Sadistic Metal Reviews 08-06-14


What are Sadistic Metal Reviews? Most humans understand reality through social definitions because this flatters their pretense of being important in cold and empty universe. Others prefer to find meaning through bonding with reality in all of its darkness. For noticing the difference, we get called sadists.

Algebra – Feed the Ego

algebra-feed_the_egoLate 1980s speed metal gets a strong infusion of Slayer-styled energy and tempo. If you can imagine second-tier speed metal bands using the riff patterns and rhythmic shifts from Reign in Blood, you grasp the basic idea here. This makes for fun listening but underneath the surface, an ugly hard rock influence shows, and the derivative nature of the riffing makes it hard to take seriously.


Cradle of Filth – Total Fucking Darkness

cradle_of_filth-total_fucking_darknessThey released the demo of the band that initiated the downfall of black metal. Like Opeth, Cannibal Corpse, Meshuggah and Pantera, Cradle of Filth made a name for itself by taking a new style and dumbing it down for an audience that wanted spoon feeding. Notice the idiotic hipster trend of inserting the word “fucking” to make an otherwise recombinant title seem edgy. What you will hear on this lengthy demo is basic deathgrind verses with melodic heavy metal choruses kicked into high speed and aggression with borrowed technique. Oh wait, there are keyboards so you can feel more profound than your friends for listening to such an open-minded band. This entire thing is transparent and shows how from an early date, this band was scheming to make a vapid but “profound” (like dreamcatchers, Ansel Adams posters and Eckhart Tolle) sound. While it is not explicitly terrible it also fails to make any lasting connection to the inner layers of being, like higher brain functions or what we sometimes call a soul.


Ending Quest – The Summoning

ending_quest-the_summoningIn my dream, I was in a vast house by the seaside. In the east wing, the hallway had endless doors. I opened one and immediately recoiled. I was in the retro-Swedish death metal room again! Ending Quest provides a better than average take on the retro style but does not achieve any level of impact such that it must be listened to. Imagine mixing a melodic Necrophobic-style lead rhythm riff into a more rock ‘n’ roll version of Entombed Left Hand Path in the riff department. Then work in elements of the death ‘n’ roll that came a generation later: abrupt cuts, bouncy grooves, relatively standard song format and lots of melodic hooks. The problem is that after a while it starts to sound like sonic wallpaper because it uses roughly the same approach and template to writing each song. Thus what emerges is a dozen songs that feature familiar motifs and all run together into a blur of Swedish-tasting death metal with hard rock undertones.


Final Conflict – Ashes to Ashes

final_conflict-ashes_to_ashesI always enjoyed this late hardcore offering but never found it as hard-hitting as the Cro-Mags, Amebix or Discharge. There’s a good reason: if Descendents decided to make a hardcore, it might sound like this. Riffs fit the patterns of basic California hardcore adapted to the stream of powerchords attack of the Exploited or Cro-Mags. But ultimately, this is melodic punk. Vocal melodies predominate with heavy focus on chorus and riffs work in enough melody to be predominantly hook-driven. Add to this lyrics that span a gamut from radical anarchistic sentiment to mainstream right-wing moderate calls for defense of rights and freedoms, and you sense a movement looking for a purpose. However Final Conflict create an album without filler that hits hard and keeps riding that violent energy which makes this a hardcore album you can appreciate without descending into total alienation. It’s probably a great workout album.


Greenleaf – Trails and Passes

greenleaf-trails_and_passesDo they ever tire of peddling the same hackneyed crap? This sounds like early 1960s angry rock, with a heavy MC5 influence. Bluesy, with extended rhythmic breaks and emphasis on a hippie vocal, this band might think they are related to metal but this is purely on the aesthetic basis that they use distortion pedals. Baby Boomers love this stuff because it lets them revisit their ancient pointless youth in the free love and whatever-stupid-shit-you-think-is-OK-man 1960s, but for the rest of us this retro detour is a dead end.


