Sammath Posts Video For “Last Gasp of the Dying” From Grebbeberg

The review queue this year has shifted, being both worse than ever before and having a higher number of promising options, which means that Sammath faces an underground which is gathering strength, which is why the band chose to reveal this intriguing video for “Last Gasp of the Dying.”

As usual, expect the Sammath approach of war metal and grindcore riffs with extensive influences from both technical death metal and primitive melodic black metal, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that does not disappear into its own contemplations, but delivers war instead.

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106 thoughts on “Sammath Posts Video For “Last Gasp of the Dying” From Grebbeberg

  1. Paste Human says:

    I’m still trying to make up my mind about this band, or at least their latest output. Nothing wrong with that. The way I see things it’s usually good sign when an outfit is intriguing enough to see it fit to spend a bunch of listens in the process of doing so. A step in the right direction!

    In the meantime, a long time ago the fellows from Dismember (or was it Carnage at that time?) graced us with what should probably become the French national anthem in response to their latest diversity catastrophe:

    1. Some of the albums I have liked best, I liked the least when I first encountered, or sort of did not know what to think. They did not “grab” me, which is good, because what usually “grabs” people is sentiment or provocation. We are merely verbal simians, after all.

      1. Heil666 says:

        What’s your take on Celtic Frost – Monotheist?

        1. Jeff Spicoli says:

          The Pantera album? Great bands should not bow to lesser bands.

        2. I was never really wowed, to be honest. There was a lot of hype, which always makes me nervous, but I approached it with an open mind. However, nothing really seemed all that relevant, other than an attempt to update Celtic Frost to a modern metal sound, and this had no appeal, but what made it worse was that the songs were not particularly memorable. I hope Tom G Warrior gets back on the warpath because I bet he has some great material in him still.

          1. familiar face #4 says:

            Surprised to hear that about Monotheist, I always assumed this was a no-brainer for most. While I like the idea behind the album, it never grabbed me like Oath Bound, Unholy Cult or Engram for example.

          2. death to righty says:

            Great material? Even after the Triptykon albums? Those were Monotheist 2 and 3 weren’t they?

            1. Nigella Lawson says:

              Those went straight into the cutout bins. Black metal purists bought them for full retail price and now keep them in the attic next to the portable sitz bath, great aunt Tillie’s miniature lighted Christmas village, and the extra parts that came with the vacuum cleaner they sold ten years ago when Sears went bankrupt.

        3. Supernugget says:

          Let me put it this way: if Monotheist didn’t suck ass, it would have redefined metal.

          1. This is good point. Tom G Warrior had the headlines at a time when metal was desperate for heroes. These albums just did not stick around.

        4. Kirby Anthony says:

          That album terminated the legacy of Tom G “my momma was a wop” Warrior.

      2. Black Dub says:

        This tends to happen with the ones that become all time favorites

        1. Often true, in my experience. The challenging albums do not immediately leap to favor. They raise questions. Eventually those questions find answers in the listener, and the two are bonded. This happened to me with a good many favorites, but it was clear from the first listen that there was “something different” worth exploring, so I bought them.

    2. Hoke Colburn says:

      France is finding out the hard way that the race riots in America were not because Americans are racist, but because sticking two ethnic groups in the same place guarantees race riots. (laughs in Serbian)

    3. DEI/ESG Compliant CSAM SEO Guru says:

      The way I see it, the migrant rioters in France have invented a disruptive business model. Where ordinary business aims for direct monetization, the rioters intend to find indirect profit through the threat of constant car fires. It really is a ground-breaking strategy which will meet the increasing moderate voter uncertainty halfway, forcing a compromise which will unveil the newest of markets, the riot protection dividend.

      1. No one is pointing out the similarities and differences between these riots and the “Yellow Vest” riots. Seems liberal democracy — democracy, equality, civil rights, the mixed economy — is not doing so well, especially when even lolberts and shitlibs call it “neoliberalism.”

    4. Negrotic Jew Christ says:

      You ever think, that the idiots at churches are worshipping mixed-race retards?

      1. Pragmatist says:

        Well yes… Christians worship Jews, and Jews are mixed-race.

        1. Detective Cassie Maddox says:

          Christians hate the Jooz because they are a different tribe but Christianity is just Judaism for goyim.

          1. And both are practically speaking indistinguishable from Islam.

            1. Slightly curious, but still apathetic says:

              Makes one wonder why such semitic nonsense ever gained ground.

              1. Semitic is just Eurasian plus some African. At the end of the day, it is Cro-Magnids as distinct from mixed groups like Irish, Spaniards, Italians, Mexicans, Mongolians, Zulus, Canadians, Irish, Jews, Arabs, Siberians, Australids, Indians, Christians, Irish, and Africans.

