Sadistic Metal Reviews: Tampon Harvest

tampon man

Article by Lance Viggiano.

Bloody remains unfertilized by talent are required to be disposed of in the hazardous wastebin by the Department of Public Health.

supremative - servitude of the impurity
Supremative – Servitude of the Impurity (2013)
Photocopy outfit Proclamation now have their own initiators right down to the logo and cover art. Substance-less abuse war metal that makes even the most hardened and hate filled reviewer want to swear off promos entirely. This is your standard affair of 3 minutes of static broken apart by cyclical rhythmic variation, minor tempo changes and the obligatory probably certain scale run Kerry King “solo” to release tension which was never established. Gurgled abyssmal non-vocals should have been lower in the mix because words can almost be discerned and that is unacceptable. Servitude of the Impurity is no doubt available on a limited pressing at 250 copies of 180 gram splatter vinyl picture disk with die hard poster inserts. Total Pass.

violent scum - festering in endless decay
Violent Scum – Festering in Endless Decay (2015)
Metal is much maligned for its harsh vocal presentation under the charge that its artists are talentless for they cannot sing. The defensible position is of course that clean stylings are inappropriate towards its ends. As if to give that notion pause, releases like Festering in Endless Decay deploy painfully rote speed metal driven by grunting or croaking to qualify the fact that: Yes, these guys could not find a talented singer. Evoked imagery is far less vultures over carrion than it is tankards and sharks. All of its musical elements are done better elsewhere. Toxic Holocaust could be blamed if they were a bit less shameless in their efforts to completely hollow out Bathory. The shred is sure to raise “air guitar solo fingers” at the local dive bar anytime Violent Scum are in your town. Presuming of course you live in very close proximity to theirs. Total Regurgitation.

cadaveric fumes - dimensions obscure
Cadaveric Fumes – Dimensions Obscure (2016)
This curious case of atmospheric death metal with hysterical album art opts for a dilapidated production resembling 70s rock to round out a cosmic and ethereal tonal character. Dimensions Obscure is a jovial and twangy rendition of Sonne Adam whose vocals are derived from the Hellenic school. To be perfectly frank, if this band went with a grounded space rock approach and ditched metal-isms without losing the genre’s penchant for instrumentation and exultation of the Riff, it would warrant more mention. Especially since the third track is reminiscent – if not a modification of – “House of the Rising Sun”. As it stands, this music is compromised rather than realized. They may want to consider another name as well. Perhaps Celestial Plumes or Starship Fumes.

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14 thoughts on “Sadistic Metal Reviews: Tampon Harvest”

  1. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

    What is exactly a phrasal riff? Like what does it consist of and such?
    I’ve tried looking in music books, but found nothing.

    1. I don’t know of a technical or formal definition of ‘phrase’ (within music).
      I define it as a musical thing which has a clear beginning and end.
      A four measure melody which starts and ends on the same tone is, I say, a phrase.

      1. Also, the musical thing can’t be too long, because then it becomes a “speech” rather than a “phrase”.

      2. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

        Thanks for reply but I mean a phrasal riff.
        I know what a phrase is but how can a riff be phrasal?

        Mr Rosales, Mr Maarat, Mr Stevens…
        Anyone explain?

        1. The Zen of Cock Sucking says:

          A riff whose primary function is to convey a melody or theme, as opposed to straight chord strumming or mosh/chug riffs. Although those latter two elements can be incorporated into a phrase. They often take an extended form which can last for four bars or more. While it may be present, harmony is adjunct in a phrasal riff, in contrast to rock n roll riffs. Phrasal riffs are often chromatic (Incantation) but can be diatonic (Sentenced – North from Here) or skirt the line between the two (At the Gates – TRitSIO).

          1. Raise All Phiffs a.k.a. ya boy the Necronomeconomist says:

            ” harmony is adjunct in a phrasal riff, in contrast to rock n roll riffs. ”

            May I ask you to elaborate on this?
            Do you mean phrasal riffs have less harmony than rock ‘n roll riffs?

            1. C.M. says:

              A phrasal riff would work independent of any harmony. You can take a harmonized phrase, remove one harmony, and still recognize the phrase. Harmonies are added not as structural components but as elaboration or modification (like counterpoint, I suppose, though there is probably a better word for what I’m trying to describe). See; Thin Lizzy – The Boys Are Back In Town (the guitar leads).

              In rock riffs, you usually have the bass and rhythm guitar playing a basic 3- or 4-chord progression, with a lead guitar playing its own (usually more complex) melody in harmony with the underlying progression. In that case, you don’t have a phrase so much as two (or more) independent lines of melody playing off one another. See; Ozzy – Crazy Train (the verses).

            2. The Zen of Cock Sucking says:

              Rock riffs just outline the harmony. A chord progression basically defines what rock riffs can do, i.e. what its choice of notes are and how it resolves. they are also hewn from standard rhythms. this means they are usually predictable and lack compelling motion or action. Melodies in rock are short and just there as an “accent” to the rhythmic shuffle and harmonic cadences; emphasis is placed on their catchiness or emotional coloring rather than meaningful evocation.

              Metal phrasal riffs are freed from harmony and not beholden to any “rules” of how to resolve or whatnot. Though they can imply a harmony, in that case the harmony is kind of coincidental. Phrasal riffs are longer and more articulate than rock riffs; the focus is on expressive power and the uniqueness of “shape”.

              1. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

                Whoa, is it for, rebels?

          2. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

            Okay I kinda get that, but how do you play a phrasal riff?
            What notes consist of a phrasal riff and are all metal riffs “phrasal”?

    2. A phrasal riff is when I place my cock deep inside your throat whilst fingering your ANUS. Also known as the gagging riff in dark basements with Master and Deathstrike posters on the wall.

      1. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

        I’d only let Brett finger my ass.

  2. Necronomeconomist says:

    “Servitude of the Impurity is no doubt available on a limited pressing at 250 copies of 180 gram splatter vinyl picture disk with die hard poster inserts.”

    Compelled to explore that, I found a 2013 cassette release:
    Released in Europe
    Limited to 100 copies (50 Black/ 50 Clear)

    Released in America
    Limited to 66 copies (12 red/ 48 white)

    Then as a 7″:
    120x Black Vinyl
    50x Transparent Blue
    50x Transparent Yellow
    30x White Vinyl

    …by Blood Harvest, who coincidentally did that Cadaveric Fumes record. HAAHAHA Prozak, you know this game too well.

  3. ANUS Heinous says:

    Not sadistic anymore.

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