Humut Tabal – The Dark Emperor ov the Shadow Realm

humut_tabal_dark_emperor_ov_the_shadow_realmSome of our writers here think highly of the Texas scene but it seems to me that much like Texas itself, the scene there is composed of odds and ends. Such is the case with Humut Tabal who are jack of all trades and master of none. The basis of this album is promising melodic black metal with too much influence from the ersatz article like Watain, but the band know how to write some songs that verge on the beautiful. Then they drop in some idiotic riff straight off a Pantera album and reduce the IQ in the room to Juggalo levels. While their melodic approach, reminiscent of Dawn and Sacramentum, is basically really good, the band overplay it and end up with an album that disappears into its own sound. On the plus side, these songs remain distinctive enough to tell the difference, which suggests this band has the ability to have a bright future if it wants it. But maybe drop the two-word trendy name and the ridiculous “ov” style spelling, get more of a purpose, and stop trying to please everyone at once. You can’t do it because it should never be done.


Mordbrand – Imago

As a genre descends, it improves in attention to details including basic musicality but fails at its center where meaning lies. This Swedish death metal revival band bash out a formula at either fast or slow speeds, but the effect is the same. It is focused on chorus as hook like the later Sodom records and never really develops past having a cool melodic idea for a riff; songs are essentially in standard format and take huge influence from later crustpunk which was by definition formulaic. There are parts of this to admire but the whole adds up to less than the parts.


Steel Prophet – Omniscient

steel_prophet-omniscientMiddle 1980s style speed metal picks up a few stylistic flourishes from power metal but basically stays in the great quest for a catchy chorus that can be backed by lots of muted downstroke strumming. Melodically, it closest resembles Judas Priest but adds some Manowar-like touches. Songs fit more into the rock ‘n’ roll mold of building everything as a support structure for the vocals, and drums, bass and lead guitars generate a backgrond that is too busy to make this anything but the kind of sonic assault waged by a fast-sell commercial. The vocalist exhibits quite a bit of talent and none of the players are bad, but the way they choose to combine this material resembles the frenetic activity at a shopping mall in that for all that it is busy, it never gets anywhere.


Dawn – Nær Solen Gar Niþer For Evogher

dawn-naer_solen_gar_niber_for_evogherThis re-issue tempted me but ultimately I have decided it lives in a duality: it has great melodic ideas and riffs, but insists on the type of semi-random songwriting that later became famous with metalcore. Riffs shift into other riffs without any real sense to the arrangement; by rock theory, this is OK since they’re in the same key. But in metal, the riffs talk to each other. Sometimes this band tends to like to bash out fast repetitive melodies on a plodding rhythm until the audience shoots itself. But scattered throughout this album in abundance are good melodic ideas and some really great riff pairs. If the band had worked on song structure and arrangement more, this could have been an A-level black metal album.

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85 thoughts on “Sadistic Metal Reviews 08-06-14”

  1. Lord Mosher of the Solitary Pit says:

    Thank you very much for another issue of Sadistik Reviews Brett! Is it possible for a JUDAS PRIEST review of their latest output that was advertised here at DMU ?
    A few ideas:
    1.- the top five most influential heavymetal albums
    2.- top five Judas Priest albums !
    3.- top five most feces smeared “metal” albums ofall time.

    1. Richard Head says:

      Sadistic Reviews are great but let’s encourage DMU to remain above posting articles with the intention of only smearing shitty bands. That is just not a constructive endeavor.

      1. BrennendesGehirn says:

        There’s a reviewer on another site who does that very well. Although, in fact, comparing the two…hmm…

        1. trystero says:

          Unfortunately he broke the cycle and added an okay album :(

          1. Ollie says:

            Kataklysm is not ok, never have been, never will be. Northern Hyberblast Live is absolute shit. Bitterman should stick to berating shit bands from his native Miami, so called focus group driven bands and continue slamming pickup truck drivers and wiggers. He claimed that he would attack the sacred cows. So far he hasn’t attacked anything but the easy targets or the ones nobody cares about.

    2. Richard makes a good point but we have an article queued up that may address your request adequately.

      1. Richard Head says:

        Don’t let this site become “the thinking man’s Metal Sucks”.

        1. Mythic Imagination says:

          I thought this site was the thinking man’s metal.