                1. In other words: it is mixed-race groups versus the original group. The best way to handle this is as the Jews did, with vigorous eugenics.

                  1. You Can't Riff Brett says:

                    Original group? You’re even dumber and more anachronistic than I had imagined. Can’t believe for a second you fashion yourself as any sort of intellect.

                    What a fucking joke.

                    1. Barbara Stager says:

                      Race-mixing is a sickness. Midwits who believe in it have already given up on their own lives. Eat the bugs, wear the mask, mix it up, and Communism Will Win, brother. I can feel what you see.

    5. Ja Morant vs Allen Iverson says:

      Odd how I cant find the lyrics of that song anywhere

    6. Ken Tranchida says:

      When you go to the darkside, you reject all of the lightworld assumptions. When they tell you consumerism, Christianity, diversity, equality, urban living, and seed oils are “good,” you dig deeper. Naturally death metal rejects all illusions including the rainbow nation.

      1. metal mind says:

        eh. you go with the illusion that works best.

        1. Ken Tranchida says:

          Not all things are illusion. Some are merely approximations. Others are partial truths. But some things are wholly misleading.

          1. D-FENS says:

            a man of culture and of action I see

            1. Ken Tranchida says:

              I enjoy the finer things in life: cars, meals, and Oakland University students moonlighting as escorts.

              1. Deadbeat Gen X Slacker says:

                What, no Death & Defecation (D&D)?

              2. DMU can't riff says:

                You have the personality of a retarded moth.

                1. Ken Tranchida says:

                  You’re all mouth, could never back it up. Bitch, I am the real deal.

                  Kenneth Tranchida #180854
                  Muskegon Correctional Facility
                  2400 S. Sheridan Drive
                  Muskegon, MI 49442

                  Tell Tina I said Hi!

  2. Fuck wasps

    Only wasps can be racist there will never be a day non whites will stop mixing

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    And Nigerians to make death metal rap

    Hey Brett you seriously can’t think you can stop miscegenation between pics can you?

    1. Whites to separate from blacks

      The Supreme Court just replaced browns and tans with Asians and Eurasians. Should be interesting now that USA is a Slavic or Semitic outpost.

    2. Martin Riggs says:

      Yeah, we get it… race-mixing has been around for a long time. It turns out that it makes populations like those in the middle east. You can’t fuck up more. Mix the race, lose your place.

      1. ZOMBIE ON THE ROCKS says:


        1. Stater of the Obvious says:


          1. West Gone Wild says:


            1. Hannah Guitierrez-Reed's Cocaine Dealer says:


    3. Mitch Leary says:

      Would you take a bullet for that, Frank?

  3. Break Christ on the Cross says:


  4. Autism Expert says:


    1. Doug says:

      hot damn

    2. Sleep Laboratory Supervisor says:

      Yes more of the same, puked out by wheezing geezers who view their own past catalog with ironic pity.

      1. Negative says:

        Pretty much but wtf even is ironic pity

      2. Patrick Pearse says:

        Paul Ledney is a little bitch who pulled out of playing a festival because it was too controversial…..don’t be fooled by this 5’5 manlet anymore….god is poo poo= big bucks for Ledney

        1. Maybe so, but the whole genre is a cash-in now. The new audience cannot tell shit from shinola, and lots of people are getting paid to pimp the idiots garbage.

    3. An improvement on the last!

    4. A very Demoncy take on themes from the first album, but never really gets around to stating a full point, so it sort of tapers off like Grand Belial’s Key… better than the last, but not something I could listen to repeatedly.

      1. deathbloat says:

        Probably from the 20-30 something year old dudes that have been moving in and out of the band the past how many years. Guys from the death metal bands Disfigurement, Berator, and Atlanta black metal bands Hellgoat and Vimur are writing all the new Profanatica.

        1. Oh, so it’s like a corporate job now?

          1. Buttjizzer says:

            We want the sodomy back. Metal is dead, but the ASS lives forever!

        2. Tim Permenter says:

          Always a winning strategy, find guys from unsuccessful bands to cruise on your name while you spend your time being dramatic or whatever Paul Ledney does these days.

  5. We Free Spirits says:


      1. Richard Nyhuis says:


  6. idiocracy says:

    As a total misanthrope I endorse race-mixing and the destruction of western civilization so I can see you losers cry more about it.

    I come here for DEATH METAL — DEATH — not “rebuilt civilization metal”.

    1. Can we separate death metal from the fall of the West, including as Nietzsche alleges, the notion that Christianity is responsible?

