week minimum, which you’ve accomplished. The about section gives the impression there are more writers here. I’ll try sending something in, although my taste in metal is no good as is my writing, but would be worth a shot, and whatever happens happens. Thanks for the suggestion.

        1. Meek Metalhed says:

          The about section hasnt been updated in ages from the looks of it.

  2. Michael says:

    What’s up with My Silent Wake’s album cover? Any info on the cover artist? It’s pretty much the same as Kalmah’s early albums.

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