          1. Lord Mosher says:

            Well, considering other posts here at like the top five albums that invented death metal… I’d say my ideas aren’t too Pitchfork.
            Maybe it’s just me but I’d rather read Prozak’s take on say, the top five albums that pioneered proto heavy metal than a review on Swine Overload. Bands like: Cream, MC5, Blue Cheer, 13th Floor Elevators and others.
            Devamitra used to write for a site called Peacedogman that covered old proto metal bands.
            I’ve been listening to all Judas Priest albums lately. I can’t believe I used to hate Screaming For Vengeance and Defenders of the Faith, the fuck was I thinking?? The old Heavy Meta FAQ on the section of “author’s picks”, Prozak pointed to Sad Wings and Painkiller as the best of this band. Peace of Mind and Number of the Beast for Iron Maiden.
            Back then he would have never cited bands like, Satan for instance. So I wonder where he currently stands on heavy metal; hence my top 5 suggestion above.
            Other than that, I hope in the future I become worthy of a straight up insult rather than your passive aggressive nancy pancy bs.
            Cheers !

            1. Richard Head says:

              Screaming For Vengeance is great, that one and Stained Class were the two albums that got me into Priest.

              I agree with everything else. Reading about proto metal is loads of interesting because it’s fun to trace musical influences back to their roots (or as close as we can get, anyway). I definitely enjoy the top fice lists that DMU posted in the last month or so. I would rather rread about those things and be opened up to bands that I would have never checked out otherwise than read “Top 5 Shittiest Deathcore Band Performances” articles.

              Finally, without being sure of who that last comment was directed toward; fuck you, homo. :)

              1. Lord Mosher of the Solitary Pit says:

                I agree with you Richard proto metal is very cool. Budgie comes to mind even some Deep Purple albums, Uriah Heep, Fuzzy Duck, Lucifer’s Friend, GoodthunderCaptain Beyond, Toad, Blue Oyster, Birth Control, Warhorse; although one could argue most proto metal is essentially hard rock filtered through the progressive and experimental motions of the early 70s.
                Oh and finally …
                from one homo to another, how bout a friendly hand shake (if you know what I mean).
                You go first… =)

                1. Richard Head says:

                  Let’s be men about and jump straight to the cocksucking.

                  Any other good recommendations for early proto-metal? Have you heard Hawkwind? Not sure if that counts as it’s described as “space rock” but it has this sense of darkness that makes it sound more metal than just hippy jam garbage (much like BOC).

                  It’s funny to think about how proto-metal not only lead to actual heavy metal but also loads of these throwback “stoner rock” bands who just took the staggering beat of slow rock and blues riffs and just ran with it without ever really touching on a metallic sound. Many of them are bad (the Sword) but some are pretty cool (Truckfighters).

                  1. tiny midget says:

                    hi ladies. please count me in. i propose some delicious and heroic homo-hessian frotting. speakin of ladies whatcha think of dawn crosby of detente?

                    1. Richard Head says:

                      Guitars are kinda cool but weak compared to the stuff that was coming out around this same time. Band sounds caught in a weird in-between space, not quite speed metal, not quite heavy metal. Considering that in that same year we got releases from Sepultura, Possessed, Slayer, Morbid Angel, Bathory, you’ve got pretty much whatever flavor tickles your fancy, and those bands were pushing boundaries. Meanwhile I don’t know much speed metal from this era, pretty much I just listen to Exodus when I’m drunk.

        2. I find little utility in comparing this site to others because it has always pursued the same mission. We do not imitate others not because we dislike them, but because our mission here — I speak for myself and editorial staff on this question alone — goes another direction by virtue of the mission itself.

          On the road to that mission, sometimes commentary occurs for sideline purposes. A goal requires a few major things and a lot of minor ones. SMR does not exist solely to bash, but more as a way of sampling what is current as I at least have done for 20+ years. There’s also some good stuff in there. Within that Humut Tabal album is lurking a much better album. Same is true of a lot of these bands who could use the feedback. Giving that feedback is part of participating in a community, even if it is one about which at this point I and you have many doubts.

          Our goal is also not to achieve an identity like “the thinking man’s metal.” We are what we are: a site that broadcasts the ideals of the underground and chooses artistic quality over quantity and popularity.