      1. Yes, but we can’t separate Death Metal from sodomy

        1. This is beyond controversy at this point.

        2. Eugene of the Sphincter says:

          I don’t think you guys engage in sodomy as much as you make it seem. :(

          1. Sphincter Inspector says:

            Post anus

          2. Catholic Priest says:

            You never know.

            1. Father O'Reilly says:

              He means after puberty, the point where Saint Pedobear declared them to be “too old,” although personally I find the wee lads freshest and most energizing at about seven years of age. Have a dram before you go, and may the road rise to meet you.

          3. Every chance we get. Stretch sphincters erryday.

          4. Sam Little says:

            Everyone has an anus. Sodomy is the only equality. Mandatory, subsidized, and militarized sodomy forevermore. Do not trust the vagina-bearers, they only confuse you.

            1. Only sodomy is true.

    2. Rock Hudson says:

      I come here to shitpoast and ignore war metal, and I’m all out of war metal.

    3. Old Metal Sage says:

      I remember when people used to say that they came here for the killer brutal riffs and didn’t want to hear about any of that “art bullshit.” It is the same with those who complain about the politics. You cannot extricate politics from philosophy, nor philosophy from art. Anyone who says otherwise is a nub-gumming faygetz.

      1. Sort of. Metal is about going beyond the false normal world and rediscovering the natural and real. That is going to offend all Leftist politics and most conservative politics. Just how it is. We either keep it real or we become more burger pimps like the rest of the sociopath normie herd.

      2. Old Desiccated Balls says:

        Oh fuck off you sound like those intersectional retards with this moronic shit

        1. Elwood Jones says:

          Whine, whine, whine. You do nothin’ else. Now earn me my money with yo moneymaker.

      3. Susie Mowbray says:

        I just want to have an active social life. This is why I listen to deathcore, metalcore, progressive metal, rapcore, groove metal, and sludge exclusively.

  7. Only sodomy is true.

  8. launitnok says:

    Brett, can you recommend a good Rhapsody album? I’ve only heard that album with Christopher Lee, and it stinks!

    1. HIJKLM says:

      Trick question, there is no good power metal.

    2. Not really my thing, sorry, but I’ll keep an ear out.

    3. Bobby Sherman from the Multiverse says:

      They released all their good albums under the name ‘Blind Guardian’

  9. Nate Higgers says:

    My crack is growing ass

    1. Ruck Facists says:

      White people are a plague of schizophrenic good intentions calculated to manipulate..

      1. Fate Hags says:

        Sounds more like the j3wZ

        1. It is just silly to blame The Jews™ for the problems brought on by equality, e.g. pluralism, pacifism, utilitarianism, individualism, narcissism, and their ultimate form, pop postmodernism.

      2. True of egalitarians generally.

  10. HEY BUDDY says:

    new Gridlink

    1. Patrick Pearse says:

      Single is lame….

      1. At this point, most of Ancient Metal reacts badly to Reddit-style obsessions like whales, space, and Spongebob Squarepants. These are the obsessions of stunted people who idealize the 1990s because it represents a time before their own misbegotten existences destroyed everything not yet totalled by the civil wars, democracy wars, and civil rights conflict. I did not mind it, but (a) very punk orientation and (b) simplified for the sake of being hummable.

      2. Cynical says:

        Trying to judge a Gridlink album by a single would be like judging a woman by a photo of one fingernail.

        Takafumi Matsubara has never made anything bad, I doubt he’ll start now.

        1. Patrick Pearse says:

          He made a bad single…..

          1. …and it is not a good sign that this was promoted as the first single from the album.

        2. Counterpoint: you can read a lot of health data from a fingernail.

          Also relevant: bad/good is not a binary but grades. We just impose a cutoff to make a binary, so that fewer people get AIDS from listening to Pantera and Opeth, although most of the review queue these days sounds like a hybrid of those two.

  11. Pete says:

    Breeeeett! Why are emails a required field when commenting? Are you going to write to us all when the Deed is to be done? Or will you just spam us with your sex tape? Again?

    1. Richardson, Son of Richard says:

      I always put an obvious fake email, and he approves my comment anyway.

      1. Only because we “know” each other in a Biblical sense.

      2. Shydnygzhydkryst says:

        You don’t say? (sets teacup in saucer) Quite.

    2. We are just trying to keep SPAM and AIDS to a minimum. You can always use the classic “” which seems very popular with posters here, or the more esoteric “” which is also popular. The sex tape is banned in fifteen countries because it includes snuff, bestiality, coprophagia, fisting, cannibalism, “excessively violent” sodomy, and worship of Lucifer.

      1. Pom Wickles says:

        I’ve enjoyed leaving truly revolting terrible email addresses that will never see the light of day here since the site has been here, go ahead, excrete some nastiness in that email box!

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