          I’ll admit a lack of interest in studying pre-proto-metal roots, primarily because that puts us in rock-land into conjecture. Other than aesthetics, Blue Cheer contributed nothing to metal and pales in comparison. Similarly for other “heavy” bands. At some point we go all the way back to the Beatles and Link Wray with that one, and then we are so far outside metal that it makes no sense. The use of the tritone and the influence from horror movies is more influential.

          Further, the history of rock, blues and jazz is itself a forgery. Music of this nature was coming from India at least two thousand years ago; the pentatonic scale, far from being an Asian invention as many have alleged, shows up in all cultures for its imitation of the human voice. But the form of rock music in the West descends from the song format used during the Middle Ages for popular and liturgical music, and claiming that it’s a 20th century invention is blatant historical falsehood. You can see why a writer of music would choose to avoid stumbling around in the forest of lies that is the industry-created “history” of rock, jazz and blues.

          1. Richard Head says:

            Well, sure there’s the industry-created history because it’s easier to convince people that your shit is worth buying if you tout the idea that your band is somehow superior due to being more influential thus more legitimate than other “imitators”. People eat up the concept of some band breaking ground and inspiring generations of music afterward, else no one would be circle-jerking about Death. That’s all the more reason to really analyze and study influences. It’s more fun than anything, really, because I’m autistic I guess.

            By the way, I was not really comparing DMU to Metal Sucks. DMU is on a completely different level and functions with a distinct purpose and you do everyone a great service by keeping this up, so I just want to emphasize that I didn’t mean anything respectful by making that comparison. It’s just too easy for other music sites to create clickbait articles and rip into bands for any reason other than the actual purpose of their music. SMR don’t do that and I don’t want them to, that’s al I was trying to get across.

            1. Richard Head says:

              Should have said “didn’t mean anythind DISrespectful”.

          2. the great witten says:

            I agree that there is no point in studying pre-proto-metal (I take it to mean pre-1970, non-Sabbath stuff e.g. Blue Cheer). Both in terms of surface aesthetics and structure, there is a wide gulf in metalness between War Pigs and any song before it (except Black Sabbath’s self-titled song). Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple do not come close, or even King Crimson.

            In fact, on a ‘literal’ heaviness level, in terms of surface aesthetics(!), certain pieces by Mozart (who is generally taken to be less metal than Bach or Beethoven, let alone Wagner, on the surface) are much, much more metal than the likes of Blue Cheer or even Deep Purple can ever hope to be. Mind you, I’m not saying that Mozart is better than Blue Cheer (which is obvious to anyone with nonvanishing IQ) or that Mozart is more metal on a fundamental philosophical sense (which is obvious to anyone who has a proper understanding of metal); I’m saying Mozart is way more metal on the *surface* (24th Piano Concerto, finale of Don Giovanni, Dies Irae and Contutatis of the Requiem etc.). Hence it is a fairly pointless exercise to dig up pre-1970 rock/blues bands and admire how distorted their guitars are or how wild and rough they sound.

            (By the way, I’m not even the most hardcore death/black metal triumphalist; I like Fates Warning as much as Incantation, and I appreciate certain songs by Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. But rock music proper is generally crap, whether it “influenced” metal or not.)

  2. ks says:


  3. Averno says:

    You try to change the things in metal undeground thats write with blood manny years ago. thats simply gore of really bad new bands. extreme metal dies in the beginning of 90s

  4. ks says:

    Also, not to be base but what are some good workout albums?

    1. exercise the goat says:

      Dawn – Slaughtersun
      Morbid Angel – Covenant
      Summoning – Stronghold
      Most Bolt Thrower, For Victory especially.
      That Sentenced album is pretty good too.

    2. Richard Head says:

      I pump to that new Blowjob For a Cowboy brah.

      Actually I prefer Bathory. Angelcorpse is good too. Mostly I want something that makes me feel like I’m strengthening my body for an upcoming battle. So, very aggressive black metal with long stretches of steady beats and lyrical emphasis on war might be good to try out.

  5. Climate Clinician says:

    The metal scene nowadays should be approached in a hobbyist manner and not in seriousness. With generic bands like Bolzer making waves no real quality is able to emerge….Maybe there isn’t much quality left…..

    Maybe I’m a curmudgeon……………………….

    Sammath was indeed good but you know that the funderground won’t notice to the extent in which they deserve………

    1. exercise the goat says:

      Bolzer is very boring, those guys must be marketing managers or accountants.

      Someone tell me why cassettes are such trend now? I knew I should have saved my VCR, soon it will be limited edition of 40 on VHS release with bag of flour, die hard option has two bags and measuring cup with inverted crucifix or runes. Good bye.

    2. BrennendesGehirn says:

      A band who seem to me to have the pure energy, attitude and potential to make a great record or two is ZOM. I love their Multiversal Holocaust ep. Malthusian also have promise.

      I fear Bolzer will end up sounding like Mastodon.

    3. Maybe there isn’t much quality left…..

      Generally, that’s the problem. The quality is rare anyway, but no one will waste it on a genre where Opeth and Cradle of Filth succeed.

      1. Climate Clinician says:

        The problem with today is that quality isn’t profitable. All of the great bands from the 80s and 90s are clinging to the coattails of their former glory, or they’re just releasing albums with crowd-pleasing songs. Like I get the feeling that some bands focus on writing a song or two to be Wacken anthems.

        Morbid Angel, Deicide, Carcass, Obituary, Emperor etc can never create another album on par with their early works.

        People speak of the “3 great albums” peak, then they kind of just linger around for the rest of their careers. No one’s leading by example. There isn’t one sole source to look at and say “YES. THESE BANDS ARE THE EPITOME OF QUALITY!” (If there are such bands, please let me know)

        How long has it been since you’ve actually been excited for a release? Like, you KNOW for SURE that a band is going to deliver A+ quality — and just the idea of experiencing a new album by them is euphoric?

        Perhaps it’s because our “heroes” raised a bar so high that they become complacent in their own work. They end up mimicking themselves.

        There’s also the commercial/SOCIAL side: why make quality when glitter will put food on your table?

        It appears that the seasoned metalists are just hobbyists, you know. Metal is dead.

        Excuse me for my ignorance, but is there a DMU article detailing the death of metal?

        1. BB says:

          The lack of excitement for new releases you talk about has more to do with your (and my) age than anything else. Lots of 14-21 year olds still do experience it.

          I also enjoy a few other genres of music that objectively aren’t as atrophied as metal (on the contrary) and I experience the same lack of excitement for new releases there.

          Just saying that that feeling isn’t a very good indicator to measure that state of metal. We are getting old: raving euphoria is for the inexperienced.

          1. What genres/artists are those?

            The lack of excitement could also be a quality thing. I’ve been listening to North From Here by Sentenced from discovering it on this site a few years ago and wish I was listening to it back then as opposed to more popular/regarded stuff. I’m not even a fan of the melodic death/heavy/etc. thing, it’s just a good album.

            What’s the appeal with Bolzer? It sounds indie…

          2. Climate Clinician says:

            Thank you for the response. I’m in my 20s, but I spent some time thinking about what you posted.

            You’re correct. Even when I was a kid I remember commercial bands clogging up the metal world. This isn’t really new, it’s just in a different form with different trends. I also remember there being some boring bands who weren’t really that popular.

            Perhaps I’m wrong with declaring that “metal is dead” —- the 99th percentile exists still, but there’s a lot of muck to get through.

  6. TheWaters says:

    That dude might need some plastic surgery to repair some of that damage…..

  7. I really wanted to like that Steel Prophet, but as good as the vocals were and as much as I love really lame power metal, it did indeed seem unfocused; I honestly couldn’t have told you what seemed to be going on with the song at any given point.

    I’d kind of be interested in hearing what DMU thinks of the Canadian band Striker; definitely a throwback to metal of old, yet with enough of a fresh sound to warrant some attention, at least to my relatively untrained ears. They’ll be releasing a new album soon (, though it doesn’t quite sound like it’ll compare to their first.

  8. BrennendesGehirn says:

    I wonder if that poor bastard was listening to Swine Overlord’s Parables of Umbral Transcendence when he met his end? What a terrible way to go.

    Haven’t listened to that Final Conflict record for a dog’s age. Great stuff.

    1. Richard Head says:

      This picture would have made a much better album cover than what Swine Overlord have.

      I have been trying to guess how he was killed. Probably getting squished by something right? Like he was run over by a wheel or something. Not much splatter so I doubt it was something nailing him at high speed. His hair gel is clearly of top quality, any way.

  9. pinger says:

    Absolutely disgusting fate that has become of that poor man. I don’t care what any of you so called nihilists think, he deserves a respectful death and burial, everybody does. This is not funny and you are all pathetic faggots who think otherwise.

    1. BB says:

      Did A. Hitler deserve a respectful burial?

      1. veien says:

        Am I right in assuming the answer is no because in the generally agreed upon version of history, he was a ‘bad’ man whereas this piece of shit that looks like a fucking pusher (probably discovering the end results of some fateful misadventure) is not? Man, I hope you don’t really think the way I’m starting to think you do.

        1. BB says:

          Isn’t it obvious from the context that I just wanted to point out that I thought the answer of Pinger (fictional character or not) would be ‘no’?

          should Hitler’s body have been recovered, he should have been buried like all other Germans where at the time, unless his family wanted it otherwise.

          how do you think I think?

          1. veien says:

            I think you know I think you like to think you know (lol!). Mind you, I’m prone to changing my mind on things, as often I AM WRONG. (Hard to admit huh?)

            Anyway, what attracted me to your comment (once again) was that it had to be A. Hitler (“…fucken A it did!”) and not any other notable figure, but the epitome of evil in the western hivemind essentially. So why is that? You’ve got a nice binary good/evil construct in progress, but if pinger said ‘everybody’, what makes you think that wouldn’t be ‘everybody’. No moral arguments were made (or alluded to) until your comment as he could easily have been talking about ‘human decency’ or whatever other garbage from a religio-spiritual standpoint etc.

            Basically, your call!

            Anyway, don’t take this the wrong way but if you are in fact a supporter of Hitler, then as far as I’m concerned, you’re a friend of mine ;)

            1. veien says:

              No seriously, the man was an artist, and as a nihilist I like his artworks, that’s all.

            2. BB says:

              I just like to use the trope of Hitler to point out the absurdities of binary moral thinking. Hitler as a trope is handy because it kinda outlines everything sharply. It’s also nice on a “meta” level since it is a play on the much despised “reductio ad hitlerum”.

              It seemed to me that Pingen was the kind of person supporting such binary thinking, since he thinks in terms of respectful death, etc. That’s all.

              1. pinger says:

                You are all pathetic. Typical intellectuals who lack the capacity to imagine yourself in anyone else’s position than your own. You lack heart and soul. But tell me just one thing, you will be alright with it if your friend, family member or even yourself should happen to die in such a horrific way only to be used on the cover of some stupid article or death metal cd? and being laughed at by pathetic teenagers via computer screens, joking about Hitler etc. This is such an appalling disrespect for life I can hardly even begin to imagine how deluded your other beliefs are.

                1. BrennendesGehirn says:

                  Would I be ‘alright’ if I were to die like that person in the picture? I wouldn’t be anything. I’d be dead.

                  Same as if I had a heart attack while taking a crap, or were struck by a falling piano, or choked to death on a piece of human flesh. The idea that our deaths fall into some made up index of the deserving / less deserving is a pretty odd thing to see espoused on this site.

                  1. pinger says:

                    So because you wouldn’t know any better (being dead), you don’t care that it could be your picture presented like that. That is crazy! People should strive to achieve respectful death, but even if they don’t, people should still respect them. It is no excuse to be callous of heart, only your disease!

                    1. BrennendesGehirn says:

                      The point is that life and death are indifferent to concepts like ‘respect’ or ‘deserving’. Unlike you these things do not sit in judgement.

      2. pinger says:

        Yes he did. Even he was a child once, like you now assholes!

        1. BB says:

          What does Hitler having been a child once have to do with it? It’s like saying: “Even he was human!” or “Even he was a mammal!” or “Even he was alive!”.

          Your question is: how do you feel about his actions as a grown-up, and does that judgement influence your position on how his corpse should have been treated?

          1. pinger says:

            What are you even going on about BB? Of course he was a human, a form of life. Showing this tragic accident as though it is some sort of joke? how can you support that. As a human, I believe all have some respect owed to them in birth and death, what’s in-between the life is forgiven.

            1. BB says:

              why would dead people deserve respect after death, since they are no longer here to witness it?

              you are right that for a family member or a loved one of the above depicted deceased seeing the picture here might be upsetting, but it ultimately is upsetting for them because of the Reality of Death. objecting to it is a form of censorship that stinks of shooting the messenger.

              I am glad (and not joking) to read you are able to forgive Hitler. That truly is commendable.

              I hope that one day you will find it in your heart to also forgive the authors of this article for choosing an image that offends you, and everybody here commenting it. I hope this forgiveness will be granted while all involved are still alive.

              1. veien says:

                LoL (cause otherwise it sounds to serious)

                Equality even for modern symbols of immorality.

                On the one hand you’ve got the nihilism of not making moral judgements about the great spectrum of life and the lack of it (i.e. not raising an eyebrow, excuse the the pun but he had nice eyebrows, when some dudes face gets mashed) and on the other, playing into binary good/evil symbolism as though it has any real standing to anyone with half a brain. Of course it doesn’t! Even my grandma who lived through the WW2 eventually admitted Hitler was ultimately a virtuous man, but that history will remember otherwise.

        2. tiny hobbit says:

          the photo is a powerful reminder that we are flesh machines, at least to me. what really bothers you is not the disrespect you perceive to the man on the photo, but the fact that not all people think or feel or believe what you do.
          ” I can hardly even begin to imagine how deluded your other beliefs are.”
          well, that’s the whole point, you only know what you know and what you do not know you have to assume. which is not really knowing. i think you pinger are emotionally unstable and insane.
          please do not force me to think, believe or feel in what you do.
          i observe the photo with respect. but its a kind of respect you made clear is beyond your understanding.

          1. pinger says:

            Well I must say, this is very upsetting. How can someone’s opinion expressed on the internet force you to think or believe what I do? you think your thoughts can be controlled or something? and yes, I have been through an emotional time recently and for your information it happens to be relation to the man in that picture. Insensitive bastards who have no real life experience of death.

            1. Richard Head says:

              This is a bullshit claim. First, none of us are teenagers, we are all 30-year-old overweight fedora-wearing virgins who grow hair everywhere below the chin. Secondly I have died many times in my life, I have real experience with death, so you can just stick that in your juice box and sip it.

              1. pinger says:

                My dad gave me his Fedora before he died what the hell are you even trying to say Richard??

            2. BB says:

              This picture has been on the internet since at least 2008. Do you care to elaborate on your relation to the man in it?

              1. pinger says:

                His name is Andy and still people keep bringing this shit back up to haunt me. This is our last interaction!

                1. BB says:

                  I just asked you a question about something you yourself brought up. I sincerely hope you’ll get over Andy’s death soon.

    2. Richard Head says:


      1. BB says:

        Hence Hitler.

      2. pinger says:

        Stupid over-intellectualised belief systems cloud the human heart. You are so lost!

        1. Richard Head says:

          Double triggered.

          Life is ugly. I am not shocked when I see a picture of a smashed face because I always keep in mind that this is the nature of things. Death and violence are more common than life and peace in reality, and the internet is not a clear lense but is still an aspect of reality, and you are the deluded one to think otherwise. Also, you are a real masochist aintcha? It’s almost like you *want* to be trolled. Now be a good girl and tell me “Yes, Daddy”.

          1. pinger says:

            No way! this is the reality you make it, the world doesn’t have to be so cruel you bad assholes!

            1. Richard Head says:

              Oh, we all make our own reality? That’s a relief! I totally wasn’t aware that everything becomes the way I want by simply wanting it to. But that makes things easier for me because now I can dismiss your terminal faggotry for what it is.

              By the way, now I feel like I’m the one being trolled, and if that’s the case, thanks for the entertainment, we don’t have enough people like you around here.

              By the way again, I now refer to myself as “bad-asshole” because it makes me sound like a hard dude with an attitude problem.

              1. pinger says:

                Well you were right about some things I guess. But take my advise and truly respect life. Don’t get comfortable with the bad stuff I mean it becomes you in the end. That’s all I’m saying. And remember only by having the dream of a better world, can it ever truly be done!

                1. Richard Head says:

                  Don’t you think it’s a little arrogant to insist that dreaming of a better world will make it so? It begins with the arbitrary ideal that the world is not good enough for us, and we deserve better. Maybe I’m more comfortable with liife and death because I accept the nature of both, in all the gory detail. I may be a very arrogant and callous person (your call, since we’re just arguing over the internet like bored wankers) but I am at least humble enough to realize that the percieved imperfections of the world are only percieved because we want them to be. Does that make those perceptions and ideas any less real? Good question, but I’m not about to answer it for you, so I’ll just leave it because I’ve already stated my position and pointed out the inconsistensies in your own.

                  1. pinger says:

                    I don’t know how you can even listen to death metal, having thoughts like that. It’s just beyond me!

                    1. Richard Head says:

                      I’m not sure what you mean by that. Are you trying to say that my personal worldview is incompatible with the worldview espoused by death metal bands? If so, consider the following: The dudes in death metal bands are not serial killers or death-worshippers, and I bet that if you offered to kill them, they would politely decline. They love being alive just as much as you do. However, they also realize that most people constantly turn a blind eye to the other side of life, and live in this headspace of confined perception that denies the possibility of horror and pain in every day life. So, these death metal dudes overcompensate by thrusting in your face the idea that you are not safe, you are doomed to die, your life is a fuse. That makes people uncomfortable because they never give it much thought and live like they are invincible. The downside to living that way is that, when confronted with mindless brutality, you panic. Yes, you. That’s what’s going on here. I can hardly fault you for strolling through life with blinders on, but you should at least be aware of the world outside of your field of vision.

    3. thewaters says:


    4. What does “deserve” have to do with reality?

      1. pinger says:

        This is true though, ideals and human concepts can only ever attempt to fit onto reality. It’s not the same.

    5. trystero says:

      To disrespect the body of the departed is not only a grave sin, it is a depraved act full stop. Sure, if you want to show the transience and perhaps even meaningless of individual human life (to the greater whole), then such a thing may be worth displaying.

      If it is both a memento mori and a warning, then it is more than okay, it is commendable; gaze on the dead flesh. This is your end. What have you done in the meanwhile? What will you answer to your Lord (if you believe), or what will your impact be on history if you dont. If it is meant to shock because there is no meaning… I cannot personally condone it.

      May Allah ease our suffering, Inshallah.

      1. trystero says:

        Respect life sure, but respect death more, for life is fleeting, a gift which may or may not be granted. But only death is real.

        1. BB says:

          Death doesn’t exist as such. It’s only a word we use to signal the end of a life. How can it be respected? It is merely an idea, nothing real, not like life is real. One can point at a life, but one cannot point at death. (Sure, one can point at somebody dying, but as such death is as fleeting as you described life to be…)

          Of course, one can “respect” a corpse, or a grave. But those are not death, just like a cold stone on a mountainside is not death. Calling for people to respect death more than life is a perversity and a depravity, paying escapist lip service to a world beyond the real word itself.

          I’d rather value reality, instead of ideas and mirages.

          Unless you mean that one should respect the idea of death as a potent reminder of the value of real, physical life? But then again, why would you respect the reminder more than that what it should remind us of?

          1. BB says:

            *the real world

      2. proto says:

        “May Allah ease our suffering”

        I hope he doesn’t, it’s too valuable to be dismissed.

        “Respect life sure, but respect death more, for life is fleeting, a gift which may or may not be granted. But only death is real.”

        I can agree with that.

      3. This picture is up there for the same reasons that gore pictures were on the original site back in 1995-1999.

        1. Lord Mosher says:

          For those of you who don’t know what Prozak means by that, check this out:

          1. Is it still possible to find the dark castle tower from anus? It seemed there were many mysteries to discover there, but I never figured out how to return after the first visit.

  10. BrennendesGehirn says:

    His burial can be controlled.

    A death is rarely ‘deserved’, or ‘respectful’, any more than it is carried out by a hooded figure swinging a scythe. Sorry about that.

  11. pinger says:

    This is terrible.

    1. Climate Clinician says:

      How so?

      1. pinger says:

        In so many way, i cant even describe.

  12. Crag says:

    God damn it, Brett, you’ve really got a thing against Eckhart Tolle for some reason, comparing him to Cradle of Filth.

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